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1 Copy number variation in a follow-up of adults with ASD: a behavioral phenotype-genotype study2010-03-15Text; Image
2 Creation of an open source master person index from proprietary code: the open source "care data exchange" project2009Text; Image
3 Enhancing continuity of care through an emergency medical card at Intermountain Healthcare: using the continuity of care record standard2009Text; Image
4 Genetic susceptibility of prostate cancer: genome-wide screen of "non-aggressive" disease2009Text; Image
5 Genome-wide linkage analysis for aggressive prostate cancer in Utah high risk pedigrees2009Text; Image
6 Identifying data set specific duplicate patient records2009Text; Image
7 Integrating genetic information resources with an EHR2009Text; Image
8 Providers' information needs in the care of older adults2013Text; Image
9 SumLINK statistic for linkage analysis: application to the ICPCG pooled linkage resource2009Text; Image
10 Survey of excess familiality in prostate cancer2009Text; Image
11 Understanding the profile of errors that cause duplicate entries in a patient registry2009Text; Image
12 ca! - emergency and disaster recovery system extensions to caBIG™2009-09-23Text; Image
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