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1 Ramachandran, VandanaClicks to conversion: the value of product information and price incentivesThis study uses clickstream data obtained from a large online durable goods retailer to examine how different types of information - product-related and price-related information provided by retailers - impact purchase-related outcomes for consumers. Using mixture-modeling techniques to analyze late...2010-01-01
2 Ramachandran, VandanaWeekend effect in internet search advertisingThis paper examines whether Internet search advertising exhibits a weekend effect, a substantial difference in the effectiveness of ad spending on weekends vs on weekdays. We employ a data set from a major hotel chain, consisting of daily spending on search ads for 13 months, across three search eng...2012-01-01
3 Ramachandran, VandanaSearching under the influence? Explaining beer price dispersion in New York CityAbstract. We use a data set comprising 12,565 price observations of 2,130 beers sold at 462 venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn to investigate the extent of beer price dispersion across the bars of New York City. We combine these with data about bar characteristics, geographic concentration and ?touris...2011
4 Schaefer, Scott; Hayes, RachelCEO pay and the Lake Wobegon effectIn this paper, we propose a new explanation for the recent increase in CEO pay at US firms. Our explanation, which is based on asymmetric information in financial markets, is motivated by a recent observation made by former DuPont CEO Edward S. Woolard, Jr.: "The main reason (CEO) compensation incre...Business; Income; Compensation; Corporate Business2007-02-28
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