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1 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogrammingObject intensive applications require persistence of complex objects. Many of these applications also use vast amounts of data, often exceeding a machine's virtual memory, MetaStore is a portable, persistent object system designed to solve these problems.; MetaStore uses the metaprogramming faciliti...1992-06
2 The Many Faces of IntrospectionIn psychology, introspection is a common term meaning an examination of one's own thought process and sensory experience. Similarly, introspection in computer systems enables a computer to examine its own computational behavior. A computer that ""understands"" its own behavior, an introspective comp...1992-04
3 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
4 Subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfacesAbstract: This report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a ...Curved surfaces; Computer shaded pictures; Curved patches1974
5 A symbolic simulation-based verification system for synchronous circuitsThis thesis addresses the issues related to the symbolic simulation-based verification of synchronous circuits. A prototype verification system, based on a two-level verification approach for synchronous circuits, has been implemented that embodies the ideas of parametric Boolean expressions for eff...1992-12
6 On the rendering of surfacesAbstract: Despite the relative sophistication of modern surface design systems, many graphical renderings of surfaces are relatively crude. The paper discusses a variety of possible rendering, including various line drawing methods, realistic and functional shading, and ccombinations of line drawing...surface design systems; graphical renderings; functional shading; curvature shading1979
7 Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachGeometric algorithms based on floating point arithmetic often fail or generate incorrect results due to floating point arithmetic errors and geometric approximation errors, Ambiguous interpretations of degenerate cases in geometric modeling, for instance, can lead to invalid geometric representation...1992-08
8 Adaptive image segmentationImage segmentation is an old and difficult problem. One of the fundamental weaknesses with current image segmentation systems is their inability to adapt the segmentation process as real-worldchanges occur in the image, This dissertation presents the first closed-loop image segmentation system that ...1992-03
9 A polymorphic, hierarchical type system for PrologThis thesis develops a polymorphic, hierarchical type system for Prolog that can be checked statically. Type issues unique to Prolog, such as moding and treatment of logical variables, are considered. A type checking specification is defined and an algorithm fulfilling that specification is presente...1992-08
10 Parametric approximation to surfacesThe use of B-splines for the approximation of functions and data is well established. Issues such as parametrization, knot placement and reparametrizaton are important in determining the B-spline representation for the data. Compactness of the B-spline representation also becomes an issue when deali...1992-12
11 Computer display of curved surfacesAbstract: This thesis attacks the problem of generating computer synthesized images both more rapidly and more realistically. Increase in speed is achieved by a scan line based algorithm for drawing pictures of parametrically defined curved surfaces. Computation time is reduced by requiring calcula...computer images; computation time; surfaces1978
12 Design for a micromodular self-timed system, AAbstract: Self-timed systems lend themselves readily to interactive design and implementation of concurrency. These systems and their properties are discussed, and the implementation for a micromodular system is described. The use of formal techniques to design asynchronous machines with concurrency...Switching systems; micromodular representations; self-timed systems; interactive design; concurrency1972-03
13 The Development of a Virtual Database and an Evaluation of Techniques to Improve the Performance of a Virtual DatabaseThis project evaluated the practicality of the virtual database and the effectiveness of the performance enhancement techniques. The overhead associated with the virtual database was negligible for interactive applications. The additional delays for sequential queries may be negated because the enti...1992-03
14 Digital image deblurring by nonlinear homomorphic fllteringAbstract: This dissertation is concerned with the digital estimation of the frequency response of a two-dimensional linear system through which images have been passed and blurred. Almost no a priori knowledge concerning the system is required, and only one blurred image is necessary for a successfu...Deblurring; nonlinear homomorphic filtering1974-08
15 First-order preference theories and their applicationsThis dissertation begins with a logical analysis of the notion of preference. Earlier approaches to logical analysis of preference are surveyed and their shortcomings pointed out. Next, a family of modal logics of preference is presented with soundness and completeness results for both the propositi...1992-12
16 A priori digital speech analysisAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...speech analysis; predictor coefficients; pitch period1973-03
17 Design goals of an editor for storage logic arraysAbstract: Integrated circuits of increased density require both better fabrication technology and tools for managing the design complexity. Before stepping firmly into the era of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), powerful abstractions of integrated circuit design and associated software tools mu...storage logic arrays; Integrated circuit design1981-06
18 Implementation of a network database using a function graph languageAbstract: Most of the work on databases to date has involved approaches that deviate considerably from a purely mathematical (functional) viewpoint. The research reported in this thesis deals with an implementation of a network database using FGL to achieve this functionality. The amount of database...network database1981-06
19 Object models for computer aided designAbstract: The goal of this research has been to develop an underlying modeling system to support applications in computer modeling system to support applications in computer aided design and scientific modeling. Particular emphasis has been given to two key issues: 1. data base support; 2. graphic ...scientific modeling; computer models; data base support; graphic interaction; graphic support system1976-03
20 Blending parametric surfacesBlending parametric surfaces can be a valuable tool in sculptured surface modeling. In conventional approaches, the boundaries and the cross boundary tangents of the blending surface are obtained by approximating a discrete number of points and vectors that are evaluated along the blending boundarie...1992-12
21 ASSASSIN: an assembly, specification and analysis system for speed-independent control-unit design in integrated circuits using path-programmable logic (PPL)Abstract: Numerous efforts have been made to automatically implement the control-units and datapaths of synchronous systems in integrated circuits. Speed-independent systems have not yet been extensively explored in the context of the integrated circuit. Presented in this thesis is a software system...path-programmable logic; integrated circuits; Portable standard LISP; VLSI design1982-06
22 Computer graphics approach for understanding prosthetic heart valve characteristicsAbstract: Fluid dynamics principles and numerical analysis techniques are applied in a study of stress distribution in blood caused by the motion of the occluder within the cage of a prosthetic heart valve model. An interactive computer graphics program is developed for the simulation of the flow pr...Prosthetic heart valve; Disc occluder; hemolysis; thrombosis1972-06
23 Frame buffer system selectionAbstract: This report summarizes the objectives of the University of Utah's Computer Science Department in its purchase of a frame buffer. The criteria for selection are given, along with a consideration of commercially available systems.frame buffer; computer memory; raster-scan images; display hardware; University of Utah Computer Science Department1979-01
24 Beta-spline: a local representation based on shape parameters and fundamental geometric measuresAbstract: A mathematical technique for curve and surface representation has been developed which reflects an underlying geometric, as opposed to algebraic nature. Elementary differential geometry concepts are reviewed and the unit tangent and curvature vectors are used as fundamental geometric meas...beta-spline; geometric curves; geometric surfaces; shape parameters1981-12
25 Reconstruction of three-dimensional surfaces from two-dimensional projectionsAbstract: This thesis describes a method for determining the three-dimensional shape of an object from a set of photographs of the objects. For a non-glossy surface, the image brightness is, in theory, a function only of the normal to the surface and of the incident light direction. A reflectivity l...three-dimensional images; image brightness; reflectivity law1981-06
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