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1 Chan, Ka HoA survey of exchange rate systems with focus on currency boards and on Hong Kong's experience in particularThe choice of an exchange rate regime can make or break a regional economy. While a stable currency is useful to businesses, exchange rate flexibility also has its proponents. This thesis will first describe a brief history of exchange rate systems. Then, it will provide a survey and analysis of the...Foreign exchange rates - China - Hong Kong; Currency boards - China - Hong Kong2014-05
2 Uchida, AllisonAnalyzing the implications of the accounting standard update, topic 842In 2010 the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) made a proposal to modify the current United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) rules in regard to leases, summarized in ASC 840. The proposed changes would alter the entire way in which companies reporting in accordanc...Accounting statements and guidelines; Accounting standards update2016-05
3 Frank, MonetAntecedents to Social Media Influencer EffectiventessMarketing is extremely susceptible to shifts within industry techniques, consumer receptivity, and general trends within the consumer-based world in which we live. It is therefore vital for businesses and their marketing applications to respond to the everchanging dynamics within the industry in ord...2020
4 Dove-Swisher, TaylorBias-Coppected Estimation for singles-event studiesSingle-firm event studies used in securities fraud litigation are prone to statistical bias. Brav and Heaton (2015) describe three potential issues: low statistical power to detect price impacts, confounding effects that cannot be averaged out, and an effect bias in the upward direction. The effect ...2017
5 Wachter, KiraCareer Immersion Prior to Graduation: an Analysis o the Efficacy of Student Marketing AgenciesModern college graduates are faced with a hiring paradox: employers are more willing to hire workers with experience, but college graduates lack professional experience when they graduate. Many educational disciplines encourage experiential work as a solution to this problem. In the marketing indust...2017
6 Russell, SloanChanging brand perception: Changing university students' attitude toward a company and enabling a talented recruiting poolStudents often participate in internships to gain real-world experience before entering the workforce. This proves beneficial to students, allowing them to apply the skills they learned via higher education and develop problem-solving abilities, while employers find internships allow them to recruit...Business education (Internship); Marketing2015-04
7 Johnson, StuartConnection between price elasticity and Beta: The case of the oil industryPrice elasticity and Beta are cherished variables in Economics and Finance, respectively. Price elasticity is a measure of a percent change in the quantity of a good demanded divided by the percent change in its price. Beta is the covariance of a firm's return with respect to the market, divided by ...Price elasticity of demand; Beta (Firm); Oil industries
8 Balagopal, NamishaConsumer purchasing & behavior: A consideration of the combined influence of culture & conformity on consumer decisionsFormerly, management has been able to understand their consumers simply through the experience of selling and purchasing. However, current growth trends of various industries, firms, and world markets have removed decisions makers from having direct contact with consumers. Firms now highly depend on...Consumer behavior2014-12
9 Egan, DerekCoordinating humanitarian operationsHumanitarian operations are critical for saving human life and mitigating financial damages. Natural disasters cause a large demand for humanitarian relief within the United States of America, and create a need for coordination between and within governmental and non-governmental organizations in or...Humanitarian assistance - United States; Disaster relief - United States; Emergency management - United States2014-05
10 Nazarenko, ElenaCurrent and future financial wellbeing of old age Russian pensionersThis paper compares pensioners' income with cost of living and subsistence minimum level to gauge financial wellbeing of pensioners. Using data from Russia Longitudinal Monitoring survey (RLMS-HSE), I formally test whether pensioners' income covers the cost of living across five regions: Moscow, Sai...Old age pensions -- Russia; Retirees -- Russia -- Economic conditions2015-03
11 Reiss, ElizabethDigital Marketing in the 21st Century: the Evolution of the Department of Marketing at the University of UtahThe world of marketing has transformed significantly over the last few decades. Specifically, digital marketing has completely changed the industry in the 21st century. Digital marketing can be explained as "the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, bu...2018
12 Moore, KurtDisproportionate associations between the financial crisis and firm valuationIn this thesis I assess the role of stock market valuation of publicly listed US firms through the financial and economic crisis of 2007-2011. To do so, for each firm in a large sample I apply the Rhodes-Kropf, Robinson, and Viswanathan(2005) approach to decompose the ratio of the market value of th...Corporations -- United States -- Valuation; Global Financial Crisis, 2008-20092014-12
