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1 Brainstem Ocular Motor MachinerySeen here is a sagittal view of the brainstem. The medulla has a significant role in gaze-holding, and the nucleus prepositus hypoglossi (NPH, along with the medial vestibular nucleus ) is the horizontal neural integrator. The abducens (6th) nucleus is located in the dorsal pons, and sends off the 6...Image/MovingImage
2 Central Anatomy of the Fourth NerveThe IVth or trochlear nucleus is located ventral to the central periaqueductal grey matter, dorsal to the medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF) and medial to the oculosympathetic tract at the level of the inferior colliculus. The fascicles of the IVth nerve travel dorsally and caudally around the cen...Image/MovingImage
3 Subtle Torsional Pendular Nystagmus in Oculopalatal Tremor (OPT) - Figure 1This is a 50-year-old woman who presented with imbalance, and MRI demonstrated a right cerebellar cavernous malformation. She underwent surgery to resect the malformation, and post-operatively experienced right hemiparesis and ataxia. Six months after the surgery, balance worsened and vision became ...Image/MovingImage
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