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1 2021A Protein that Blocks Virus BuddingSundquist, W.I.; Elde, N.Fundamental Biology
2 2021MIC-Drop: A New Technology to Accelerate Gene DiscoveryYost, J.; Peterson, R.Health and Disease; CRISPR
3 2022Teasing Apart Effects of Comorbid Conditions on Cardiovascular HealthYandell, M.; Tristani-Firouzi, M.; Eilbeck, K.; Yost, J.Bioinformatics; Cardiovascular Disease
4 2022Opposite-Sex Parent's Genetic Impact on Health and BehaviorGregg, C.Neuroscience; Behavioromics
5 2021Glucagon Be-Gone: A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?Holland, W.Diabetes and Metabolism
6 2021Late-in-life Exercise Training Increases Intracellular Protein Recycling in the HeartSymons, J. D.; Boudina, S.Health and Disease
7 2020Reconstituting HIV Replication in a Test TubeSundquist, W.I.; Johnson, J.; Ganser-Pornillos, B.; Pornillos, O.Fundamental Biology
8 2019A New Strategy for Treating Autoimmune Disease While Maintaining Immune FunctionChen, M.; Fujinami, R.Drug Discovery; Immune Function
9 2020A Potent, Long-lasting HIV Capsid InhibitorSundquist, W.I.Drug Discovery; Antiretrovirals
10 2021A Cellular Structure that Protects Against Amino Acid StressHughes, A.; Shaw, J.Fundamental Biology
11 2020Visualizing the SARS-CoV-2 Life CycleIwasa, J.Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease
12 2019Combination Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Pancreatic CancerMcMahon, M.; Kinsey, C.; Shea, J.; Yap, J.; Gilcrease III, G. W.; Affolter, K.; Welm, A.; Welm, B.; Scaife, C.; Snyder, E.Cancer; Chemotherapy
13 2019Mechanisms of Circulatory Abnormalities and Fatigue in Patients with Cardiovascular DiseasesAmann, M.Cardiovascular
14 2021Effectiveness of Physical Therapy for Back PainFritz, J. M.; Magel, J.S.; Greene, T.H.; Thackeray, A.; Lane, E.H.Physical Therapy
15 2018Elective Labor Induction in First-Time Moms at 39 Weeks of GestationSilver, R.; Metz, T.D.; Varner, M.W.; Einerson, B.D.; Esplin, M.SPrevention
16 2015Genetics of Alcohol Abuse -from Flies to HumansRothenfluh, A.; Rodan, A.; Kadrmas, J.; Beckerle, M.Health and Disease; Genetic Mechanisms
17 2020How Iron Deficiency Impairs Pancreatic β-Cell FunctionLeibold, E.Diabetes and Metabolism
18 2017Cancer Symptom Care at HomeMooney, K.; Beck, S.L.Cancer
19 2017Individualized Venous Thromboembolism Risk Stratification and Chemoprophylaxis in Surgical PatientsBrooke, B.; Pannucci, C. J.Prevention; Chemoprophylaxis
20 2017Neural and Cardiac Responses to HypoglycemiaFisher, S.; Chan, O.; Reno, C.Diabetes and Metabolism
21 2015The Role of IDH Mutation in Human Brain TumorsColman, H.; Cohen, A.; Holmen, S.Cancer
22 2016Translating Influenza Immunization in Pregnancy into Infant ImmunityShakib, J.H.; Pavia, A.T.; Varner, M.W.; Presson, A.P.; Byington, C.L.; Liu, X.Prevention
23 2020Unexpected Antiviral Activity of SpironolactoneSwaminathan, S.; Verma, D.Immunology, Inflammation, Infectious Disease
24 2020Myocardial Recovery in Chronic Heart FailureDrakos, S.G.; Selzman, C.H.; Rutter, J.P.; Wever-Pinzon, O.; Sachse, F.B.Cardiovascular
25 2020New Class of Therapy for Chronic Heart FailureShaw, R.M.; Hong, T.T.Cardiovascular
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