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1 Bagley, Dustin C.Characterizing the Function of MON1A in Membrane Traffic and Organelle Maintenance in the Secretory PathwayPathology2013-08
2 Baker, Christine LeeRetrospective Fragile X Study by Capillary and Agarose Gel ElectrophoresisPathology2011-05
3 Lauritzen, James ScottRefactoring the Retina with ConnectomicsNeuroscience Program2013-05
4 Abo, Ryan PBioinformatic tools for genetic epidemiology: application to candidate gene analysis in breast cancerBioinformatics; Gene-gene interactions; Genetic epidemiology; HaplotypesBiomedical Informatics2010
5 Adams, Megan DuncanPredictors of Malaria Prevention and Case Management Among Children Under Five in Three African Countries: Analysis of Demographic Health Surveys (DHS) Malaria Indicator SurveysFamily & Preventive Medicine2015-08
6 Alger, Garrison DakotaEvaluation of Eight Assays for the Detection of Campylobacter SSP in the Intermountain WestPathology2012-12
7 Bentley, Rebecca L.Newborn Screening Stategies for Disorders of Creatine MetabolismPathology2011-08
8 Cho, Hyung Jin (Scott)Characterization of CD62L as a Marker of Hematopoietic Differentiation in Adult MicePathology2010-12
9 Sigulinsky, Crystal LynnDefininig the Relationship Between the Homeobox Gene VSX2 and Extrinsic Signaling in the Regulation of Retinal Progenitor Cell PropertiesInterdepartmental Program in Neuroscience2012-12
10 Viswanathan, RamyaMechanism and Regulation of Chromatin Remodeller, RSCOncological Sciences2012-05
11 Volinn, Weining Y.Rasch Model Accounting for Measurement ErrorsFamily & Preventive Medicine2012-08
12 Coyle, Joseph F.The Clinical Element Model Detailed Clinical ModelsBiomedical Informatics2013-05
13 Crockett, David K.Improving Decision Support for Uncertain Gene VarientsBiomedical Informatics2011-08
14 Cryer, Martin EricHybrid Agent-Based Modeling of Healthcare Surveillance NetworksBiomedical Informatics2013-08
15 Cusick, Mattew FrancisConvergent Suppression as a Mechanism for Persistence of Hepatitis C Virus in a Human in Vitro SystemPathology2010-12
16 Steinhaus, Bruce MaxwellElectronic consequences of action potential collision in cardiac tissue: computer simulations and tissue experiments.Action Potentials; ComputersBiomedical Informatics1984-12
17 Cadwalader, Erin L.The Many Roles of 2-0-Sulfotransferase in Early Zebrafish DevelopmentNeurobiology & Anatomy2011-05
18 Rich, TracyTwo aspects of computerized patient history that improve bedside pulmonary diagnosisMedical records - Data processing; Lungs - Diseases - DiagnosisBiomedical Informatics1989-03
19 Kwok, Wilson Yuen-KeungEffect of computer reported clinical information on the cardiologist's behavior in the interpretation of electrocardiogramsElectrocardiography; Medicine - Data processingBiomedical Informatics1985-12
20 Nielson, Jeffrey A.Improved prediction of need for therapeutic laparotomy using existing dataUltrasonics in medicine; Abdomen - Blunt trauma; Abdomen - SurgeryBiomedical Informatics2005-12
21 Chin, David Tung-ball.The role of ubiquitin in ATP-dependent proteolysis.Metabolism; ProteinsBiochemistry1984-03
22 Westcott, Wayne L.The chemistry of the nucleic acids.Analysis; NucleotidesBiochemistry1949
23 Wright, William EvanCharacterization of zeolite fibers using scanning electron microscopy.Borosilicate Glass; MesothelimoaFamily & Preventive Medicine1979-08
24 Hennebold, Jon Douglas.Regulation of steroid hormone action in lymphoid organs.Enzymes; DehydrogenasePathology1996-12
25 Wang, PingThe Frame-based model of nursing care plans on the HELP system.Nursing; Care; Nursing; Diagnosis; Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care); Patient Care PlanningBiomedical Informatics1989-12
1 - 25 of 1,171