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1 Kotzebue: a modern Alaskan Eskimo community1966-06ir_etdText
2 Refutation of the general single locus model for the etiology of schizophrenia1982ir_uspaceText
3 Doubts about isonymy1991ir_uspaceText
4 Migration and genetic drift in human populations1986ir_uspaceText
5 Ascertainment bias in estimates of average heterozygosity1996-05ir_uspaceText
6 On emergency decisions, egalitarianism, and group selection1998-06ir_uspaceText
7 How women compete1999-06ir_uspaceText
8 Residence and childcare assistance among the Twe2014-08ir_etdText
9 The molecular genetics of prehistoric hunting: inferring prey population histories with ancient dna2015-05ir_etdText
10 Archaic admixture in modern humans2015ir_etdText
11 Experimental maize farming in range creek canyon, utah2015-08ir_etdText
12 Utah's sex education controversy: Is it relevant today?2015-05ir_htoaText
13 Adaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneus2014-05ir_etdText
14 Pristine benchmarks and indigenous conservation? Implications from California zooarchaeology2004-01-01ir_uspaceText
15 Alternative aboriginal economies: Martu livelihoods in the 21st century2015ir_uspaceText
16 Conservation or co-evolution? Intermediate levels of aboriginal burning and hunting have positive effects on kangaroo populations in Western Australia2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
17 Some socio-psychological aspects of the Czecho-Slovakian crisis of 1938-391940-05ir_etdText
18 On the evolution of human fire use2015-05ir_etdText
19 Havasupai woman1956ir_etdText
20 Ancient MtDNA sequences from prehistoric north american arctic populations2015ir_etdText
21 Relatedness and mortality among the Jamestown Colony settlers2012-08ir_etdText
22 Human and mycobacterial coevolution: the role of genetic recombination in reconstructing the evolutionary history of these important human pathogens2010ir_etdText
23 Sex ratio and women's aggressive competition in the outer islands of yap2015-08ir_etdText
24 Human life histories in an evolutionary and comparative context2011-08ir_etdText
25 Size of the bursa of fabricius in relation to gonad size and age in laysan and black-footed albatrosses1994ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 149