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1 Consolidation and permeability of flocculated kaolinite sedimentVast oil sand resources are located in the province of Alberta, Canada, where water-based oil sands extraction operations are found including extraction and separation of the bitumen from the clay, sand, and water. The production of each barrel of synthetic crude oil (SCO) requires 2 m3 of processe...Consolidation; Flocculation; Kaolinite; Permeability2017
2 Noncyanide leaching of an auriferous pyrite ore from EcuadorGold leaching of an auriferous pyrite ore from the Portovelo deposit in Ecuador indicates that noncyanide leaching systems, such as thiocyanate and thiourea, are not as effective as the traditional cyanide system. For example, whereas approximately 95% of the gold can be leached from the ore with cy...Gold leaching; Refractory ores; Thiocyanate; Thiourea2000
3 Three dimensional analysis of particulates in mineral processing systems by cone beam X-ray microtomographyIn general, X-ray-computed tomographic (CT) techniques are capable of providing three-dimensional images of the internal structure of opaque materials in a nondestructive manner. The unique cone beam geometry allows acquisition of all two-dimensional projections with only one rotation of the sample,...Cone beam CT; X-ray microtomography; Liberation analysis; Particle shape; Heap leaching; Exposure analysis; Coal washability2004
4 Pleistocene rhyolite of the mineral mountains, Utah geothermal and archeological significance1978
5 Integral electric current method in 3-D electromagnetic modeling for large conductivity contrastAbstract-We introduce a new approach to 3-D electromagnetic (EM) modeling for models with large conductivity contrast. It is based on the equations for integral current within the cells of the discretization grid, instead of the electric field or electric current themselves, which are used in the c...Electromagnetic modeling; Integral electric current method; 3-D modeling; High conductivity contrast; Integral equations2007-05
6 Hydroxamate vs. fatty acid flotation of iron oxideData were obtained with hematite with octyl hydroxamate and oleate as collectors to determine the mechanism of collector adsorption and also to establish the roles that conditioning time and temperature assume in this system. The presence of hydroxy complexes of iron are apparently necessary for che...Iron ore; Iron; Fatty acid; Hydroxy complexes1970
7 Expansion of the Hadley cell under global warmingA consistent weakening and poleward expansion of the Hadley circulation is diagnosed in the climate change simulations of the IPCC AR4 project. Associated with this widening is a poleward expansion of the subtropical dry zone. Simple scaling analysis supports the notion that the poleward extent of ...Hadley cell; Climate change; Subtropical dry zone2007
8 HydrometallurgyThe science and technology of hydrometallurgy and chemical processing continues to advance both at the laboratory level and in plant practice. In past decades, hydrometallurgy was rather limited in scope and received relatively little attention, being largely a laboratory curiosity. But curiosity i...Hydrometallurgy; Chemical processing; Environment; Laboratory practice; Plant practice1972
9 Analysis of the surface potential developed by non-reactive ionic solidsThe sign of the surface potential for complex non-reactive ionic solids cannot be predicted solely from consideration of the hydration energy of gaseous ions which constitute the ionic lattice. Accurate analysis of these systems must involve the hydration energy of surface ions, which requires knowl...Lattice; dipole; Madelung Constants1976
10 Novel basis for interpreting recent acceleration of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissionsThis paper presents a simple thermodynamic model for understanding economic and carbon dioxide emissions growth.Thermodynamics; Economics; Climate; Growth2008
11 Geological development of the Omo-Turkana Basin during the pliocene and pleistocene epochsPliocene and Pleistocene deposits of the Omo-Turkana Basin extend from 6?N latitude to about 2?N latitude (-450 km), and laterally from about 35.5?E to 36.5?E. Sediments are brought to the basin by the Omo River which rises in Ethiopia, and by the Turkwel and Kerio Rivers which rise in Kenya and Uga...2004
12 Bench scale flotation of sedimentary phosphate rock with hydroxamic acid collectorsIt has been discovered that water insoluble alcoholic solutions of alkyl hydroxamic acids serve as selective collectors for the flotation of phosphate mineral resources. The effectiveness of the new collector chemistry has been demonstrated by the results from single stage bench scale flotation exp...Flotation; Insoluble collectors; Hydroxamic acid; Alcohol; Phosphate rock; High solids conditioning; Particle size2002
13 Pilot-plant evaluation of a water insoluble hydroxamic acid collector for single stage flotation of Florida phosphate rockRecent laboratory results have demonstrated that selective flotation of phosphate rock can be achieved in a single stage with improved separation efficiency when compared to the standard double float process. The new reagent chemistry is based on the use of a water insoluble alcoholic solution of ...Phosphate rock; Flotation; Double float; Separation2006
