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1 Vajdos, Felix Francis.The structural basis for molecular recognition of the capsid protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by human cyclophilin A.The human protein, Cyclophilin A, is a member of a family of enzymes, known as peptidyl-prolyl isomerases, which catalyze cis-trans isomerization of proline peptide bonds. Because proline isomerization is a rate limiting step in the refolding of some proteins, Cyclophilin A has been widely believed ...HIV (Viruses); Host-virus relationships1997-12
2 Ganser, Barbie Kay.Retroviral capsid assembly.During retroviral maturation, the viral CA protein oligomerizes to form a closed capsid that surrounds the viral genome. Interestingly, mature capsid morphologies vary dramatically across the different genera of retroviridae. Specifically, capsids can be conical, spherical, or cylindrical. Despite t...Proteins; Lipids2003-05
3 Warner, Homer R.A computer-based model for providing empiric antibiotic therapy in a hospital.A new model for computer-based medical decision making, called QID for Quick Infectious Disease, is described. It is based on the principles of decision analysis, using probabilities and utilities. In this study, QID was applied to the problem of recognition and empiric treatment of hospital-acquire...Antibiotics; Hospital Acquired Infections1999-12
4 Gyi, Ko Ko.Aspects of the ingestive and cytopeptic action of phagocytes.1. Total body x-irradiation of mice in doses of 300, 400, or 500 r does not affect the phagocytosis by reticuloendothelial cells of spleen of intravenously injected ThO2 when determined 2 day following x-irradiation. Similar studies carried out on the seventh post-irradiation day revealed (1) that ...Mice; Spleen1957-03
5 Anderson, Milton Winfield.A Computerized data base resource for dermatoglyphics research.The study of the ridged skin on the plantar and palmar surfaces of man is termed "dermatoglyphics" and has been the subject of various scientific investigations particularly in medicine and human genetics. Since the dermal configurations are completely determined by the fourth moth of gestation and...Medicine; Data Processing; Dematoglyphics; Genetics1980-03
6 Glazer, Alexander Namiot.The Sulfur distributin of papain and related studies.In the General Introduction to this Thesis, it was pointed out that the work of previous investigators posed two major problems. The first of these is that of the two "missing" sulfur atoms, and the second, that of the chemical nature of the "active site" of papain. The results of the present inve...Biochemistry; Disulfide Interchange1960-12
7 Wang, XiaodongThe Design, development, implementation, and evaluation of a computerized anesthesia charting system.A Computerized Anesthesia Charting System (CACS) was developed and implemented as an addition to the HELP hospital information system at LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Instead of using the traditional manually recorded anesthesia record, the anesthesiologists charted using a computer terminal...Medical Informatics Applications; Medical Records Systems, Computerized1990-12
8 Peterson, Lisa K.Expanding the spectrum of autoimmunity induced with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein.Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system. Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is an autoimmune model of MS, induced by sensitization with myelin proteins of their encephalitogenic peptides. Sensitization with amino acids 92-106 of m...Multiple Sclerosis; Antibodies2007-08
9 Kemp, IleenRelationship of the spleen to the cellular elements of the blood, and subsequent finding of a leukopenic substance in inflammatory tissue.1. The effects of splenectomy on the cellular elements of the circulating blood in the male albino rat have been investigated. Only a quantitative change in the leukocytes was observed. This change was in the form of a marked leukocytosis. The leukocytosis reached a peak 8 to 10 days after splene...Cytological Techniques1950
10 Dietz, Thomas Morgan.Specificity of mycobacterial sensitins.The influence of various inoculation routes on the development and specificity of mycobacterial hypersensitivity reactions was investigated. The results indicated that the rate of development of skin test reactions was not determined by the inoculation route. Skin test reactions were seen within t...Epidemiological; Polysaccharides1966-08
11 McCright, Brenton K.The identification and characterization of B56, a new family of protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunits.Protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a major intracellular serine/threonine phosphatase that has been implicated in the regulation of the cell cycle, DNA replication, cell metabolism, and signal transduction. PP2A exists as a heterotrimeric complex whose regulatory subunits determine the substrate spec...Molecular Biology; Neuroblastoma Cells1997-03
12 Marchette, Nyven John.Experimental tularemia in wild animals.1. Eleven species of wild rodents and one species of cottontail were found to be extremely susceptible to subcutaneous infection with the virulent Schu A strain of P. tularensis. In addition, grasshopper mice, wood rate, and/or deer mice were very susceptible to subcutaneous infection with any of t...Microbiology; Natural Infection1960-08
