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1 Roth, Andrew L.Historical perspectives: portraits from civil war americaOver the course of two semesters, working with Professor Maureen O'Hara Ure of the Department of Art and Art History, I developed a series of historical portraits in latex paint and collage elements culled from various magazines. I began each subject's portrait with a charcoal sketch and a latex und...Portraits; Brown, John, 1800-1859; Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895; Truth, Sojourner, 1797-1883; Grant, Ulysses S., 1852-1929; Lee, Robert E., 1807-1870; Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891; Lincoln, Abraham,1809-18652012-05
2 Marcinek, Michael36 frames: A self portraitThere is no doubt that we live in a highly mediated culture, more and more images are readily available to us. We view them instantaneously as events are unfolding on our computers, tablets, cellphones, as well as in newspapers and on television. We are constantly barraged and influenced by images f...Photography; Self-portraits2012-05
3 Jones, Hannah LisbethWeighing iconography of love in classical and early hellenistic art: considering allusions and metraphor in images of aphrodite balancing EROSThough images of Eros and Aphrodite are prolific, appearing in many material and literary sources, scenes of erotostasia, or the weighing of Eros by Aphrodite, are rare and have been historically overlooked in the study of Greek art. However, the four cataloged scenes of Aphrodite raising a balance ...Art/Art History2012-08
4 Franklin, JacobRunning forwardFounded in 2009 by Jacob Franklin and John Asher, Running Forward, is a non-profit organization that encourages healthy lifestyle choices in elementary school aged boys and girls by emphasizing nutrition, physical fitness, and personal growth through a mentality of empowerment. Running is the primar...Running for children; Success - Psychological aspects2012-12
5 Donovan, MorganShower stillsEver since some of its earliest discovered forms, such as the painting of figures on cave walls, the creation of art has sought to understand the human condition. Now within our constantly changing society, it is increasingly important to continually explore the structure of humanity and the ways in...Portrait photography2013-05
6 Butler, Alexia Li AdairItaly: My catalystDuring the summer of 2012, I spent five weeks in Italy studying opera. That experience changed my life, but it also started me on a path of discovery and growth. When I returned I was filled with a desire to continue the trajectory of learning that had been set during those weeks. Through the Honors...Singing - Instruction and study - Italy; Americans - Italy2013-05
7 Mclntire, Jake AlexTransformed into omnipresenceDuring my time at the University of Utah I have developed a body of work revolving around the dichotomy and coexistence of absence and presence. My fundamental inspiration spurs from the death of my Mother and a lost connection to religion. I understand absence and presence as reciprocal fluid state...Art/Art History2013-05
8 Smithee, KatrinaSeeing into A doll's house through windows of feminism and mounting an epic production thereof : a dramaturgical production fileThe development and performance of a theatrical work is a complex process which involves myriad decisions and many participants. One of the most essential contributors is the Dramaturg, the individual responsible for guiding the production and ensuring that the final product is cohesive and true to ...Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906. Dukkehjem; Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906 - Dramatic production2013-05
9 Ranzenberger, Elise KittermanFiguratively foreignGermany is a country with profound historical significance and a unique fusion and coexistence of international cultures. There are infinitely diverse perspectives and 5 experiences to be found from the people who live there, each with their own story and significance, composing modern German identi...Art, German - 21st century2013-07
10 Niederjohn, KristaSex and sexuality: a reflection of society as seen through theatreMy honors thesis at the University of Utah consists of two parts: a performance, and a paper. Both focus on the idea of the arbitrary definition of sex and sexuality. Sex is defined as: "sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse." Sexuality is defined as: "a capacity for sexual feel...Sex in the theater2013-08
11 Russell, CurtisThe Zion curtain: A documentary playThe Zion Curtain is a documentary play about the collision of ideology and civil rights, using the words of real people to trace the roots and show the effects of reactionary, homophobic doctrines in the Mormon Church. Every "um," "uh," and pause is performed as spoken in original interviews by the ...Homosexuality - Religious aspects - Mormon Church; Mormon gays2014-04
12 Myrick, TrevorThe horror of sexual violence: The representations of rape in American horror storyThis thesis looks at the representation of rape in American Horror Story, considering its formal and narrative construction alongside critical responses, drawing attention to both innovative and stereotypical aspects of its function within the series. While the series generally revels in representin...Art/Art History2014-05
