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1 White matter microstructure and atypical visual orienting in 7 month-olds at risk for autism2013-01-01Text
2 Reduced relationship to cortical white matter volume revealed by Tractography-based segmentation of the corpus callosum in young children with developmental delay2006-01-01Text
3 Assessment of white matter microstructure in stroke patients using NODDI2014-01-01Text
4 Generalized hardi invariants by method of tensor contraction2014-01-01Text
5 A workflow for the automatic segmentation of organelles in electron microscopy image stacks2014-01-01Text
6 Multivariate volume visualization through dynamic projections2014-01-01Text
7 Unbiased diffeomorphic atlas construction for computational anatomy2004-01-01Text
8 Images in neuroscience: Fetal and Neonatal Brain Development2006-01-01Text
9 Subcortical structure segmentation using probabilistic atlas priors2007-01-01Text
10 Noise-induced bias in low-direction diffusion tensor MRI: replication of Monte-Carlo simulation with in-vivo scans2007-01-01Text
11 Population-based fitting of medial shape models with correspondence optimization2007-01-01Text
12 Abnormal vessel tortuosity as a marker of treatment response of malignant gliomas: preliminary report2004-01-01Text
13 Prenatal mild ventriculomegaly predicts abnormal development of the neonatal brain2008-01-01Text
14 Image registration driven by combined probabilistic and geometric descriptors2010-01-01Text
15 Assessment of reliability of multi-site neuroimaging via traveling phantom study2008-01-01Text
16 Temporal and spatial development of axonal maturation and myelination of white matter in the developing brain2009-01-01Text
17 Functional connectivity MR imaging reveals cortical functional connectivity in the developing brain2008-01-01Text
18 Group statistics of DTI fiber bundles using spatial functions of tensor measures2008-01-01Text
19 Constrained data decomposition and regression for analyzing healthy aging from fiber tract diffusion properties2009-01-01Text
20 Diffusion tensor imaging: application to the study of the developing brain2007-01-01Text
21 Discordance of prenatal and neonatal brain development in twins2009-01-01Text
22 Early postnatal development of corpus callosum and corticospinal white matter assessed with quantitative tractography2007-01-01Text
23 Understanding the community based participatory research (CBPR) approach: case study in Ghana2011-12-01Text
24 Structural integrity of the uncinate fasciculus in geriatric depression: relationship with age of onset2007-01-01Text
25 Estimation of smooth growth trajectories with controlled acceleration from time series shape data2011-01-01Text
1 - 25 of 114