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1 Modified CPD Model for Coal Devolatilization at UCTT ConditionsTo study coal pyrolysis behavior at underground coal thermal treatment (UCTT) conditions, a modified CPD (M-CPD) model was developed and evaluated using two scales of experiments as well as two different coals, Utah Sufco and Illinois #6. Compared with the original CPD model, three major aspects wer...Coal; pyrolysis; modeling; underground heating2019
2 Production of Hydrogen through Photoelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube ArraysThe Electrochemical Society The Electrochemical Society Production of Hydrogen through Photo-Electro-Catalytic Oxidation of Coal Using TiO2 Nanotube Arrays Ding Wang1, Bobby Mohanty1, Bonan Wang1 and Eric Eddings1 Published 15 April 2017 • © 2017 ECS - The Electrochemical Society ECS Meeting ...Hydrogen production; TiO2 nanotubes; electrooxidation; photocatalysis2017
3 The Blue Castle project: a feasibility study of the proposed nuclear power plant in Emery County, Utah along the Green RiverWith an increasing population in Utah, specifically in the Salt Lake Valley, the demand for energy is rapidly growing each year. Currently, Utah's electric grid is largely produced by burning coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels. In the past, supplying Utahns with electricity from these forms h...Blue Castle; Utah; Nuclear power plant; Emery County2015-08
4 Using Observed Data During Early Design To Simulate Building Mechanical System Energy PerformanceEnergy Modeling; Real-World Data; Neural Networks2019
5 Predicting fuel consumption for commercial building with machine learning algorithmsThis paper presents a modeling framework that uses machine learning algorithms to make longterm, i.e. one year-ahead predictions, of fuel consumption in multiple types of commercial prototype buildings at one-hour resolutions. Weather and schedule variables were used as model inputs, and the hourly ...Building energy modeling; Machine learning; Prediction; Heating load; Data-driven modeling2017-08
6 Dynamic simulation, control, and design of a novel solar thermal hybrid power plantSolar power is among the promising technologies leading towards cleaner fuel. However, there are still technological challenges regarding the reliability of power generation due to its intermittency. This work demonstrates the synergies that exist in integrated hybrid systems, where a dispatchable f...Solar energy--Research; Solar thermal energy--Research; Solar power plants--Research2017
7 A fast iterative method for a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations on parallel systemsIn this paper we propose a novel computational technique, which we call the Fast Iterative Method (FIM), to solve a class of Hamilton- Jacobi (H-J) equations on massively parallel systems. The proposed method manages the list of active nodes and iteratively updates the solutions on those nodes u...Fast Iterative Method; FIM; Parallel systems2007
8 Nonmagnetic compensation in ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs and Ga1-xMnxP synthesized by ion implantation and pulsed-laser meltingThe electronic and magnetic effects of intentional compensation with nonmagnetic donors are investigated in the ferromagnetic semiconductors Ga1−xMnxAs and Ga1−xMnxP synthesized using ion implantation and pulsed-laser melting. It is demonstrated that compensation with nonmagnetic donors and MnI ...Ferromagnetic semiconductors2008
9 GORP: An object-oriented design for genomic objects, relationships and processesThe Eccles Institute for Human Genetics (EIHG) has developed a genomic database based on a novel level of abstraction. Objects, relationships, and processes are explicitly represented in an object model. This model has been implemented in a traditional relational database management system. Transla...Eccles Institute for Human Genetics; EIHG; GORP; Genomic databases; Object model1996
10 Anisotropic diffusion of surface normals for feature preserving surface reconstructionFor 3D surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data measured from complex scenes with arbitrary topologies, a low-level representation, such as level set surfaces, is used. Such surface reconstruction is typically accomplished by minimizing a weighted sum of data-model dis...Anisotropic diffusion; Surface reconstruction2003-04-18
11 Anisotropic diffusion of surface normals for feature preserving surface reconstructionFor 3D surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data measure d from complex scenes with arbitrary topologies, a low-level representation, such as level set surfaces, is used. Such surface reconstruction is typically accomplished by minimizing a weighted sum of data-model discr...2003
12 Adaptive gain processing to improve feedback cancellation in digital hearing aidsAdaptive filters are commonly used to cancel acoustic feedback in hearing aids. The sound quality of hearing aids deteriorates as the hearing aid gain is increased. This paper presents a method to alter the gain function in digital hearing aids to provide additional amplification and better output ...2008