13 Juarez, Sergio ArturoEmpirical Analysis of the Participation Behaviors of Investors on Crowdfunding PlatformsThis project examines the phenomenon of crowdfunding, which allows individuals to seek investments for a project, campaign, or venture. Typically this is done via the Internet, through the participation of large numbers of investors (or backers) who invest or donate small amounts of money. The reaso...2017
14 Hansen, Luke FreedomExploring the Effects of Virtual Reality on Empathy and Charitable FundraisingThe focus of this Honors thesis is to explore the effects of Virtual Reality ("VR") on empathy. More specifically, the purpose is to compare and contrast the ability of VR to evoke empathy against that of traditional two-dimensional media ("2D"). To accomplish this I (alongside a group of my peers) ...2018
15 Carroll, Steven MichaelHigh-frequency trading: a survey of market impactThe May 6th "flash crash," the result of an overly large sell order in "e-mini" futures on the S&P 500 index, caused American share and future indices to drop approximately 10% in a matter of minutes, only to recover most of the loss by the end of the trading day. At the time, market volatility was ...High-frequency trading; Financial market - United States2012-08
16 Jin, ZhaoHow is the company's stock risk associated with its demand elasticity?I examine a sample of 20 companies to see if individual total stock risk is associated with its product or service demand elasticity. My evidence is consistent with my first hypothesis that elastic firms' stock prices are more strongly affected by the changes in the input cost than are inelastic fir...Elasticity (Economics); Risk; Stocks; Stock risk2014-05
17 Stevens, Fergus D.Human-Algorithm Interactions with Fundamental and Predatory Trading RobotsAlgorithmic participation in financial markets has been a growing phenomenon since the early 1990s. This paper uses experimental data and simulations to analyze the interaction between humans and trading algorithms. Interactions between humans and algorithms are observed through laboratory sessions ...2020
18 Johnson, KentIn search of a universal model for personal dataA comprehensive model of personal data provides citizens across the globe with protections to breaches of personal data and facilitates the sharing of valuable data. Personal data are valuable to those who create it and those who use it. Creating a universal model for personal data enables that valu...Personal data protection; OpenID; Facebook Connect2012-05
19 Tran, AmyInvestigating the strategic patterns in LBO fundsIn the mid-2000s, public-to-private transactions reappeared when the United States experienced a second leveraged buyout boom. Most sponsors are paid a management fee of 2% on the fund's capital and receive a carried interest of 20% of the profits realized by the fund. Two literature reviews serve a...Leveraged buyouts--United States--Finance2014-08
20 Caine, BenjaminLow Cost Carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa: Prospects and StrategiesThis paper assesses the economic opportunity for low-cost carriers (LCC) to successfully enter the sub-Saharan African (SSA) air transit market. To accomplish this, I address the future growth in passenger demand, the current state of African air travel infrastructure, and governmental barriers to s...2019
21 Foote, Charles R.Measuring an ideas-based economy: an assessment of total factor productivityThis study presents a new empirical assessment of the ability of Total Factor Productivity (TFP) to measure the effects of innovation in aggregate and across different industries. Typically, TFP is estimated as a scale parameter of a production function fit to output and input data from industries o...Industrial productivity; Total factor productivity2015-04
22 Richins, LukePreventing corporate fraudThis thesis is written with the purpose of exploring employee's perception of the effect of different methods of corporate fraud prevention on their own behavior. To accomplish this, this paper will explore the definition of fraud, potential prevention methods, and analyze data retrieved from a surv...Corporations - Corrupt practices - Prevention; Fraud - Prevention2014-04
23 Jeffs, AnthonyPriniting Money to Combat a Changing ClimateIn 2015, Combes, et al. produced an empirical paper on the tradeoffs for developing countries in substituting revenues from deforestation with those from seigniorage, revenues obtained from the printing of money. The importance of this study was to equip policy makers with the ability to mitigate de...2020
24 Child, Christopher DavisProfessional estimation of valueBusiness valuation experts are often asked to provide litigation consulting for cases involving disputes between two or more interested parties where claimed damages are determined based on a total firm value. The judgment or settlement amounts in these cases are largely determined by the standards ...Business - Valuation2012-05
25 Kurumada, ColtenSalary cap accounting: The unique financial constraint for professional sports organizationsThe objective of this thesis is to better understand how salary caps affect the financial management of organizations in professional sports leagues, with a primary focus on the National Basketball Association (NBA). There are certain rules related to the salary cap that are specified in the NBA's...Sports administration; Sports - Finance2016-04
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