13 Jama, Mohamed AbdiSequencing of Exon 28 of von Willebrand Factor and Glycoprotein IB Genes to Identify Type 2B von Willebrand Disease and Platelet Type-Von Willebrand DiseaseType 2B von Willebrand disease (vWD) and platelet-type von Willebrand disease (pt-vWD) are two rare inherited bleeding disorders that remain under-diagnosed and incorrectly treated due to their shared clinical and laboratory features. Proper diagnosis of vWD requires a careful patient and family ...von Willebrand Disease; von Willebrand Factor; Nucleotide Sequence2010-03-17
14 Holden, Kathryn Irene.A Model for problem solving using computer-assisted instruction.The purpose of this study was to design a model of an educationally sound instructional, unit that would assist students in medical laboratory science to develop competent skills in the process of problem-solving. General guidelines incorporated from various learning and problem-solving theories pr...Learning Theories; Instructional Design1980-12
15 Sadre-Bazzaz, KianoushStructural Studies of the Proteasome activator BLM10The 20S proteasome is an intracellular protease found in all kingdoms of life. In eukaryotes, the ubiquitin-proteasome is a major proteolytic pathway involved in the turn-over of cytosolic and nuclear proteins and controls many cellular processes. The 20S recruits one of three classes of proteaso...Proteolytic Enzymes2010-02-08
16 Kimmel, Joe RCrystalline Papain.Papain, a proteolytic enzyme found in the latex of the green fruit of the tropical papaw, Carica papaya, has been known for any years. It has a long and illustrious history and figured prominently in the development of the concept of sulfhydryl enzymes. The latex of the green fruit when dried has ...Biochemistry; Recrystallization1954-08
17 Cameron, D. Joshua.Functional and genetic studies in the macular degeneration genes ELOVL4 and HTRA1.Macular degeneration is a debilitating eye disease and is the leading cause of blindness in the developed world affecting both young and old alike. The primary hallmarks of macular degeneration are photoreceptor degeneration and retinal pigment epithelium atrophy in the central retina. An autosoma...Mice; Electrophysiology2007-08
18 Westenskow, Peter DCritical Roles of WNT/B-Catenin Signaling During Development of the Retinal Pigment EpitheliumThe RPE is a polarized pigmented epithelial monolayer that is critical for vision and development of the neural retina. Considering its diverse and required roles, it is surprising how little is known about how it develops. Two transcription factors Mitf and Otx2 have been identified. Both are re...Eye; Epithelium2010-04-21
19 Spirio, Lisa NeanGenetic and molecular analysis of a variant form of adenomatous polyposis coliAdenomatous polyposis coli (APC) are responsible for an inherited predisposition to colorectal cancer through development of multiple adenomatous polyps. The subject of my doctoral thesis has been the study of genetic variant of APC, called attenuated APC (AAPC), in which carriers of mutant APC all...Genetics; Etiology; Adenomatous Polyposis Coli1995-12
20 Harn, Stanton DouglasInflammatory response of the urinary bladder wall to streptococcal infectionGroup A streptococci have been implicated as the etiological factor in certain disease processes and suggested in numerous others. One of the latter is a severe inflammation of the bladder, known as interstitial cystitis. The experiments reported in this thesis investigated the response of the bla...Streptococcus; Autoimmune Disease1972-06
21 Richards, Burt T.Conditional mutators and tumorigenesisThe clonal population model of tumorigenesis depends on selection of genetically unstable cells with advantageous mutations. The number of mutations in tumor suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes in many cancers is much higher than can be accounted for by spontaneous mutation rates. This has lead to ...Cancer; DNA1999-08
22 Oniki, Thomas AlanComputerized selection of pulse oximeter arterial oxygen saturation dataIn recent years, technology has produced several new bedside patient monitors that continuously display important physiological parameters. Simply processing more monitoring data, however, does not automatically ensure better patient care. A selection process must be applied to the data to identif...Data Processing; Medicine1992-12
23 McCarthy, Colleen MargaretWorker exposures during maintenance of ion implanters in the semiconductor industryAn industrial hygiene survey of two semiconductor plants was performed in order to characterize and quantify toxic emissions during preventive maintenance of standard ion implantation machinery used in the semiconductor industry. Maintenance personnel at both plants were monitored during routine pr...Air Contaminants; Arsenic; Phosphorous; Molybenum1984-06
24 Oleson, Kathy J.Applying total quality management in healthcare information systemsSeveral methods exist for monitoring software development. Few formal evaluation methods have been applied to measure and improve clinical software application problems once the software has been implemented in the clinical setting. A standardized software problem classification system was develop...Data Procesing; University of Utah Health Sciences Center2000-12
25 Schussman, Lee CarlOutcomes of epidural anesthesia in low-risk obstetrical casesThe use of epidural anesthesia in obstetrics has increased markedly in the last decade, and some authorities are now stating that epidural block may be the delivery method of choice for most women. In spite of this growth in popularity, no studies have been reported which deal with the outcomes of ...Cost-Benefit Analysis; Postpartum Hemorrhage1981-08
1 - 25 of 1,242