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1 SO3 formation during oxy-coal combustion - Presentation2010-06-10SO3; oxy-coal combustion; controlled condensation method; sulfur combustion; pilot-scale combustorIn oxy-coal combustion, an oxygen and carbon dioxide mixture, rather than air, is used to burn the coal. Many studies to date have focused on the formation of NOx under oxy-coal combustion conditions; however, the formation of sulfur species, particularly sulfur trioxide, is currently not a wellunde...
2 Evaluating opportunities for reducing life-cycle, well-to pump GHG emissions from conventional and unconventional fuels2010-04-28unconventional fuels; GHG emissions; conventional fuels; reducing life-cycle; oil shale; oil sands; coalResource extraction and upgrading.
3 Effects of oxygen concentration and coal composition on aerosol chemistry in oxy firing2010-11-12aerosol chemistry; oxy firing; ICSE; coal aerosols; coal compositionOutline: 1) Objectives 2) Coals examined 3) Furnace, sampling, and analysis 4) Results 5) Conclusions. The objectives of the presentation is to provide a comparison of three different coal aerosols under two different oxy fired scenarios for predicting effects of coal composition on oxy firing. Exam...
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