13 Automatic synthesis of fast compact self-timed control circuitsWe present a tool called MEAT which has been designed to automatically synthesize transistor level. CMOS, self-timed control circuits. MEAT has been used to specify and synthesize self-timed circuits for a fully self-timed 300,000 transistor communication coprocessor. The design is specified using f...1993
14 Microchannel fluid behavior using micropolar fluid theoryIn this paper, we describe microchannel fluid behavior using a numerical model based on micropolar fluid theory and experimentally verify the model using micromachined channels. The micropolar fluid theory augments the laws of classical continuum mechanics by incorporating the effects of fluid ...1998
15 Synthesis and atomic-level characterization of Ni nanoparticles in Al2O3 matrixSingle domain magnetic nickel nanocrystals were embedded in alumina matrix using a pulsed-laser deposition technique. Structural characterization carried out at the atomic level using scanning transmission electron microscopy with atomic number contrast (STEM-Z) in conjunction with electron energy ...Nanophase magnetic materials; Alumina2002
16 Influence of fuel composition and flame temperature on the formation of thermal and fuel NOx in residual oil flamesA 900 kw model package boiler and a 20 kw laboratory tunnel furnace were used to study fuel and thermal NO, formation during heavy oil combustion. Package boiler results indicated that atomizer design, spray/ flow field interactions, and fuel composition were significant, dependent parameters. These...Residual oil flames1979
17 Power, clock, and data recovery in a wireless neural recording deviceFor many medical applications, neural recording systems should be fully implantable. Transcutaneous wires must be compleley eliminated, and this necessitates the wireless transfer of power, clock and configuration data to the device. We have developed, fabricated, and tested cirucits that recover po...2006
18 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridineThe coat protein from the MS2 bacteriophage plays a dual role by encapsidating viral RNA and also by binding RNA as a translational repressor. In order to study the isolated dimer in a conformation not influenced by capsid interactions, a mutant molecule was crystallized that is defective in capsid ...Crystallization; RNA Bacteriophage; RNA Hairpin; Translational Repressor1995
19 Seeing the atomic orbital: first-principles study of the effect of tip termination on atomic force microscopyWe perform extensive first-principles calculations to simulate the topographical atomic-force-microscope image of an adatom on the Si(111)-(7 X 7) surface, demonstrating the feasibility of imaging not only the atoms but also the atomic orbitals. Our comparative study of tip terminations shows that ...First-principles; Tip termination; Adatoms2003-06
20 Average-case optimized technology mapping of one-hot domino circuits*This paper presents a technology mapping technique for optimizing the average-case delay of asynchronous combinational circuits implemented using domino logic and one-hot encoded outputs. The technique minimizes the critical path for common input patterns at the possible expense of making less commo...1998
21 An introduction to the Sundance and AutoSlog systemsThis document describes the Sundance natural language processing system that has been developed at the University of Utah, as well as the AutoSlog and AutoSlog-TS extraction pattern learners that have been implemented on top of Sundance. Sundance is a shallow parser that also includes clause hand...Sundance system; AutoSlog system; Extraction pattern learners2004-11-08
22 Vector quantization of images using the L∞ distortion measureThis paper considers vector quantization of signals using the Loo distortion measure. The key contribution is a result that allows one to characterize the centroid of a set of vectors for the Loo distortion measure. A method similar to the LBG algorithm for designing codebooks has been develope...1995
23 Versatile integrated circuit for the acquisition of biopotentialsElectrically active cells in the body produce a wide variety of voltage signals that are useful for medical diagnosis and scientific investigation. These biopotentials span a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies. We have developed a versatile front-end integrated circuit that can be used to amp...Biopotential; Neural recording; Electrodes; Amplifier2007-09
24 Visual summary statisticsTraditionally, statistical summaries of categorical data often have been visualized using graphical plots of central moments (e.g., mean and standard deviation), or cumulants (e.g., median and quartiles) by box plots. In this work we reexamine the box plot and its relatives and develop a new hyb...Visual summary statistics; categorical data; box plot; hybrid summary plot2007
25 Neural signal for the intensity of a tactile stimulusThe effect of indenting the skin at different rates on the perceived intensity of the stimulus was studied by indenting the skin of the fingertip with two triangular waveforms, given as a pair. The subjects were asked to judge which member of the pair was more intense. Perceived intensity was foun...Skin; Indentation; Nerve impulses1984
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