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1 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology by Walsh and Hoyt -- AnnotationsFrom Loewenfeld's "Pupil" index: "Updated, expanded, re-arranged third edition of Walsh's great text, in 3 Volumes. A Colossal work that invariably makes writers in this field feel like beggars by comparison."Card Catalog Index Cards
2 Ueber pupillenverengernde und pupillenerweiternd Centra in den hinteren Theilen der Hemisphaerenrinde bei den Affen by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsEye movements upon stimulation of cortical areas (pupils up or down).Card Catalog Index Cards
3 Die Funktionen der Nervencentra by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsAutonomic effects of thalamic stimulation, including pupillary dilation.Card Catalog Index Cards
4 Ophthalmoplegie mit periodischer unwillkuerlicher Hebung und Senkung des oberen Lides, paralytischer Ophthalmie, und einer eigenartigen optischen Illusion by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsEye movements upon stimulation of cortical areas (pupils up or down).Card Catalog Index Cards
5 Ueber objective Symptome localer Hyperaesthesie und Anaesthesie bei den sog. traumatischen Neurosen und bei Hysterie by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsEye movements upon stimulation of cortical areas (pupils up or down).Card Catalog Index Cards
6 The Functions of the Frontal Lobes by Bianchi -- AnnotationsPupillary and mental-emotional effects of stimulation and ablation.Card Catalog Index Cards
7 8. Wandervers. swdtsch. Neurol by Hitzig -- AnnotationsIntellectual loss upon frontal lobotomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
8 Amygdalotomy and Hypothalmamotomy -- A Comparative Study by Balasubramanian and Kanaka -- AnnotationsAutonomic effects of hypothalamic stimulation during stereotactic 'psychosurgery'; saw pupillary dilation as the most common sign of stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
9 Experimentelle Beitrage zur Physiologie des Gehirns (Abstract) by Danilewsky -- AnnotationsBlood pressure, pulse, and respiration with stimulation of cortex, striatum, thalamus, and colliculi.Card Catalog Index Cards
10 Studies on the Conditions of Activity in Endocrine Glands. XV. Pseudoaffective Medulladrenal Secretion by Cannon and Britton -- AnnotationsStudies on the conditions of activity in endocrine glands; "sham rage."Card Catalog Index Cards
11 Zur Lehre von der Innervation der Pupillenbewegungen -- AnnotationsOn the teaching of the innervation of the pupil movement.Card Catalog Index Cards
12 Ueber das Verhalten der Pupillen nach Entfernung der Grosshirnhemisphaeren, des Kleinhirns, bei der Reizung der lateralen Partien der Medulla oblongata und des Trigeminus auf Grund experimenteller Untersuchungen bei der Katze und dem Kaninchen by Bach and Meyer -- AnnotationsLoss of reflex dilation after acute bilateral hemispherectomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
13 Beobachtungen an Einem Affen mit Verstuemmeltem Grosshirn by Goltz -- AnnotationsMemory and sensory loss in monkey after fronto-temporal lobectomy in December 1887 and February 1888 (clumsy and depressed); occipital lobes were not removed, and monkey saw well; movements improved with time but remained clumsy; observes brain stem and cord may become increasingly excitable after r...Card Catalog Index Cards
14 A Further Minute Analysis by Electric Stimulation of the So-Called Motor Region of the Cortex Cerebri in the Monkey (Macacus sinicus) -- AnnotationsOcular and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
15 Untersuchungen ueber den Einfluss des Gehirns auf die Herzbewegungen by Balogh -- AnnotationsOcular, cardiac, respiratory, and salivatory effects upon stimulation of the cortex, striatum, thalamus, colliculi, and cerebellum. "Described pupil dilation upon stimulation of cauda corporis striata."Card Catalog Index Cards
16 Cerebral Localisation as discussed by David Ferrier at the Croonian Lectures -- AnnotationsOcular and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
17 Ueber die Verrichtungen des Grosshirns by Goltz -- AnnotationsAutonomic and motor defects after frontal lobotomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
18 Zur Physiologie der Stirnlappen by Groslik -- AnnotationsFound little effect of frontal lobectomy.Card Catalog Index Cards
19 Observations on the Physiology of the Cerebral Cortex of some of the Higher Apes (Preliminary Communication)Localized deficit, and reactions upon stimulation by lesions of various cortical areas.Print References
20 On dilation of the pupil from stimulation of the cortex cerebriEye movements and pupil dilation upon stimulation of the frontal eye field, corona radiata, and internal capsule.Print References
21 Lecons sur les fonctions motrices du cerveau, reactions volontaires et organiques, et sur l'epilepsie cerebrale by Francois-Franck -- AnnotationsEffects of stimulation of the corona radiata and internal capsule.Card Catalog Index Cards
22 Of the visual area of the cerebral cortex and its relation to eye movementsEye and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation); cortical localization, pupils mentioned in passing.Print References
23 The innervation of the pupilPupillary dilation upon cortical stimulation.Print References
24 A Clinical Comparison of Cluster Headache and Migraine by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches and migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
25 Details of a Scheme for the Subjective Measurement of the Pupil by Cooke -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy demonstrates pupil size is variable factor in angle of field of vision, 'apparent pupil is larger than real pupil.'Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
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