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1 Rose, StevenBiofuel cells for self powered arsenic detectionResearch in the Minteer group has centered on procedures for immobilizing enzymes and organelles on carbon electrodes for use in sensory and fuel cell applications. Similar strategies have been used to prepare a series of electrodes capable of pyruvate oxidation which, in the presence of arsenic, wi...Fuel cells; Arsenic - Detection2013-05
2 Trakhimets, AlesiaPre-clinical trials of anti-neoplastic drugs using zebrafish with T-cell cancerNote: To agree with NCBI nomenclature guidelines, human gene abbreviations are italicized and capitalized; human protein abbreviations are non-italicized and capitalized, and zebrafish gene abbreviations are italicized in lowercase. T lymphocytes, or T-cells, are blood cells that normally fight vira...Antineoplastic agents - Testing; Zebra danio2013-04
3 Gondolo, AlessandroCharacterization and Synthesis of Rayleigh Damped Elastodynamic NetworksWe consider damped elastodynamic networks where the damping matrix is assumed to be a non-negative linear combination of the stiffness and mass matrices (Rayleigh damping). We give here a characterization of the frequency response of such networks. We also answer the synthesis question for such netw...Damping (Mechanics) - Mathematics2013-05
4 Taggart, Maxwell M.A novel MRI-based screening method for assessing atrio-esophageal fistula risk following cardia ablationAtrio-esophageal fistulas affect 1 in 2000 patients who undergo cardiac ablation procedures with a mortality rate of 93%. Methods for detecting atrio-esophageal fistula formation that are objective and non-invasive could reduce the mortality associated with this disease. This study was performed ret...Magnetic resonance imaging; Cardia ablation; Trio-esophageal fistual2014-12
5 Fox, ZachThe physical effects of solvent in molecule-based magnetsMolecule-based magnets are being studied in order to expand the utility of magnets in modern devices. Advantages of molecule-based magnets include less energy intensive synthesis and greater versatility through changes to organic components of the structure. This class of materials is studied to ena...Magnets - Experiments2012-05
6 Astin, M. HollyModulating Intestinal Liver X Receptor Activity to Alter the Development of Atherosclerosis in ZebrafishThe liver X receptors (LXRs) are important regulators of lipid and cholesterol metabolism and control diverse pathways in development, reproduction, metabolism, immunity and inflammation. Thus, LXRs have potential as therapeutic targets for diseases as diverse as lipid disorders, atherosclerosis...Liver X receptors - Research; Zebrafish - genetics2016-08
7 Barbeau, WilliamCharacterization of a New Ribosome Associated Quality Control PathwayProteins are life's double edged sword. Proteins are essential macromolecules of life, and the tasks that some proteins accomplish are quite marvelous. At the same time, if proteins misfold they have the potential to kill the cell that harbors them. It is becoming increasingly clear that proteins ha...Ribosomes - Research2016-12
8 Hunter, SamuelSignaling Role of the Hamp Domain in the Escherichia Coli Serine ChemoreceptorThe chemoreceptor Tsr enables Escherichia coli to track serine gradients in its environment. Binding of serine to the periplasmic domain propagates a signaling conformational change through other domains of the chemoreceptor molecule to modulate the activity of CheA, a kinase associated with t...Chemoreceptors - Research2016-07
9 Russell, NicholeThe Role of Introns Within Alpha Conotoxin Genes in Cone SnailsCone snails, of which there are more than 600 species, have attracted a lot of attention. Cone snails, found in warm tropical waters across the world, are predators and produce venoms comprising diverse toxins. These toxins, termed conotoxins, have been the subject of a great amount of research. Whi...Cone snails - Research; Alpha conotoxin - function of2016-12
10 German, MassiellA genetic analysis of VSX2 function in the mouse eyeVsx2 is a homeodomain-containing transcription factor essential for maintenance of neuroretinal identity and neurogenesis. Vsx2 is believed to function via mechanisms that are strictly cell-intrinsic. However, recent research reveals evidence for involvement of Vsx2-mediated cell non-autonomous mech...Neurogenesis - physiology2012-05
11 Gregersen, DylanSearching for extragalactic stars among candidate halo moving clustersWe seek to identify stars accreted into the Milky Way which are remnants of its merging with smaller galaxies or star clusters. In our approach, we selected stars from candidate moving clusters in the Milky Way's Halo. These stars were grouped by similar stellar characteristics: orbital energy, orbi...Halo stars; Extragalactic origins; Milky Way2012-05
12 Hales, LaurelPhysics show and tell and elementary science educationIt is a well-known fact that American children are performing below their peers in international science and mathematics examinations, leading to what is commonly called the STEM education crisis. This project was created in an attempt to resolve this crisis by improving elementary school science ed...Science - Study and teaching (Elementary) - United States2014-05
13 Radhakrishnan, ParvathiPI3K inhibitors as potential new therapy against breast cancer progressionReceptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and their pleiotropic effectors play key roles in metastasis. Met and Ron are RTKs that have been shown to contribute to tumor growth and metastasis in both animal models and in patients. Recently, an alternative Ron isoform known as "short-form" Ron (sfRon) was asso...Breast - Cancer - Treatment - Research; Protein - tyrosine kinase - inhibitors - Therapeutic use; Enzyme inhibitors - Therapeutic use. - Research; Biology - Research2014-05
