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1 (BAl12)Cs: a cluster-assembled solidFirst-principles calculations on the geometry and stability of AlnBm clusters have been carried out to examine the effect of size, composition, and electronic-shell filling on their relative stability. It is shown that although Al and B are both trivalent, a BAl12 cluster is more stable than an Al1...First-principles calculations; (BAl12)Cs; Cluster-assembled; AlnBm clusters1997-06
2 100 electrode intracortical array: structural variabilityA technique has been developed for fabricating three dimensional "hair brush" electrode arrays from monocrystalline silicon blocks. Arrays consist of a square pattern of 100 penetrating electrodes, with 400 microns interelectrode spacing. Each electrode is 1.5mm in length and tapers from about 100 m...Microelectrode arrays; Stimulation; Micromachining1990
3 13 crazy, notorious things to do in an EM classThe average attention span of an adult human is 12-20 minutes. Our lectures are 50-80 minutes. Attention Span Math reminds us to take a break now and then, and to bring the class back to life by bringing some life to the class. Many students learn things better if they can see and touch them, so thi...Attention span; Fun2005-06
4 13C NMR analysis of soot produced from model compounds and a coalSoot samples, including the associated organics, produced from an Illinois No. 6 coal (five samples) and two model compounds, biphenyl (three samples) and pyrene (two samples), have been studied by 13C NMR methods. The coal soot data served as a guide to selection of the temperature range that would...13C NMR; Biphenyl; Aromatic cluster size2001
5 13C NMR spin-lattice relaxation and conformational dynamics in a 1,4-polybutadiene meltWe have performed molecular dynamics (MD) simulations of a melt of 1,4-polybutadiene (PBD, 1622 Da) over the temperature range 400?273 K. 13C NMR spin?lattice relaxation times (T1) and nuclear Overhauser enhancement (NOE) values have been measured from 357 to 272 K for 12 different resonances. The T...Polybutadiene melt; 13C NMR; Spin-lattice relaxation; Conformational dynamics; Molecular dynamics simulation2001
6 2-D scene analysis using split-level relaxationWe present a new method for applying multiple semantic constraints based on discrete relaxation. A separate graph is maintained for each constraint relation and used in parallel to achieve a consistent labeling. This permits both local and global analysis without recourse to complete graphs. Here l...Discrete relaxation; Split-level relaxation1985
7 3-D model building for computer visionThis paper presents a Computer-Aided Geometric Design (CAGD) based approach for building 3-D models which can be used for the recognition of 3-D objects for industrial machine vision applications. The objects are designed using the Alpha_1 CAGD system developed at the University of Utah. A new metho...CAGD; 3-D models; Machine vision1985
8 3D Line textures and the visualization of confidence in ArchitectureThis work introduces a technique for interactive walkthroughs of non-photorealistically rendered (NPR) scenes using 3D line primitives to define architectural features of the model, as well as indicate textural qualities. Line primitives are not typically used in this manner in favor of texture ma...Presentation graphics; Interactive walkthroughs2007
9 3D ray-tracing for intra-vehicle environmentsIn order to develop a wireless communication system that could be used for all types of aircraft sensor networks, the severe multipath channel found inside aircrafts must be well defined. This multipath channel is much more complex than usual outdoor/indoor channels and thus far, research has been l...2009
10 5 kW multilevel DC-DC converter for hybrid electric and fuel cell automotive applicationsA 5 kW multilevel modular capacitor clamped dc-dc converter (MMCCC) for future hybrid electric vehicle and fuel cell automotive applications will be presented in this paper. The modular structure of the MMCCC topology was utilized to build this 5 kW converter with high reliability and fault bypassi...2007-09
11 A 3D glass optrode array for optical neural stimulationThis paper presents optical characterization of a first-generation SiO2 optrode array as a set of penetrating waveguides for both optogenetic and infrared (IR) neural stimulation. Fused silica and quartz discs of 3-mm thickness and 50-mm diameter were micromachined to yield 10×10 arrays of up to 2-...2012-01-01
12 A 5 kW Bi-directional multilevel modular DC-DC converter (MMCCC) featuring built in power management for fuel cell and hybrid electric automobilesAbstract- A new capacitor clamped modular dc-dc converter with bi-directional power handling capability will be presented in this paper. This inductor-free design is modular, and it is possible to integrate multiple loads and sources simultaneously in the converter. Moreover, this 5 kW dc-dc convert...2007
