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1 Baptist Church--Immanuel Baptist -Shot 21943-10dha_sltncImage/StillImage
2 Dixie Junior College -Shot 21938-01-30dha_sltncImage/StillImage
3 Armistice Day -Shot 21948-11-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
4 Lincoln Memorial Music Festival -Shot 121939-02dha_sltncImage/StillImage
5 V-J Day -Shot 1141945-08dha_sltncImage/StillImage
6 U.S. Finances--Parade Second War Loan -Shot 241943-04dha_sltncImage/StillImage
7 University of Utah Fieldhouse -Shot 51939-10-08dha_sltncImage/StillImage
8 U.S. Service Men 653rd National Guard -Shot 11950-09-27dha_sltncImage/StillImage
9 Grand Junction, Colorado Power Plant1938dha_sltncImage/StillImage
10 Boxing Polio Benefit (T & T) Fred Campbell (Polio victim) -Shot 11946-02-03dha_sltncImage/StillImage
11 Huck Finn Day Murray Park -Shot 21950-06-23dha_sltncImage/StillImage
12 Military Service, Compulsory Second Registration -Shot 21941-07dha_sltncImage/StillImage
13 Days of '47--Society Page -Shot 131946-07-07dha_sltncImage/StillImage
14 S.L.C. Belvedere Ward -Shot 31944-08dha_sltncImage/StillImage
15 Lincoln Memorial Music Festival -Shot 101939-02dha_sltncImage/StillImage
16 Days of '47 Parade -Shot 491949-07-24dha_sltncImage/StillImage
17 Strawberry Day -Shot 121949-05-20dha_sltncImage/StillImage
18 University of Utah Homecoming Parade -Shot 261950-10-22dha_sltncImage/StillImage
19 Fremont County Courthouse1938dha_sltncImage/StillImage
20 Winter Sports Show Tribune-Telegram -Shot 21941-12dha_sltncImage/StillImage
21 U.S. Army New Year's Eve -Shot 51941-12dha_sltncImage/StillImage
22 Hotel Utah -Shot 161940-06dha_sltncImage/StillImage
23 U.S. Finances--First War Loan Parade -Shot 61942-05dha_sltncImage/StillImage
24 Military Service, Compulsory Third Registration -Shot 31942-02dha_sltncImage/StillImage
25 University of Utah Carlson Hall (Women's Dorm) -Shot 11938-11dha_sltncImage/StillImage
1 - 25 of 171,664