13 Schwartz, MaisieTravel in dance education: what's the pointe?The purpose of my project was to examine the benefits of travel in dance education to determine if international travel is something the University of Utah Department of Ballet should continue to support The funding and allowance of training and performance-based travel abroad has long been a point ...Dance - Study and teaching; Travel - Philosophy2014-05
14 Kirby, KaltinFinding a characterMy thesis revolves around the idea of creating a character. There have been countless theatre practitioners and theorists Stanislvasky to Meisner who have tried to develop the "best way" to create a character. This project centers around my personal process to create a character based on my traini...Acting2014-05
15 Endow, Danielle MiyakoModern representation of female protagonists in media: An exploration of identityComing from the perspective of a woman living in Utah, I have explored what it means to be an ambitious, yet lost individual in today's media. Over the course of one year I wrote a full-length screenplay that follows the journey of a woman who loses her sense of self and must find her way back by te...Screenplay writing2014-12
16 Veenema, ArthurThe original: A process of producing a short filmThe thematic goal of my short film The Original was to explore the blurred nature between reality and artificiality that arises from emerging technology. The Original questions an individual's place amongst the simulated realities that have come to compose our world. The concepts behind my script we...Motion pictures -- Production and direction2014-12
17 Atalaya, CandelariaTime and light souvenirsI was a young photography student in my home country of Peru when I built my first Pinhole camera as one of the many school assignments, and long before I came to United States. For my very first picture, I placed the Pinhole camera on the school patio the elements of the composition for the project...Photography, Pinhole; Photography, Artistic2014-12
18 Jensen, MeganFaustus, Marlowe, and Bosch: Intersections of medieval fantasy imageryThis thesis is a theoretical costume design project for Christopher Marlowe's play The Tragical History o f the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus that uses The Garden of Earthly Delights, a triptych painting famous for its outlandish imagery by the Dutch Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, as its s...Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-1593. Doctor Faustus; Bosch, Hieronymus, -1516. Garden of delights; Costume design2015-04
19 Rathbun, Lauren ElizabethBeyond classical: mixing in the belt. An exploration of musical theatre singingBelt, mix and classical are three terms for distinguishing the different sounds used in musical theatre vocal repertoire. Each requires different techniques regarding resonance space, vowels, laryngeal position, and breath management. For years, there has been a debate among vocal pedagogues questio...Voice type (Singing)2015-08
20 Smith, ToniLove, and 1,138 other reasons to marryAs the lesbian daughter of a lesbian mother growing up in the rural American west in the 1980s I was acutely aware that the law did not exist to protect my family. We were "those people." The definition of "those people" has changed over time in our country. We have been (among others) slaves, imm...Same-sex marriage - Law and legislation - United States2016-04
21 Azuma, MarikoYin Yu Tang and the effects of re-contextualization on vernacular architectureMy paper on the cultural and architectural re-contextualization of Yin Yu Tang, or Hall of Abundant Shelter, at the Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in Salem, MA, has two main goals: 1) to consider the connections between architecture, space, and the family in a traditional Chinese house; and 2) to exami...Peabody Essex Museum - Exhibitions, Hall of Abundant Shelter; Architecture, Chinese - Exhibitions2016-04
22 Bergquist, JohnPopular music and public education: Culturally responsive to the past and present alikePopular music is included to varying degrees in American public school curricula despite the fact that experts in the field have called for its inclusion since the Tanglewood Symposium in 1968 (Choate et. al, 1967). Green (2008) found that some educators might be uncomfortable with popular music pr...Music - Instruction and study2016-04
23 Humphrey, DiannaOh the Humanities! Using the Clemente Program to Educate Underserved Students in Art HistoryAs funding for the arts perpetually decreases, the importance of art historical education becomes more evident in society and providing a sustainable model for this education is of vital importance. The Clemente Program for the Humanities at East High School in Salt Lake City, Utah advocates for in...Clemente Program for the Humanities - Utah - Salt Lake City; Art and history - United States; Education2016-08
24 Goodwin, Dane(UN)Known OriginMy research and artworks utilize traditional hand done and modern digital printmaking techniques. Some processes inherently convey a sense of being handmade, such as wood cut relief printing and intaglio printing; these techniques rely strongly on the hand of the artist, directly transferring handma...2017
25 Hazelton, Christal Rosa A.What We tell Children: Queer Representation in Children's AnimationIn this paper, I explore the history of queer representation in mainstream children's media -- both implicit and explicit -- and the historical movements that influenced their structures. Starting with the emergence of the "buddy" genre in the late 1950s and early 1960s, I use this as the basis of i...2018
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