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1 Spendlove, NatalieMitochondrial genetic variation among howler monkeysBy studying genetic variation of some of primates, researchers can more closely study the effects of deforestation and fragmentation. For this study, mantled howler monkeys (Alouatta palliata) are the primates of choice. The samples used in this study were collected by researchers doing fieldwork in...Anthropology; Howler monkeys; Genetics2014-12
2 Jorgensen, Mercedes"Popular" vs. "Award-Winning" literature for childrenAs the field of children's literature has grown and volved over the past several years, an increasing number of awards have emerged to recognize quality children's books. The award lists are developed by committees of adults, but previous research (Lehman, 1991; Nilsen, Peterson & Searfoss, 1980; ...Children - Books and reading; Children's literature - Study and teaching2016-03
3 Christensen, BryceEvolution, living patterns, and mitochondrial genetic variations in chimpanzeesThe study of genetic variation in chimpanzees allows researchers to determine evolutionary origins, population dynamics, living patterns, and more; the focus of this thesis is on the Pan troglodytes verus subspecies of chimpanzees of western Africa. After reviewing the literature, I set out to test ...Chimpanzees -- Genetics; Chimpanzees -- Evolution; Mitochondrial DNA2015-12
4 Bergquist, JohnPopular music and public education: Culturally responsive to the past and present alikePopular music is included to varying degrees in American public school curricula despite the fact that experts in the field have called for its inclusion since the Tanglewood Symposium in 1968 (Choate et. al, 1967). Green (2008) found that some educators might be uncomfortable with popular music pr...Music - Instruction and study2016-04
5 Najarian, Anastasia S.I Choose Life Project : Resolving the Disparity of Political and Human Rights Interventions a Strategic Communication Plan to Implement Treatment for Trauma and Suicide Prevention and Reduce Global Conflict VIA Digital DiplomacyIf one is faced with the daunting challenge of climbing Mount Everest or entering a battlefield, the best option is to follow the lead of someone who has done it before, rather than someone who has only read about it. Such is the case with current trends in addressing human rights interventions for ...2018
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