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1 Law and the People1913uum_rbcText
2 Voyage en Icarie1848uum_rbcText
3 Voyage En Icarie vol. 21848uum_rbcText
4 Way To Keep Him1969uum_rbcText
5 Deseret first book, by the regents of the Deseret University1868uum_rbcText
6 Singing bird : or progressive music reader ; designed to facilitate the introduction of vocal music in schools and academies1852uum_rbcText
7 About the Karl Bodmer Collection2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015uum_rbc
8 Icones anatomicae quibus praecipuae aliquae partes corporis humani delineatae proponumtur & arteriarum potissimum historia continetur1756uum_rbcText
9 introduction to physic and surgery, containing I. Medicinal institutionts, or physiology, hygieine, patholoy, semeiotice, and therapeutice. II. A compedious system of anatomy. III. A general account of wounds, ulcers, tumors, operations, and dressings; as also, the medicines used in surgery. IV. Botany and the materia medica. V. Pharmacy, as well chemical as Galenical. VI. A dispensatory, containing a great variety of the most efficacious officinal compositions, and extemporaneous prescriptions. VII. A syllabus of the symptoms of all the diseases incident to the human body. VIII. An index of diseases and their remedies. IX. A posologic table, containing the doses of all the simples and compounds. X. An explanation of the terms of art, accented as they are to be pronounced1754uum_rbcText
10 Marcelli Malpighi : Opera posthuma, figuris aeneis illustrata1697uum_rbcText
11 De motv animalivm, volume 21680uum_rbcText
12 System of operative surgery, founded on the basis of anatomy1812uum_rbcText
13 De motv animalivm, volume 11680uum_rbcText
14 Dell'azione del cuore ne'vasi sanguigni : nuove osservazioni1768uum_rbcText
15 Tsemaḥ David : Dittionario novo Hebraico : Lexicon novvum Haebraicvm1587uum_rbc
16 Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 18961896uum_rbcText
17 Gulielmi Rondeletii Doctoris medici et medicinae in schola Monspeliensi professoris regii Libri de piscibus marinis, : in quibus verae piscium effigies expressae sunt. ; Quae in tota piscium historia contineantur, indicat elenchus pagina nona et decima. ; Postremò accesserunt indices necessarij.1554; 1555uum_rbcText
18 Address Delivered in the Court-House in Concord, Massachusetts1844uum_rbcText
19 Plays1759uum_rbcText
20 Anatome animalium, terrestrium variorum, volatilium, aquatilium, serpentum, insectorum, ovorumque, structuram naturalem: exveterum, recentiorum, propriisque observationibus proponens1681uum_rbcText
21 Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 18811881uum_rbcText
22 Pietro il Grande, Imperadore I., ed autocrata di tutte le Russie1803uum_rbcText
23 Dissertatio epistolica de bombyce1669uum_rbcText
24 Pre Raphaelite Ballads, by William Morris, with many illustrations & decorative borders in black & white by H.M. O'Kane, now done into the type from the original text and reprinted...1900uum_rbcText
25 Silver Reef Miner V.5 No.511882-12-30uum_rbcText
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