14 Climate change and Utah: the scientific consenusThis report, entitled \"Climate Change and Utah: The Scientific Consensus\" was prepared for Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. under the direction of his Blue Ribbon Advisory Council on Climate Change (BRAC). It summarizes current (2007) scientific understanding of climate change and its potential imp...Climate, Climate Change, Utah2007-09
15 Online SAG mill pulse measurement and optimization semi-annual technical progress reportThe grinding efficiency of semi autogenous milling or ball milling depends on the tumbling motion of the total charge within the mill. Utilization of this tumbling motion for efficient breakage of particles depends on the conditions inside the mill. However, any kind of monitoring device to measure...2006
16 Gains in economic energy efficiency as the impetus for increasing atmospheric carbon dioxideGrowth of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is frequently diagnosed as a product of population, per capita economic production, the energy intensity of economic production (or inverse of its energy efficiency), and the carbon intensity of energy. This paper introduces an alternative, p...carbon dioxide, energy efficiency, economics2007-12-17
17 Evaluation of a CT-based coal washability analysis system under simulated on-line conditionsThe appropriate software and hardware necessary to adapt an X-ray CTanalyzerfor the determination of coal washability was developed and successfully tested for well-characterized samples under laboratory conditions. Evaluation of the CT-based analyzer under simulated on-line conditions is also prese...Coal washability; Computer simulation; X-ray CT analysis2002
18 Solvent refining of coal resin concentratesCertain bituminous coals of the western United States are known to contain appreciable quantities of macroscopic resinite (fossil resin). Such resinous coals are found in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, etc. Among these, the Wasatch Plateau coal field in ce...1994
19 Observations on the stratigraphy and rediometric age of the omo beds, lower omo basin, southern EthiopiaDuring September and October, 1966, the author measured a stratigraphic section for a portion of the Omo Beds, as exposed north of Kalam, Ethiopia. Additional field observations were also made at the time in other parts of the lower Omo Basin. Samples were collected for analysis and for radiometric ...1969
20 Fluoride activation in oleate flotation of collophaniteFluoride activation has been evaluated by Hallimond tube flotation of collophanite in terms of fluoride concentration, conditioning time, pH, and temperature. The results reveal that efficient oleate flotation of collophanite can be achieved by fluoride activation. Experimental results of fluoride...Fluoride; Oleate; Collophanite; Flotation; Calcium; Chemisorption1987
21 Significance of electrokinetic characterization for interpreting interfacial phenomena at planar, macroscopic interfacesStreaming potential measurements provide valuable information for the validation and interpretation of interfacial phenomena that occur at flat macroscopic surfaces. Planar substrates have been extensively used for the interpretation of events, which occur at particulate surfaces; however, these fla...Interfacial phenomena; Surface charge2005
22 Applications of X-ray computed tomography in particulate systemsX-ray computed tomography (CT) is an ideal technique for investigating the internal structure of multiphase materials in a noninvasive and nondestructive manner. CT technology used in conjunction with specialized algorithms and advanced computer facilities can be used to provide quantitative informa...Algorithms; Beam; Intensity1992
23 Enhanced ferric sulphate leaching of copper from CuFeS2 and C particulate aggregatesSignificantly faster leaching kinetics for ferric sulphate are achieved for particulate aggregates of CuFeS2 and C than for CuFeS2 itself. The effect of carbon particles upon the rate of dissolution of chalcopyrite has been increased by a factor of 4 (after 10 hours' leaching), depending upon the ...Reaction; Chalcopyrite; Electrochemical1984
24 Fossil resin, a value-added product from western coalCertain bituminous coals of the western United States are known to contain appreciable quantities of macroscopic fossil resin (resinite). Such resinous coals are found in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, etc. The Wasatch Plateau coal field in Utah (Figure 1)...Resinite; Solvent refining; Wasatch Plateau; Hydrogenation1992
25 Surface characterization and new tools for researchIn the selective separation of mineral phases by flotation, surface chemistry is the principal determinant of the average contact angle for a specific mineral phase in flotation pulp. The average contact angle is, in turn, the principal determinant of the bubble-particle attachment efficiency in th...Flotation; Minerals; Surface chemistry; Contact angle2007
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