13 A Busy Professor's Guide to Sanely Flipping Your ClassroomThe Flipped Classroom has become a popular teaching method. Students watch video lectures before class, saving class time for active learning (problem solving, demonstrations, applications, etc.). This paper is a useful guide for busy professors who would like to try out the flipped classroom approa...flipped classroom; inverted classroom; engineering education; teaching electromagnetics; assessment pedagogy2019
14 A DRAM backend for the impulse memory systemThe Impulse Adaptable Memory System exposes DRAM access patterns not seen in conventional memory systems. For instance, it can generate 32 DRAM accesses each of which requests a four-byte word in 32 cycles. Conventional DRAM backends are optimized for accesses that request full cache lines. They m...Impulse Adaptable Memory System; DRAM1998-12-16
15 A Feasibility Study of a Transfer of Federal Lands: Assessing the Triple Bottom LineThis feasibility study identifies various aspects of the proposed transfer of public federal lands to individual states by characterizing the most significant challenges that the transfer entails for civil and environmental engineers.2016
16 A GPU-based, three-dimensional level set solver with curvature flowLevel set methods are a powerful tool for implicitly representing deformable surfaces. Since their inception, these techniques have been used to solve prob- lems in fields as varied as computer vision, scientific visualization, computer graphics and computational physics. With the power and flexi...GPU-based; Level set solver2002-12-11
17 A Gaussian probability accelerator for SPHINX 3Accurate real-time speech recognition is not currently possible in the mobile embedded space where the need for natural voice interfaces is clearly important. The continuous nature of speech recognition coupled with an inherently large working set creates significant cache interference with other...Speech recognition; SPHINX 3; Speech recognizers2003-07-22
18 A baseband residual vector quantization algorithm for voiceband data signalsAbstract-In this paper, we present a new approach to the digitization and compression of a class of voiceband modem signals. Our approach, which we call baseband residual vector quantization (BRVQ), relies heavily upon the simple structure present in a modem signal. After the signal is converted to...1989
19 A blind adaptive projection receiver for CDMA systemsAbstract - This paper presents a blind and adaptive CDMA receiver that does not require knowledge of the spreading codes associated with users other than the ones of interest. Receivers for synchronous as well as asynchronous transmission by multiple users with error control coding are develope...1998
20 A blind projection receiver for coded CDMA systemsABSTRACT This paper presents a blind adaptive CDMA receiver that requires no knowledge of the spreading codes, the delays, and the energy of the received signals associated with the interfering users. Our receiver is based on linear interference cancellation and adaptive interference signal subspa...1999
21 A boolean sum interpolation scheme to random data for computer aided geometric designThis thesis presents a new imterpolation function for randomly distributed data. The new interpolation function is capable of exactly reproducing quadratic surfaces. The new function is developed, through boolean sum theory, from Shepard's two dimensional interpolation functions and the Barnhill-Gre...Computer-aided geometric design; CAGD; Barnhill-Gregory; Interpolation functions1975
22 A busy professors guide to sanely flipping your classroomThis paper describes the use of the flipped classroom approach for an Introduction to Electromagnetics course. Video lectures were created on a tablet PC, and uploaded to YouTube. Students watched the videos before coming to class. Class time was used for problem solving strategy (using homework as ...2013-01-01
23 A case for increased operating system support in chip multi-processorsWe identify the operating system as one area where a novel architecture could significantly improve on current chip multi-processor designs, allowing increased performance and improved power efficiency. We first show that the operating system contributes a non-trivial overhead to even the most com...2005
24 A case for increased operating system support in chip multi-processorsWe identify the operating system as one area where a novel architecture could significantly improve on current chip multi-processor designs, allowing increased performance and improved power efficiency. We first show that the operating system contributes a non-trivial overhead to even the most com...2005
25 A category theoretic formalism for abstract interpretationWe present a formal theory of abstract interpretation based on a new category theoretic formalism. This formalism allows one to derive a collecting semantics which preserves continuity of lifted functions and for which the lifting functon is itself continuous. The theory of abstract interpretation i...Formal theory; Theoretic formalism; Lifted functions1984
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