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1 Francis, LeslieIn the realm of legal and moral Philosophy; (Book Review)Reviews the book `In the Realm of Legal and Moral Philosophy;,' by Matthew H. Kramer.Books; Philosophy2001-01
2 O'Connell, James F.A Different Paradigm for the Initial Colonisation of Sahul: Archaeological, genetic, demographic and geographic perspectivesThe questions of when and how humans reached Sahul, the Pleistocene continent of Australia and New Guinea, has remained a central issue of Australian archaeology since its development as an academic discipline in the mid-twentieth century. Additionally, this has been a dominant theme linking Austral...Sahul; Wallacea; colonisation; isolation; genomics; mitochondrial DNA2019-08-20
3 Fogel, Alan DaleA dynamic systems approach to infant facial actionWhat does it mean when a baby smiles? Is it an expression of enjoyment, a signal to a partner that rewards effective caretaking, or simply a muscular contraction? Do physically different types of smiles indicate different things? Should the social context in which an infant smiles inform our unders...1997
4 Von Arnim, Rudiger LennartA global model of recovery and rebalancingThis paper presents an investigation of global recovery from the great recession and rebalancing of global external imbalances, using a global model of sixteen countries and composite regions. The model applies to the short run, and only to the real side. Key features are demand-driven output determ...2010-01-01
5 Codding, Brian F.A land of work: foraging behavior and ecologyWork is a core theme in many of the major issues and debates in California archaeology. Work is central in understanding why the first Californians entered the region (e.g., Erlandson, this volume): how thousands of years of work following colonization resulted in the overexploitation of particular ...Human behavioral ecology; Hunter-gatherer; North America: California2012-03-15
6 Smith, Ken R.A population-based study of childhood cancer survivors body mass indexPopulation-based studies are needed to estimate the prevalence of underweight or overweight/obese childhood cancer survivors. Procedure. Adult survivors (diagnosed ≤20 years) were identified from the linked Utah Cancer Registry and Utah Population Database. We included survivors currently aged ≥...2014-01-01
7 Fogel, Alan DaleA relational perspective on the development of self and emotionBegin with two premises. First, psychological experience always implies a connection, a relationship: with another person, with cultural tools or language, or with the natural environment. Life is a network of relationships. Second, psychological experience is always dynamic and changing. The sim...2001
8 Fogel, Alan DaleA relational perspective on the development of self and emotionThis work was funded in part by a grant to the author from the United States National Institute of Mental Health (MH48680 and MH57669). I am grateful to the following individuals for their comments on this chapter: Kari Applegate, Trevor Burnsed, Jacqueline Fogel, J'lene George, Ilse de Koeijer, ...2001
9 Suchy, YanaAberrant functional connectivity of cortico-basal ganglia circuits in major depressionThere is considerable evidence of functional abnormalities of the cortico-basal ganglia circuitry in affective disorders. However, it has been unknown whether this represented primary pathology within these circuits or altered activation as a result of aberrant input from other brain regions. The ai...2012-01-01
10 Zimmer, ZacharyActive life expectancy and functional limitations among older Cambodians: results from a 2004 surveyThis study's aims are to: 1) determine the prevalence of functional limitations among older adults in Cambodia using activities of daily living (ADLs); 2) compare limitation prevalence with other countries in the region; 3) estimate active life expectancy; 4) examine standard correlates of function...Active life expectancy; Functional limitations2005
11 Brown, Barbara B.Adding maps (GPS) to accelerometry data to improve study participants recall of physical activity: a methodological advance in physical activity researchObjective Obtaining the ‘when, where and why' of healthy bouts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) provides insights into natural PA. Design In Salt Lake City, Utah, adults wore accelerometer and Global Positioning System (GPS) loggers for a week in a cross-sectional study to establis...2014-01-01
12 McDaniel, SusanAdoption in Canada: A neglected area of data collection and researchFor some decades there has been in Canada, as in the United States, recurrent public interest in adoption. At various times this interest has been kindled by professional concern about unauthorized child placement and by the plight of children made homeless by war and other calamities. More recently...Canada; Adoption; Statistics1981
13 McDaniel, SusanAdoption policy in Great Britain and North AmericaThis paper has two purposes. First, to explore what existing adoption legislation may indicate about the meaning and function of adoption practices in North America and Great Britain. Second, to consider some possible policy implications revealed by clearer understanding of the social meaning of exi...Adoption law; Family; North America1984
