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1 Minutes for the Utah State Board of Regents, January 24, 19971997-01-24ir_borText
2 Photograph of the University of Utah Genetics Laboratoryir_euaImage
3 Photograph of the University of Utah Genetics Laboratoryir_euaImage
4 California production statistics-1980: Significant statisticsir_euaText
5 Fluidization of coked sands and pyrolysis of oil sands in a fluidized bed reactor (Abstract only)1995-12ir_euaText
6 CYP2C9 catalytic domain showing positions of *2 and *3 polymorphisms2006-08-30ir_uspace
7 Structure of vardenafil in the active site of PDE52006-07-14ir_uspace
8 Tashi2009ir_uspaceImage
9 Skyline 16: SW SW sec. 10 11S 25E Uintah County, Utah. Box 1 Depth: 20.0 - 30.0 ft.2015-07ir_eua
10 Ranolazine: a new antianginal agent with a novel mechanism of action2006-09-19ir_uspaceImage/MovingImage
11 Catalytic and thermal effects in the upgrading of bitumen-derived heavy oils (Abstract only)1985ir_euaText
12 Catalytic upgrading of Asphalt Ridge bitumen over hydrodenitrogenation catalysts (Abstract only)1997ir_euaText
13 Hydrotreating the Whiterocks oil sand bitumen and bitumen-derived liquid (Abstract only)1992-12ir_euaText
14 Hydrocarbon-induced cancer risks in oil shale processingir_eua
15 Hydraulic mining technique for recovering bitumen from tar sand depositir_eua
16 Hydraulic mining of tar sand bitumen with aggregate materialir_eua
17 Going to the Other Side2007ir_uspaceImage
18 Reliquary I (detail 2)2009ir_uspaceImage
19 Where Are My People?2004ir_uspaceImage
20 Matriarchs2007ir_uspaceImage
21 Re-Member (detail)2007ir_uspaceImage
22 Ten Generations2007ir_uspaceImage
23 Re-Member2007ir_uspaceImage
24 Installation View of 'Four Worlds' (left) and 'Heart, Hand, and Lung Milagros' (right)2005ir_uspaceImage
25 Where Lies the Border Between Us? (detail: Sarah)2007ir_uspaceImage
1 - 25 of 292