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1 Integrated treatment of produced water by electrolytic and biological methodsWhat we got from full scale analysis: 1-Composition of synthetic produced water. 2-Idea to develop an integrated scheme. 3-In other words, we just cannot just use any technique (oxidation or biological) to treat produced water.integrated treatment; produced water by electrolytic and biological methods; produced water2008-03-12
2 A unified approach to the various formulations of the one-dimensional-turbulence modelThe One-Dimensional Turbulence (ODT) model has been successfully applied as a stand-alone model for predicting turbulence statistics in both nonreacting and reacting flows. There are several formulations of the model in the literature, and most of the variable-density formulations do not clearly dis...One-Dimensional Turbulence model; ODT; Stand-alone ODT models; Predicting turbulence statistics; Nonreacting flows; Reacting flows; Governing equations; Turbulent flow field; Linear Eddy Model; Eddy events2010-01
1 - 25 of 2