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1 Thomas Bullock, one of the first pioneers to view Salt Lake1936-08; 1938-11-10Text
2 Pioneer personal history, Alama Elizabeth Mineer Felt1938-07-27Text
3 Pioneer personal history, William Felt1938-09-16Text
4 George C. Ellet1937; 1938; 1939; 1940Text
5 Pioneer personal history, William Exford1938-07-29Text
6 Biography of Schuyler and Rachel Everett1936-11-19Text
7 History of Salt Lake City Fire Department, reminiscences of Mr. John Cardwell, veteran volunteer fireman of 18791936-05-14Text
8 Pioneer personal history, Annie Lenzi Folsom1938-07-29Text
9 Edwin, Evans, artist1938Text
10 Life sketch of James Dickinson1939-07-05Text
11 Sketch of Melancthon Wheeler Burgess, pioneer of 1847-18611934Text
12 Brief history of Sarah Jane Snyder Dickinson1939-06-27Text
13 Biography of Addison Everett, father of Schuyler Everett1936-12-27Text
14 Heber J. Grant1940-04-24Text
15 Pioneer personal history, Mary Isabelle Russell Croft1939-09-29Text
16 Pioneer personal history, Mrs. Fanny E. Greenwell1939-01-17Text
17 Life sketch of Sophronia Carter, early Dixie pioneer1934Text
18 Brief from an illustrated paper on the life of John Hafen1934; 1935; 1936; 1937; 1938; 1939Text
19 Utah pioneer woman leader closes career: Mrs. Spencer, daughter of Brigham Young, dies at 791939-08-22Text
20 Life of Mary Ann Duffin Beatty1934Text
21 Mr. William Andrews1939-01-06Text
22 James K. Pierpont1938-07-21Text
23 Robert Lang Campbell1933-10Text
24 Life and experiences of George Washington Nichols1939-04-25Text
25 The life of my father, John Parker, from memory1936-07-29Text
1 - 25 of 67