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1 Davis, Ryan"A torrent of words": colonial printers and the public, 1765-1775Although printers had long been important in colonial society and politics, it was not until 1765 that they fully realized their potential in shaping colonial attitudes and behavior. With Parliament's institution of the Stamp Act, an outraged public insisted that newspaper publishers assume a more a...Printing - Social aspects - United States - History - 18th century2012-05
2 Saarela, Elise"Negative News" Isn't Always Negative: Utah Journalists Reflect on News Values and Audience Engagement in the Digital AgeThe purpose of this thesis is to explain the general notion of negativity in the news and how journalists perceive both their professional and personal standards. Specifically, journalists from Utah were interviewed to determine the main ethical values they consciously think of during their practice...2019
3 Stott, Trevor"The wanderers" novel projectThe title of the novel is "The Wanderers." My objective in writing this book was first and foremost to create something personally meaningful, which might connect with readers by touching on something in the cultural zeitgeist of young Millennials coming of age in an era of drastic change and global...American fiction - 21st century2015-04
4 Nagie, Doug"We Go Where They Go" A History of Anti-Racist ActionAnti-Racist Action was a national network of local anti-racist activist groups that mobilized in North America from 1987 until 2013. It grew from conflict in the Minneapolis punk scene, when an anti-racist skinhead crew of friends called the Baldies organized to eject white-power skinheads from thei...2019
5 Thompson, Geneva EBA history of interest covergence in University of Utah diversity related policies and programsThis paper will look at the history of interest convergence of the University of Utah Administration hi the implementation of diversity related programs and policies. Diversity programs and policies, especially with the pending ruling on Affirmative Action from the Supreme Court, are continuously un...University of Utah - Faculty; University of Utah - Students; Affirmative action program in education - Utah - Salt Lake City; Minorities - Education (Higher) - Utah - Salt Lake City2013-04
6 Brown, ZackaryA man of genius makes no mistakes: Joycean textuality in contemporary writingWhen James Joyce first published Ulysses in 1922, he was at the forefront of a literary movement that would forever change our conceptions of textuality. In crafting a text that contained intentional grammatical and syntactic errors, Joyce, I will argue, created a scenario in which a text's material...Joyce, James, 1882-1941. Ulysses; Creation (LIterary, artistic, etc.)2015-08
7 Sonderegger, John ChristianA New Era: War, Crime, Terrorism and Propaganda in the Digital AgeThe evolution of the Internet has changed global dynamics and international relations drastically, possibly more than any other single invention or creation. But the Internet is not just a singular action, object, or device, it is the connection of communications, relationships, ideologies, governme...2018
8 Wall, AlyssaA tradition of appropriation of culture for political gain: Music in KoreaAlthough appropriation of music by political organizations and individuals is a practice in no way unique to Korea, analysis of the phenomenon on the peninsula provides valuable insight its strength in real-world political arenas. This project provides an analysis of the appropriation of music for ...Music - Korea - History; Cultural property2016-05
9 Johnson, BennettA Wideneing Divide: An Examination of Constitutional Polarization in Supreme Court Nomination HearingsAt its core, this paper seeks to explore polarization and partisanship within Supreme Court nomination hearings. The role partisanship plays in contemporary nomination hearings has appeared to increase greatly, leaving many wondering if the Supreme Court has lost its sanctity as a neutral arbiter of...2020
10 Oritt, MadeleineAccessibility to HIV/AIDS medications in resource-limited countriesThis research examines the impact of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) on accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications for populations in resource-limited countries. This World Trade Organization agreement created provisions by which these countries can obtain o...2013
11 Turner, JoselynAccurate communication : explaining a medical technology to a mass audienceThe purpose of this thesis project is to describe the process I have taken, and that others could follow, to use the written communication tecliniques that I have learned during my undergraduate career to accurately inform a non-medically trained mass audience of a medical technology. Clear communic...Medical technology; Communication and technology2013-05
12 Pannier, SamanthaAfrican Americans, women, and the 1910 Flexner report: progressive medical reform and professional exclusionBetween the Civil War and the turn of the twentieth century the American medical profession expanded greatly both in size and in attention paid to scientific knowledge. During this time African Americans, women, and even African American women gained access to medical education through the prolifera...Medicine - Study and teaching - United States; Women in medicine - United States; African Americans in medicine - United States2016-04
