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1 Figuratively foreignGermany is a country with profound historical significance and a unique fusion and coexistence of international cultures. There are infinitely diverse perspectives and 5 experiences to be found from the people who live there, each with their own story and significance, composing modern German identi...Art, German - 21st century2013-07
2 Historical perspectives: portraits from civil war americaOver the course of two semesters, working with Professor Maureen O'Hara Ure of the Department of Art and Art History, I developed a series of historical portraits in latex paint and collage elements culled from various magazines. I began each subject's portrait with a charcoal sketch and a latex und...Portraits; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895; Truth, Sojourner, 1797-1883; Grant, Ulysses S., 1852-1929; Lee, Robert E., 1807-1870; Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891; Lincoln, Abraham,1809-18652012-05
3 Love, and 1,138 other reasons to marryAs the lesbian daughter of a lesbian mother growing up in the rural American west in the 1980s I was acutely aware that the law did not exist to protect my family. We were "those people." The definition of "those people" has changed over time in our country. We have been (among others) slaves, imm...Same-sex marriage - Law and legislation - United States2016-04
4 Oh the Humanities! Using the Clemente Program to Educate Underserved Students in Art HistoryAs funding for the arts perpetually decreases, the importance of art historical education becomes more evident in society and providing a sustainable model for this education is of vital importance. The Clemente Program for the Humanities at East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah advocates for in...Clemente Program for the Humanities - Utah - Salt Lake City; Art and history - United States; Education2016-08
5 The Unassuming Subversion of Jacksonian-ERA Democracy: An Analysis of Mary Edmonia Lewis's Minnehaha and Hiawatha of 1868By the mid-nineteenth century, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow had become one of the most celebrated poets in the United States. The publication of his poem The Song of Hiawatha in 1855 established him as the great American epic poet of the 19th-century. Not only was The Song of Hiawatha widely read and ...2019
6 Yin Yu Tang and the effects of re-contextualization on vernacular architectureMy paper on the cultural and architectural re-contextualization of Yin Yu Tang, or Hall of Abundant Shelter, at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, MA, has two main goals: 1) to consider the connections between architecture, space, and the family in a traditional Chinese house; and 2) to exami...Peabody Essex Museum - Exhibitions, Hall of Abundant Shelter; Architecture, Chinese - Exhibitions2016-04
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