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1 A nation of inequality: The effects of inequality on health, crime and economic achievementIncome inequality is on the rise, growing rapidly since the mid 1970's in the United States of America (Weeks 2007). This study will investigate the effects an increasing gap between the affluent and impoverished has on critical factors of social welfare. A meta-assessment will be performed combinin...Income inequality - United States2012-05
2 Marital status and distress among low-income couples transitioning to parenthoodThe transition to parenthood is associated with declines in couple relationship functioning and increases in psychological distress. Cohabiting and economically disadvantaged couples are at particular risk during this life transition. This study examined cohabitation as a potential risk factor for p...Couples -- Psychology2015-04
3 Volunteer Tourism in Cambodia: Persuasive Strategies of Recruitment and Postcolonial ImpactsAn emergent area within tourism is volunteer tourism, in which people journey to developing countries and perform service as part of their trip. These volunteers are typically young, well-educated Westerners. International volunteering is an increasingly popular option for tourists traveling abroad,...2019
4 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Views on Homosexuality and How it Relates to Labeling TheoryThis piece serves as an investigation and critique into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and their views of same-sex marriage, as well as the treatment of those experiencing same-sex attraction within the church. This will be done in part by using official church doctrine that has bee...2019
5 The Temperature Sensitivity of Leaf Litter Breakdown in Streams and Rivers with Variable nutrient SupplyA significant fraction of terrestrial carbon is processed and stored in surface waters. Elevated global temperature and eutrophication are major changes that influence the processing of carbon in streams and rivers through the breakdown of organic matter. Independently, increases in temperature and ...2019
6 The Great Salt Dustbowl: the Impacts of a Drying EcosystemThe Salt Lake Valley faces a dire environmental situation: the drying of the Great Salt Lake (GSL). As state and local water authorities push forward with plans to further dam and divert the single largest input to the GSL, it is crucial to acknowledge the implications of a drying lake bed for the W...2019
7 Improving Mechanisms Between Interventional Community Partnerships to Better Promote Multidimensional HealthIn the past, access to health care was often considered one of the most critical determinants of health status. However, in recent years the degree to which health care is considered to have a direct impact on health status has shifted. Depending on the source, only 10-20% of an individual's overall...
8 Fetal Programming of the Infant Sympathetic Nervous SystemMaternal mood during the prenatal period may affect a broad range of infant outcomes. This study examined the impact of mothers' trait anxiety and emotion dysregulation on their 7-month old infants' sympathetic nervous system as measured by electrodermal activity (EDA) during the still-face paradigm...2020
9 An Analysis of the Court of Arbitration system: Status & Power Through the Lens of LaugtherLaughter is a nonverbal communication that demonstrates status and power across contexts such as hospital wards, fraternities, and even the United States Supreme Court. While it may be humorous in nature, the implications of laughter as a symbol that gathers perceived status, a mediator of social hi...2020
10 A Real-World Investigation of the Attentional Capture ParadigmAttention directs awareness toward important objects, like food or predators, and filters out unimportant objects, like familiar scenery. Two modes of visual attention have been identified: goal-directed and stimulus-driven (Simons, 2000). Goal-directed attention refers to a deliberate search for ob...2017
11 Secure Base Script Attachment Representation and Behavior Problems in Middle ChildhoodThe security of a child's attachment to a caregiver is a critical component of a child's early development. This study examined correlations between children's attachment security and their behavioral issues, and how these varied between low-risk and high-risk groups of children. Participants includ...2020
12 Associations Between Race, Education Level, Socioeconomic Status and Contraceptive Disontinucation after 1 year of Free Contraceptives in Salt Lake countyUnplanned pregnancies make up nearly half of all pregnancies. This prompted the HER Salt Lake Project to offer free contraceptives to women in Salt Lake County, Utah. Discontinuation or switching of free contraceptives is linked to race, education level, socioeconomic status, and the choice of contr...2020
13 Health Care in the United States: Disparities and Distrust in the Black CommunityDuring the time of slavery, Black and African Americans were mistreated and abused as research subjects in medical studies. This mistreatment continued into the 20th century with the Tuskegee Syphilis study and continues today in many doctor's offices throughout America. This paper begins by looking...2020
