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1 Development of HPC-based simulations tool for in situ thermal processing of oil shale/sandsir_eua
3 Clean and Secure Energy from Domestic Oil Shale and Oil Sands Resources Quarterly Progress Reportir_euaText
4 P. R. spring oil-impregnated sandstone deposit Uintah and Grand Counties, Utah1970-02ir_euaText
5 Sedimentology of oil-impregnated, lacustrine and fluvial sandstone, P.R. Spring area, southeast Uinta Basin, Utah1970-08ir_eua
6 Recovery of bitumen from oil-impregnated sandstone deposits of Utah1975-11ir_eua
7 Recovery of bitumen from oil-impregnated sandstone deposits of Utah1976ir_eua
8 The effect of feed source in the hot water processing of Utah tar sand1979-02ir_eua
9 Recovery of oil from Utah's tar sands1979-11-30ir_eua
10 Recovery of oil from Utah's tar sands1983-03-31ir_eua
11 Hydrotreating the Whiterocks oil sand bitumen and bitumen-derived liquid (Abstract only)1992-12ir_euaText
12 Fluidization of coked sands and pyrolysis of oil sands in a fluidized bed reactor (Abstract only)1995-12ir_euaText
13 From oil sand to fuel pump: The challenges of upgrading oil sand bitumen2006-09-21ir_euaText
14 Pollutant formation in premixed and diffusion flames of paraffinic fuels using the reduced Utah Surrogate Mechanisms2007ir_icse
15 A technical, economic, and legal assessment of North American heavy oil, oil sands, and oil shale resources: In response to Energy Policy Act of 2005 Section 369(p)2007-09ir_euaText
16 In situ production of Utah oil sands2008-03-12ir_euaText
17 Industrial petroleum research at the University of Utah2008-03-12ir_euaText
18 High efficiency electrical generation2008-05-23ir_euaText
19 Investigation of coal char-slag transition during oxidation: Effect of temperature and residual carbon2009ir_euaText
20 Phase 2: Clean and secure energy from coal: Quarterly progress report: January 1, 2010 to March 31, 20102009-01-30ir_eua
21 KTIA corporate introduction2009-02-27ir_euaText
22 In situ production of Utah oil sands2009-02-27ir_euaText
23 Welcome and Introduction: 2009 Western U.S. Oil Sands Conference2009-02-27ir_eua
24 Bitumen extraction and treatment and reuse of process water2009-04-13ir_eua
25 Production of hydrogen for upgrading of heavy oil: Senior design project--Spring 20092009-04-22ir_eua
1 - 25 of 215