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1 Vajdos, Felix Francis.The structural basis for molecular recognition of the capsid protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 by human cyclophilin A.HIV (Viruses); Host-virus relationshipsBiochemistry1997-12
2 Ganser, Barbie Kay.Retroviral capsid assembly.Proteins; LipidsBiochemistry2003-05
3 Warner, Homer R.A computer-based model for providing empiric antibiotic therapy in a hospital.Antibiotics; Hospital Acquired InfectionsBiomedical Informatics1999-12
4 Gyi, Ko Ko.Aspects of the ingestive and cytopeptic action of phagocytes.Mice; SpleenPathology1957-03
5 Anderson, Milton Winfield.A Computerized data base resource for dermatoglyphics research.Medicine; Data Processing; Dematoglyphics; GeneticsBiomedical Informatics1980-03
6 Glazer, Alexander Namiot.The Sulfur distributin of papain and related studies.Biochemistry; Disulfide InterchangeBiochemistry1960-12
7 Wang, XiaodongThe Design, development, implementation, and evaluation of a computerized anesthesia charting system.Medical Informatics Applications; Medical Records Systems, ComputerizedBiomedical Informatics1990-12
8 Peterson, Lisa K.Expanding the spectrum of autoimmunity induced with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein.Multiple Sclerosis; AntibodiesPathology2007-08
9 Kemp, IleenRelationship of the spleen to the cellular elements of the blood, and subsequent finding of a leukopenic substance in inflammatory tissue.Cytological TechniquesPathology1950
10 Dietz, Thomas Morgan.Specificity of mycobacterial sensitins.Epidemiological; PolysaccharidesPathology1966-08
11 McCright, Brenton K.The identification and characterization of B56, a new family of protein phosphatase 2A regulatory subunits.Molecular Biology; Neuroblastoma CellsOncological Sciences1997-03
12 Marchette, Nyven John.Experimental tularemia in wild animals.Microbiology; Natural InfectionPathology1960-08
13 Jama, Mohamed AbdiSequencing of Exon 28 of von Willebrand Factor and Glycoprotein IB Genes to Identify Type 2B von Willebrand Disease and Platelet Type-Von Willebrand Diseasevon Willebrand Disease; von Willebrand Factor; Nucleotide SequencePathology2010-03-17
14 Holden, Kathryn Irene.A Model for problem solving using computer-assisted instruction.Learning Theories; Instructional DesignBiomedical Informatics1980-12
15 Sadre-Bazzaz, KianoushStructural Studies of the Proteasome activator BLM10Proteolytic EnzymesBiochemistry2010-02-08
16 Kimmel, Joe RCrystalline Papain.Biochemistry; RecrystallizationBiochemistry1954-08
17 Cameron, D. Joshua.Functional and genetic studies in the macular degeneration genes ELOVL4 and HTRA1.Mice; ElectrophysiologyNeurology2007-08
18 Westenskow, Peter DCritical Roles of WNT/B-Catenin Signaling During Development of the Retinal Pigment EpitheliumEye; EpitheliumNeurosurgery2010-04-21
19 Spirio, Lisa NeanGenetic and molecular analysis of a variant form of adenomatous polyposis coliGenetics; Etiology; Adenomatous Polyposis ColiHuman Genetics1995-12
20 Harn, Stanton DouglasInflammatory response of the urinary bladder wall to streptococcal infectionStreptococcus; Autoimmune DiseaseNeurobiology & Anatomy1972-06
21 Richards, Burt T.Conditional mutators and tumorigenesisCancer; DNAOncological Sciences1999-08
22 Oniki, Thomas AlanComputerized selection of pulse oximeter arterial oxygen saturation dataData Processing; MedicineBiomedical Informatics1992-12
23 McCarthy, Colleen MargaretWorker exposures during maintenance of ion implanters in the semiconductor industryAir Contaminants; Arsenic; Phosphorous; MolybenumFamily & Preventive Medicine1984-06
24 Oleson, Kathy J.Applying total quality management in healthcare information systemsData Procesing; University of Utah Health Sciences CenterBiomedical Informatics2000-12
25 Schussman, Lee CarlOutcomes of epidural anesthesia in low-risk obstetrical casesCost-Benefit Analysis; Postpartum HemorrhageFamily & Preventive Medicine1981-08
1 - 25 of 1,226