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1 Localization in outdoor static terrain (LOST)This thesis considers problems that arise while combining these strategies with a feature based approach to the localization problem. A subset of strategies were simplified and implemented, along with key feature based concepts. This experimentation has helped to point out and clarify some aspects o...localization problem; LOST; localization; computers1995-12
2 Numerical weather prediction model for distributing computing systemsThe objectives of this research are twofold: One is to develop and implement a spectral numerical weather prediction model using parallel algorithms. The other objective is to examine a parallel paradigm that allows users to write parallel scientific algorithms easily and efficiently.weather predictions; spectral numerical weather predictions; weather prediction model; parallel algorithms; computers1991-08
3 The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogrammingObject intensive applications require persistence of complex objects. Many of these applications also use vast amounts of data, often exceeding a machine's virtual memory, MetaStore is a portable, persistent object system designed to solve these problems.; MetaStore uses the metaprogramming faciliti...1992-06
4 Design and implementation of a portable shared memory serverProcesses communicate between one another using mechanisms like message passing, files, shared memory, etc. In current systems, shared memory is not commonly used even though it has many advantages over message passing and file sharing such as simplicity, efficiency, and lower space overhead. This t...memory management; portable shared memory server1994-12
5 The Many Faces of IntrospectionIn psychology, introspection is a common term meaning an examination of one's own thought process and sensory experience. Similarly, introspection in computer systems enables a computer to examine its own computational behavior. A computer that ""understands"" its own behavior, an introspective comp...1992-04
6 UNIDEC AssemblerThe report discusses the UNIDEC assembler which runs on the UNIVAC 1108 and passes assembled PDP-8 code over the electronic link between the two machines.1968-06-06
7 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
8 TICL : a Type Inference System for Common LispMost current Common Lisp compilers generate more efficient code when supplied with data type information. However, in keeping with standard Lisp programming style, most programmers are reluctant to provide type information; they simply allow the run-time type system to manage the data types accordin...compilers; LISP; type interface; TICL1989-03
9 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured SurfacesThe information content in computer generated images is often overwhelming to visually interpret. To better communicate the overall shape information of a given model, current techniques for creation of wireframes, shaded renderings. and painted images need to be augmented and used cooperatively. A ...computer graphics; computer generated image1990-08
10 A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computationThis dissertation reports on the development of a prototype programming environment for a graphical programming language to support data-driven style of computation. Emphasis is on the need for tools to assist in the development of nontrivial graphical programs.graphical programming language; data-driven style; computation; computers1983-03
11 Constraint driven synthesis of hardware designDesign synthesis (or Synthetic Design) is an attractive alternative to manual design, due to the obvious benefits of decreased development time and correctness by construction. Unfortunately, the price for this automation has frequently been inefficient designs and a narrow range of application. The...design synthesis; constraint driven synthesis; constraints; computers1983-08
12 Fixed Point Computation and Parallel Algorithms for Solving Wave EquationsThis dissertation is concerned with two problems: fixed-point computation and parallel algorithms for solving wave equations. Many problems can be formulated as fixed-point problems, which is to solve the equations of the form f(x) - x = 0. We develop efficient algorithms and establish complexity re...fixed point computation; parallel algorithm; fixed point envelope; fixed point ellipsoid; wave equation; processor array; transputer; linear array1994
13 Data structures and system support for a graphical programming language editing and program development environmentThis thesis presents an editing tool for use in the development of data-driven style programs. These programs are based on a hierarchical graphical syntax rather than the conventional textual syntax. The editor provides the programmer with all the necessary operations for traversing and manipulating...editing tool; computers; data-driven style programs1983-12
14 Moped (a portable debugger)Moped is a portable debugger that uses enhanced tracing facilities and backtracing to discover unusual or undesirable program behaviors. It is based upon two modules - Program Probes and Program. History, each providing different abilities. Program Probes is a forward tracing utility which allows Mo...debugging in computer science; computer science1988-06
15 Subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfacesAbstract: This report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a ...Curved surfaces; Computer shaded pictures; Curved patches1974
16 A shading method for computer generated imagesA shading method for computer generated images is developed that provides benefits of both ray tracing and radiosity methods. Diffuse reflection behavior is taken from the radiosity approach, while specular reflection and transparency are based on ray tracing methods. Distributions of sample rays ar...computer graphics; shading method; computer generated images; ray tracing; radiosity1988-06
17 Consistent Geometric Modeling ApproachesBoolean set operations are important in solid modeling; however making them robust is problematic. This thesis summarizes the problems with robustness of geometric algorithms caused by approximated data and numerical computation and provides two different approaches to build a robust geometric model...geometric model; boolean set; adaptive single tolerance1993
18 A multistrategy machine learning approach to object recognitionThis work describes an innovative approach that combines machine learning and vision into an integrated system. The system is called ORACLE: Object Recognition Accomplished through Consolidation Learning Expertise. It uses two machine learning techniques known as explanation-based learning and conce...ORACLE; ORACLE system; computers1991-03
19 INSTED : an integrated structured tiling editor for very large scale integrated circuit designThis thesis presents the implementation details of an experimental, hierarchical, object-oriented, and user-friendly software system, developed to provide a portal to the use of a versatile integrated circuit design methodology, and a foundation for future design tools to build upon. Showcasing seve...computer interfaces; integrated circuits; large scale integration; INSTED1986-06
20 A symbolic simulation-based verification system for synchronous circuitsThis thesis addresses the issues related to the symbolic simulation-based verification of synchronous circuits. A prototype verification system, based on a two-level verification approach for synchronous circuits, has been implemented that embodies the ideas of parametric Boolean expressions for eff...1992-12
21 On the rendering of surfacesAbstract: Despite the relative sophistication of modern surface design systems, many graphical renderings of surfaces are relatively crude. The paper discusses a variety of possible rendering, including various line drawing methods, realistic and functional shading, and ccombinations of line drawing...surface design systems; graphical renderings; functional shading; curvature shading1979
22 Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachGeometric algorithms based on floating point arithmetic often fail or generate incorrect results due to floating point arithmetic errors and geometric approximation errors, Ambiguous interpretations of degenerate cases in geometric modeling, for instance, can lead to invalid geometric representation...1992-08
23 A Computer Program to Plot an Isometric Projection of a Solution Space SurfaceSubroutine ISOPLT was developed for the computer produced CALCOMP display of a solution space surface. The solution space, for the sample plots given in Appendix B, is that of various flow functions of a time dependent, viscous, incompressible fluid flow for various boundary configurations. Also sho...1968-08
24 Parallel Split-Level RelaxationSpeed is a primary concern in all computer vision applications. With the advent of parallel processors it is necessary to explore the possibility of improving the performance of vision algorithms on these machines. Three avenues have to be pursued in this new framework. First, it is necessary to stu...parallel processing; computer vision; scene labeling problem; vision algorithm; bbn butterfly1988-08
25 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline SurfacesThis report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...1974-09
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