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1 hPL: physiologic and pathophysiologic observations.1979-08ir_uspaceText
2 Human placental lactogen: a predictor of perinatal outcome?1979-08ir_uspaceText
3 X-ray pelvimetry in clinical obstetrics.1980-09ir_uspaceText
4 Human placental lactogen and other placental proteins as indicators of fetal well-being.1982-12ir_uspaceText
5 Diagnosis of maternal cystic fibrosis during pregnancy.1983-03ir_uspaceText
6 Endotoxin enhancement as a possible etiology of early-onset group B beta-hemolytic streptococcal sepsis in the newborn.1983-05ir_uspaceText
7 Systemic lupus erythematosus.1983-09ir_uspaceText
8 Decidual, amniotic fluid, maternal and fetal prolactin in normal and abnormal pregnancies.1984-03ir_uspaceText
9 Multiple gestation: time interval between delivery of the first and second twins.1984-04ir_uspaceText
10 Pseudotumor cerebri and pregnancy.1984-06ir_uspaceText
11 Episiotomy: techniques and indications.1986-06ir_uspaceText
12 Abnormal pregnancy sonogram: selective indication for fetal karyotype.1987-01ir_uspaceText
13 Cranial magnetic resonance imaging in eclampsia.1987-09ir_uspaceText
14 Randomized study of closure of the peritoneum at cesarean delivery.1991-06ir_uspaceText
15 Prevalence of substance abuse among pregnant women in Utah.1993-02ir_uspaceText
16 Severe pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy following successful repair of ventricular septal defect in childhood.1993-10ir_uspaceText
17 Invasive sinonasal disease due to Scopulariopsis candida: case report and review of scopulariopsosis.1994ir_uspaceText
18 Recurrent pregnancy loss.1994-06ir_uspaceText
19 Physiologic changes in pregnancy: surgical implications.1994-06ir_uspaceText
20 Elevations of amniotic fluid macrophage inflammatory protein-1 alpha concentrations in women during term and preterm labor.1996-01ir_uspaceText
21 Intergenerational predisposition to operative delivery.1996-06ir_uspaceText
22 Population-based study of congenital diaphragmatic hernia in Utah: 1988-1994.1996-06ir_uspaceText
23 Progression of pulmonary arteriovenous malformation during pregnancy: case report and review of the literature.1997-04ir_uspaceText
24 Risk of preterm birth across generations.1997-07ir_uspaceText
25 Maternal mortality in Utah.1998-02ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 54