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1 Wind Damage, 3rd South, 1st and 2nd West -Shot 11968-08-14Image/StillImage
2 New Site of Greek Orthodox Church, 5335 South Highland Drive -Shot 11966-05-05Image/StillImage
3 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 11963-11-07Image/StillImage
4 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 21963-11-07Image/StillImage
5 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 31963-11-07Image/StillImage
6 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 41963-11-07Image/StillImage
7 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 51963-11-07Image/StillImage
8 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 61963-11-07Image/StillImage
9 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 71963-11-07Image/StillImage
10 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 81963-11-07Image/StillImage
11 Big Cottonwood Mountain -Shot 91963-11-07Image/StillImage
12 North Temple and State Street, Looking North -Shot 11963-07-16Image/StillImage
13 North Temple and State Street, Looking North -Shot 21963-07-16Image/StillImage
14 North Temple and State Street, Looking North -Shot 31963-07-16Image/StillImage
15 North Temple and State Street, Looking North -Shot 41963-07-16Image/StillImage
16 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 11963-06-03Image/StillImage
17 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 101963-06-03Image/StillImage
18 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 111963-06-03Image/StillImage
19 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 121963-06-03Image/StillImage
20 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 131963-06-03Image/StillImage
21 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 141963-06-03Image/StillImage
22 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 151963-06-03Image/StillImage
23 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 161963-06-03Image/StillImage
24 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 171963-06-03Image/StillImage
25 Rose Park Wind Damage -Shot 181963-06-03Image/StillImage
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