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1 Is testosterone the hormone of desire? for some women, some of the time2014Textir_etd
2 Measuring cognition in nature: an exploratory study using electroencephalography2016Textir_etd
3 Open courseware and shared knowledge in higher education2002Textir_uspace
4 Reductions in criminality subsequent to group, individual, and family therapy in adolescent residential and day treatment settings1999Textir_uspace
5 Pleasure Centers in the Brain?1960Textir_etd
6 Marital discord and coronary artery disease: a comparison of behaviorally defined discrete groups2012-01-01Textir_uspace
7 How students socially evaluate interest: peer responsiveness influences evaluation and maintenance of interest2012-01-01Textir_uspace
8 What I want and what you want: children's thinking about the conflicts between their own desires and those of others2008-08Textir_etd
9 Working memory capacity and task goals modulate error-specific event-related potentials2014-08Textir_etd
10 Biosocial correlates of identity disturbance among suicidal youth2014-08Textir_etd
11 A taxometric analysis of pedophilia2011-05Textir_etd
12 Self-Injurious thoughts and behaviors interview (Sitbi), version 2.0: reliability and validity in a military and veteran sample2018Textir_etd
13 Anxiety, emotional reactivity, and attachment as predictors of embedding dimensionality of affect2011-08Textir_etd
14 Attachment, autonomic functioning, and adolescent loss2010-08Textir_etd
15 Religiousness and spirituality as moderators of physiological responses to social evaluative threat2014-05Textir_etd
16 Sex differences in cognitive consistency and persuasibility with respect to real life issues.1969-06Textir_etd
17 The role of the ventral dentate gyrus in olfactory learning and memory and anxiety-based disorders2012-08Textir_etd
18 The relationship between achievement, attitude, school marks and intelligence in high school1936-05Textir_etd
19 The role of attitude familiarity in interpersonal decision making2014-08Textir_etd
20 Self-inflicted injury in community adolescents: a pilot study of interpersonal needs and disclosure2013-08Textir_etd
21 Regulatory benefits of emotional processing and self-control in adolescents with type 1 diabetes2011-05Textir_etd
22 Resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia is associated with affective responses to romantic partner interactions in daily life2013-12Textir_etd
23 Screening for autism in toddlers: a follow-up study2011-12Textir_etd
24 Primary versus secondary callousness among juvenile justice-involved youth: investigating differences in emotion regulation2013-05Textir_etd
25 An Experimental test of the effects of acute stress and parental bonding history on maternal sensitivity2019Textir_etd
1 - 25 of 364