14 Li, MinqiAfter neoliberalism: empire, social democracy, or socialism?Analyzes political doctrines such as imperialism, social democracy and socialism as a possible economic trend after the neoliberalism era. Characteristics of neoliberal regime; Alternative scenarios of global economic crisis; Problems that a revived social democratic capitalism would not address; Ac...Political doctrines; Liberalism; Imperialism2004
15 Wen, MingAir pollution shortens life expectancy and health expectancy for older adults: the case of ChinaBackground: Outdoor air pollution is one of the most worrying environmental threats China faces today. Comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the health consequences of air pollution in China is lacking. This study reports age-sex-specific life expectancy (LE) and health expectancies (HEs) corre...2012-01-01
16 McDaniel, SusanAlice in demographyland: how it looks from the other side of the looking glassThe challenges are many in reflecting on women in demography in Canada in the 1990's. On the one hand, so much is known about women in academia and the hurdles that still need to be overcome " institutionally and intellectually. So much more research exists in the area than it did only a decade ago....Women; Universities; Academic life1992
17 Smith, Ken R.Allied health manpower strategies: estimates of the potential gains from efficient task delegationThis study analyzes the potential impact of physician extenders on the productivity of primary care practices and considers the consequent implication for future health manpower requirements. A number of previous investigations have evaluated a variety of extenders in experimental settings. This stu...1973
18 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Alone in the ivory tower: how birth events vary among male and female fast-track professionalsWe use data from the 2000 Census Public Use Microsample to examine the likelihood of a birth event, defined as the household presence of a child under two years old, for male and female professionals. Physicians have the highest rate of birth events, followed in order by attorneys and academics. W...Fertility; Family; Occupation; Academic careers; Census2009-06-10
19 Codding, BrianAlternative aboriginal economies: Martu livelihoods in the 21st centuryIn the western deserts of Australia, hunting and gathering endures as an important social and economic activity. That foraging persists within the boundaries of developed industrialized nation states may come as a surprise to those who evaluate foraging as less profitable than agricultural, wage or ...Aboriginal economics; Aboriginal foraging2015
20 Hawkes, KristenAlyawara plant use and optimal foraging theoryVarious authors have remarked on the importance of seeds in the pre-European diet of central Australian Aborigines. The Alyawara, an Arandic-speaking group, were typical in this respect. They collected edible seeds from nearly half the eighty-five plant species in their traditional subsistence inven...Australia; Aborigines; Foraging; Seeds1981
21 Mader, Emily MarieAn analysis of foundation giving in Utah, 2007-20092011
22 Berg, Cynthia A.An interpersonal analysis of subjective social status and psychosocial riskSubjective social status (SSS) predicts health independently of traditional measures of socio-economic status (SES; Adler et al., 2008; Cohen et al., 2008). Although interpersonal variables are known to be related to both SES and health (Gallo, Smith, & Cox, 2006) and might contribute to their assoc...2011-01-01
23 Liao, HaifengApplication and evaluation of spatial heterogeneity model in the simulation of urban expansionBased on remote sensing images and GIS data, we applied spatial expansion expansion method and geographically weighted logistic regression (GWLR) model to explore the driving forces of urban expansion in Jiangning District of Nanjing from 1999 to 2010. Special attention was paid to spatial heterogen...2013-01-01
24 McDaniel, SusanApproche sociologique feministe pour l'ettude de la fecondite.L'essor d'une perspective feministe de la fecondite provient de plusieurs endroits et se situe a des niveaux varies. Avant d'esquisser ceux qui serviront de base aux discussions de ce chapitre, une breve histoire de ce contexte parait de mise. Il y a une vingtaine d'annees, alors que les sciences...Fecundity; Feminist sociology1995
25 Yaworsky, Peter M.Archaeological Potential of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National MonumentExecutive proclamation 9682 reduces the size of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM), removing protections for at least 2,000 known archaeological sites and an unknown number of undiscovered cultural properties. Because only 10% of the GSENM's 1.9 million acres has been inventorie...Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument; Anthropology-Research2018
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