14 Weaver, BradleyHypoxia and the mesenchymal transition in gliomaRecent advances in targeted therapy for cancer have had little influence on survival for patients diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM, WHO Grade IV tumors), and median survival time remains stagnant at 12-15 months post diagnosis. Genomic profiling of GBM indicates clear phenotypic subsets of these tum...Glioblastoma multiforme; Gliomas; Hypoxia; Mesenchymal transition2014-04
15 Richards, JacksonChasing channels: Progress in calcium channel localization in the C. Elegans synapseCalcium channels play a crucial role in neurotransmission by facilitating the flow of calcium ions necessary for synaptic vesicle fusion and neurotransmitter release. Different types of calcium channels participate in this process in the neurons of the nematode C. elegans. L- and N-type channels res...Calcium channels; Synaptic vesicles; Caenorhabditis elegans2013-05
16 Lee, ZacharyUsing Drosophila to investigate p53 life-or-death decisionsThe p53 tumor suppressor is a central regulator of cellular responses to DNA damage. When DNA damage cannot be repaired most cells undergo p53-dependent cell death. Thisp55-mediated apoptosis is important to eliminate cells with damaged genomes and provides an important block to the development of c...Biology2013-05
17 Johnson, KariAnne RencherIdentification of PASK substrates and/or interacting proteinsPAS kinase (PASK) is an evolutionary conserved serine/threonine kinase that appears to have a role in the regulation of cellular energy metabolism. It has previously been shown that mice lacking PASK (PASK"/_ mice) are resistant to the development of hepatic steatosis (lipid accumulation in the live...Biology2012-05
18 Neville, RoselynConstitutively activated AKT is not sufficient to keep cells alive following epithelial cell extrusionThe PI3 kinase (PI3K)/AKT signaling pathway regulates many fundamental behaviors of the cell. If any of the key members of this pathway are deregulated, it can lead to malignant changes in the cell. AKT enhances the survival of cells by inhibiting pro-apoptotic processes, and promoting pathways for ...PI3K/AKT - Chemistry; Cancer metastasis2014-05
19 Beams, AlexanderImplications of antibiotic use for co-infections when a fitness trade-off for resistance is presentHow much does indiscriminate antibiotic use promote the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections in a population? Assuming a fitness trade-off for resistance exists, it is possible for an antibiotic-vulnerable strain to outlast a resistant type within an untreated host carrying both. That means pru...Drug resistance in microorganisms -- Mathematical models Co-infections2015
20 Black, AlyssaIdentifying hybrid male sterility genes in Drosophila PseudoobscuraSpeciation, the process of one species splitting into two separate species, often involves the evolution of hybrid sterility or hybrid inviability. These reproductive isolating barriers are caused by negative interactions between genes called hybrid incompatibilities. Identifying hybrid incompatibil...Infertility, Male -- Genetic aspects Drosophila pseudoobscura -- Genetics Male sterility genes2015-05
21 Allam, JeremyLow-energy satellite transfer from Earth to MarsA new type of satellite transfer that uses half the amount of fuel as conventional transfers has been discovered. This transfer, called a low-energy transfer, proved to work in 1991 when a Japanese satellite successfully went in orbit around the moon using this technique. Since then, more research h...Space vehicles -- Dynamics -- Mathematics Space flight to Mars -- Mathematics2015-04
22 Wang, WenyiImaging in a homogeneous aluminum plate by using ultrasonic wavesThis project is about detecting and imaging damage (such as cracks) in a plate by using ultrasonic waves. The waves are generated by a source (an ultrasonic transducer) that is part of a robot that can move on the plate. The waves traveling in the plate are recorded at a receiver (another ultrasonic...Ultrasonic transducer - Mathematics; Kirchoff migration - Research2014-12
23 Borrowman, WilliamGas exchange of co-occurring plant species of the Great Basin Desert in an irrigated common gardenThe majority of plants in the Great Basin ecosystem have adapted to cope with drought during summer. While general characteristics of these plants have been studied in non-managed environments it is important to investigate the physiology of these plants when additional water is supplied. In this ...Urban heat island -- Prevention; Desert plants -- Ecology -- Great Basin -- Research; Plant ecophysiology -- Research; Irrigation -- Environmental aspects; Red Butte Garden (Salt Lake City, Utah)2014-04
24 Estrada, JohannaBCR-ABL1 compound mutations combining key kinase domain positions confer clinical resistance to ponatinib in Philadelphia cromosome-positive leukemiaCML 1s caused by a random reciprocal translocation that joins the ABL1 gene on chromosome 9, with the BCR gene on chromosome 22. The result is the formation of the oncogenic BCR-ABL1 gene. This derivative chromosome is widely known as the Philadelphia Chromosome (Ph+), and it encodes a deregulated, ...Leukemia -- Genetic aspects -- Research Leukemia -- Treatment -- Research2014-04
25 Peterson, Joseph RyanDeflagration and detonation modeling of heterogeneous condensed phase explosivesA modeling approach to the deflagration and detonation phenomena is employed to study a variety of explosive scenarios. An engineering model for macroscale reaction of energetic materials over the wide range of explosive reaction from deflagration to detonation is developed based upon solid foundati...Deflagration phenomena; Detonation phenomena; mesoscale model2012-05
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