13 Stannius, Austin GunterAmerica's Jihad: The constructivist prescriptions for military strategy within the Islamic worldSince 2001, the United States of America has lead a frustrating and often complex Global War on Terror. Efforts have shown small effect in nation building and difficulty in obtaining longitudinal results from counter insurgency efforts. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, conduct...Operation Iraqi Freedom - United States; Operation Enduring Freedom - United States; Iraq war, 2003-2011- Afghanistan2014-05
14 Williams, SavannahAmerican Exceptionalism and its Roles in Foreign Intervention and CultureAmerican exceptionalism is a multi-faceted concept with not one simple definition. These facets are not mutually exclusive, but are in fact intertwined. One facet endorses the United States as an "exceptional" nation with an equally "exceptional" story - rising from a group of British colonies to no...2014
15 Robinson, ItanAn initial examination of themes surrounding english writing education at an international branch campusThe research question this paper aims to answer is, how and to what effect do internationalizing American universities and IBCs help their L2 English-speaking students transition from high school writing to standard American college writing, and what challenges still remain? To answer this question,...2020
16 Mann, SaraApplying the theory of planned behavior to aggressive treatments at the end-of-lifePhysicians and other health care experts are continuously studying the efficacy of treatments and their long-term effects. For instance, research has shown that aggressive end-of-life care could be potentially more harmful to the patient than previously known. Naturally, this has led to a wave of ...Terminal care; Death2016-04
17 Townsend, ColbyAppropriation and adaptation of J material in the Book of MormonThis study explores the influence of the King James Bible (KJV) on the Book of Mormon (BM) by examining how the BM appropriates and adapts the text of the J source of the Pentateuch-a narrative strand from Genesis to Deuteronomy-and weaves phrases, ideas, motifs, and characters into the text. I iden...Book of Mormon - Criticism, Textual2016-05
18 Felton, CarolineThe Argumentation of Relious Policy Change in Restoration EnglandDuring the 15th and 16th centuries in England, there was significant political and religious turmoil. Following the English Civil Wars and a secular tyrant, the English people exuberantly welcomed King Charles II. Charles began his reign with enthusiasm for political reform and religious freedom. De...2019
19 Oman, CandaceArt's "background of flame" and the Paterian temperament of artThis thesis examines how Walter Pater uses hot and cold imagery in his descriptions to further his understanding of art, arguing that it contains both beauty and commentary, whether social, political, etc. Beginning with Studies in the History of the Renaissance, Pater associates heat with the sensu...English2014-05
20 Enda, MichaelBayesianism in a Social ContextIn this paper I push for and defend the adoption of a Bayesianism belief structure. Bayesianism is a belief structure based on the probability axioms of Kolmogorov. Given this, Bayesianism inherits the mathematical formulations of its origin. In order to explain and motivate the adoption of Bayesian...2019
21 Gaykowski, Logan SaraBirth Control and Depression: Science VS. the MediaPrevious research has shown that the media can have a large effect on how readers internalize news and information, as well as on their choices, opinions and behaviors. Research has also shown that the media often reports scientific findings inaccurately or not in their entire form, providing reader...2017
22 Jackson, RachelBreastfeeding and the media: race representations in formula advertisements targeting new parentsResearch has shown that mediated advertisements can play a role in a woman's decision about whether or not to breastfeed her baby. Percentages of breastfeeding among African American women have been shown in national data to be significantly lower than other races in the United States. There have be...Communication2014
23 Smith, HaydenBrown v. Board: The racial meridian: Racial segregation in the U.S. public education system before and after Brown v. Board of Education 1954The primary concentration of this project is an analysis of post-Brown v. Board segregation issues within the public education sphere. I focus primarily on the legal history of school desegregation in Texas as it is a Southern state with a long history of racial segregation. Furthermore, Texas effec...Segregation in education - Texas2014-04
24 Olschewski, ErinC is for carrots, community gardens, and co-ops: A thematic analysis of the ways in which Sesame Street tackles nutrition, sustainability, and social justiceIn the realm of entertainment education and media studies, there is a sizable amount of research linking children's nutrition and early educational television shows. However, there is a paucity of work that attempts to connect nutrition with sustainability and/or social justice in the context of chi...Children's television programs -- Social aspects; Nutrition in mass media; Sesame Street (Television program); Social justice in mass media; Sustainability in mass media2014-12
25 Jensen, RossCartesian Phenomenal conservatism: a satisfactory response to radical skepticismIn this paper, I defend an epistemological thesis known as phenomenal conservatism. As introduced by Michael Huemer, phenomenal conservatism states: if it seems to S that p [where the variables S and P represent any subject and any proposition, respectively], then, in the absence of defeaters, S th...Phenomenal conservatism; Meditations on First Philosophy
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