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1 Assessment of HPV Vaccination in Utah: Reaching Out To Latino FamiliesKepka, Deanna2014
2 Seeds of Remembrance, 20132013
3 Biological Samples and Measures in Nursing Research: Joys and PainsClayton, Margaret F.; Latendresse, Gwen; Murphy, Patricia2010
4 CCNE Accreditation: What Is It All About?Johnson, Julie2011
5 Building Reserve: A Pilot Study of Physical Activity and Exercise in Frail Older AdultsPerkins, Rebekah2015
6 Children Should Be Seen AND Heard: Children's Perspectives of Their Illness-Related ExperiencesLinder, Lauri2018
7 Doctoral Education: How the NEXus Endeavor Benefits Students and FacultyClark, Lauren; Fuller, Dianne2009
8 BirthCare HealthCare Innovations in PracticeThomas, Celeste; Latendresse, Gwen2012
9 Research and the Future of NursingYoung, Heather2013
10 Web Conferencing TechnologiesBlack, Andy2013
11 Women Interested in Nursing, 2014: The Silver Tsunami: Baby Boomers Redefining Aging2014
12 What Are We Talking About DeathSupiano, Kathie2015
13 When the Patient is the CommunityNovilla, M2013
14 Writing Test ItemsLinder, Lauri2013
15 Women Interested in Nursing, 2015: Call the Midwife: Today's Birthing Options2015
16 Unique Challenges and Great Rewards Conducting Research within the Somali CommunityDyer, Jane2015
17 Veterans Administration Nursing AcademyBarnett, Gerrie2013
18 Weaving New Threads in the ClassroomWright, Scott2009
19 Mixed Method Design: Principles and ProceduresMorse, Jan2009
20 Travel, Write, Renew: A Sabbatical JourneyBeck, Susan2009
21 Why the College of Nursing?Rothwell, Erin2009
22 Improving Mental Health Services in a County Mental Health System: Bridging the GapMabey, Linda J.2010
23 Women Midlife Assessment ProgramWheeler, Catherine; Deneris, Ann2010
24 VA Nursing Academy: UpdateJensen, Lisa2010
25 WHRAG Research Projects and Experiences 2011-12Latendresse, Gwen; Dyer, Jane; Murphy, Patricia; Sward, Kathy; Deneris, Ann; Roberts, Leissa; Rothwell, Erin; Wong, Bob2011
1 - 25 of 165