14 Circumplex Based Interpersonal Processes Contribute to Link Between Self-Regulation and Social OutcomesA variety of individual differences in aspects of self-regulation (e.g., grit, self-control, conscientiousness) predict important life outcomes, such as wellbeing, vocational success, and physical health. Most conceptual models of these associations emphasize intrapersonal processes (e.g., inhibitio...2020
15 The Misogyny of Climate Denialism and It's Influence on World Leaders' Climate ResponseAs our planet's climate crisis worsens every year, the actions of our world leaders become increasing imperative when addressing environmental issues. This research investigates the interconnectedness of misogyny and climate denialism by examining various identities and how they may influence, chang...2020
16 The Presentation of the Model Minority Myth in the US Education SystemIn the United States, Asian Americans have been dubbed the "model minority", having seemingly overcome racial barriers to achieve socio-economic success all on their own. In reality, Asian Americans still face racial discrimination on an institutional and societal level. The Students for Fair Admiss...2020
17 Changes in earnings distribution in Peru: 2004-2014This thesis explores the changes in earnings distribution among heads of household in Peru from 2004 to 2014 by applying Dinardo, Fortin, and Lemieux's methodology of counterfactual distributions and decompositions. Various measures indicate that earnings inequality among heads of household reduce...Earnings Distribution; Inequality; Counterfactual2014-12
18 The Dilemma of Global Justice: Assessing Why the United States Has Not Joined the International Criminal CourtThe United States has long been called the policeman of the world, intervening in international conflicts in order to promote peace and security on a global scale. With such a history, why then, has the United States not joined the International Criminal Court? A key actor in the establishment of...International criminal courts - United States2016
19 Food Aid or Industry Subsidy? the Power Dynamics of How the U.S. Feeds the WorldIn the 1950s the United States passed Public Law 480 and officially took up the cause of international food aid. Today, the United States is the largest provider of food assistance in the world accounting for over 50% of all aid. While other counties have stepped back or shifted their commitments t...Public law - United States - History2016-08
20 Comparing Educational Engagement and Extracurricular Activity Participation for First-Generation Versus Continuing-Generation College StudentsFirst-generation college students (FGCS) typically have difficulty adjusting to college compared to continuing-generation college students (CGCS). Previous research has found that FGCS are less engaged in their higher education classes. However, engagement in college should also include participatio...2018
21 The Role of Nonprofit Organizations in Promoting Higher Education Among Latina/O Youth: The Case of Latinos in Action (LIA) of UtahNonprofit organizations have been at the forefront of helping newly-arrived immigrants and refugees integrate into society, advocating for marginalized communities, and ensuring that Latina/o youth are reaching for higher education. Nonprofit organizations have helped to fill in the gaps that the Un...2018
22 Religious Liberty, Equal Protection, and the Utah CompromiseThe conflict between religious freedom and civil rights for LGBT Americans is often seen as a zero-sum game. Legal battles over wedding cakes and floral arrangements have garnered national attention and result in a court-sanctioned winner and loser. States and local governments across the country ha...2018
23 The presence of environmental advocacy through the foundational theology of love, contemplation, and prayer in midcentury ChristianityIn the 1968 essay "The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis," Lynn White Jr. makes an argument for what he evaluates as the influence of Christianity on Western culture, which has led to the environmental degradation that marks the 20th century. By looking at a few prominent theologians who wer...Poetry - 20th century; Christianity and nature; Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965; Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968; Cardenal, Ernesto; Levertov, Denise, 1923-19972012-05
24 The transnational marriage migration subjectivities of Filipina wives in Gwangju, South Korea"Marriage migration" of "foreign brides" Into South Korea (henceforth Korea) has recently gained scholarly attention (e.g., Belanger et al., 2010). For blue-collar men, the changing status of women has lessened the availability of marriageable Korean women. This social decoupling has various labels,...Intermarriage - Philippines; Intermarriage - Korea (South) - Kwangju-si; Filipinos - Korea (South) - Kwangu-si; Kwangju-si (Chŏlla-namdo, Korea) - Social conditions2012-05
25 Stories of transgressions: individual diffrences in the presence of specific scripts in narratives of negative experiencesThis study examined the relationship between attachment styles, individuals' narratives of their transgressions, and indicators of well-being. We asked 82 university students (56 females and 26 males) with an average age of 21.85 (SD=3.99) to provide six narratives of times they hurt another individ...Transgressions, cultural studies and education2012-05
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