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1 Saam, BrianComment on: New limit on lorentz-invariance- and CPT-violating neutron spin interactions using a free-spin-precession 3He- 129Xe comagnetometerIn Ref. [1], the authors use a classical result for the magnetic field created by a uniform magnetization to analyze the effects of magnetic interactions between 3He and 129Xe nuclear spins. We point out that the classical result is not applicable for interaction between nuclear spins: the actual in...2014-01-01
2 Bromley, Benjamin C.Predicted space motions for hypervelocity and runaway stars: proper motions and radial velocities for the GAIA EraWe predict the distinctive three dimensional space motions of hypervelocity stars (HVSs) and runaway stars moving in a realistic Galactic potential. For nearby stars with distances less than 10 kpc, unbound stars are rare; proper motions alone rarely isolate bound HVSs and runaways from indigenous h...2014-01-01
3 Rogachev, AndreyObservation of shot noise in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodesWe employed a cross correlation method to study current noise in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes. The noise spectra revealed two frequency-dependent components. The first component displays 1/ f 1.3 dependence and correlates with the light emission of the devices. The second component i...2014-01-01
4 Williams, Clayton C.Atomic scale trap state characterization by dynamic tunneling force microscopyDynamic tunneling force microscopy (DTFM) is applied to the study of point defects in an inter-layer dielectric film. A recent development enables simultaneous acquisition of DTFM, surface potential, and topographic images while under active height feedback control. The images show no clear correlat...2014-01-01
5 Gondolo, PaoloWanted! Nuclear data for dark matter astrophysicsAstronomical observations from small galaxies to the largest scales in the universe can be consistently explained by the simple idea of dark matter. The nature of dark matter is however still unknown. Empirically it cannot be any of the known particles, and many theories postulate it as a new elemen...2014-01-01
6 Mishchenko, EugeneEquilibrium currents in chiral systems with nonzero Chern numberWe describe a simple quantum-mechanical approach to calculating equilibrium particle current along the edge of a system with nontrivial band spectrum topology. The approach does not require any a priori knowledge of the band topology and, as a matter of fact, treats topological and nontopological co...2014-01-01
7 Gondolo, PaoloAxion cold dark matter in view of BICEP2 resultsThe properties of axions that constitute 100% of cold dark matter (CDM) depend on the tensor-to-scalar ratio r at the end of inflation. If r ¼ 0.20 þ0.07 −0.05 as reported by the BICEP2 Collaboration, then "half" of the CDM axion parameter space is ruled out. Namely, in the context of single-fie...2014-01-01
8 Wu, Yong-ShiEmergent exclusion statistics of quasiparticles in two-dimensional topological phasesWe demonstrate how the generalized Pauli exclusion principle emerges for quasiparticle excitations in 2D topological phases. As an example, we examine the Levin-Wen model with the Fibonacci data (specified in the text), and construct the number operator for fluxons living on plaquettes. By numerical...2014-01-01
9 Lupton, John MarkMechanisms of spin-dependent dark conductivity in films of a soluble fullerene derivative under bipolar injectionWe report room-temperature pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance measurements of the dark conductivity of films of the fullerene derivative [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) under bipolar (electron-hole) and unipolar (electron-rich) injection conditions. Directly after mate...2014-01-01
10 Mishchenko, EugeneAttraction-repulsion transition in the interaction of adatoms and vacancies in grapheneThe interaction of two resonant impurities in graphene has been predicted to have a long-range character with weaker repulsion when the two adatoms reside on the same sublattice and stronger attraction when they are on different sublattices. We reveal that this attraction results from a single energ...2014-01-01
11 Gerton, JordanImproved localization accuracy in stochastic super-resolution fluorescence microscopy by K-factor image deshadowingLocalization of a single fluorescent particle with sub-diffraction-limit accuracy is a key merit in localization microscopy. Existing methods such as photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM) and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) achieve localization accuracies of single emitt...2014-01-01
12 Dawson, KyleSubaru FOCAS spectroscopic observations of high-redshift supernovaeWe present spectra of high-redshift supernovae (SNe) that were taken with the Subaru low-resolution optical spectrograph, FOCAS. These SNe were found in SN surveys with Suprime-Cam on Subaru, the CFH12k camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, and the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble S...2010-01-01
13 Symko, Orest GeorgeUltrasonic thermoacoustic energy converterThermoacoustic prime movers have been developed for operation in the low ultrasonic frequency range by scaling down the device size. The developed engines operate at frequencies up to 23 kHz. They are self-sustained oscillators whose dimensions scale inversely with operating frequency. The smallest ...2012-01-01
14 Mattis, Daniel C.PrefaceIt was the early 1960s. Elliott H. Lieb and the present author were colleagues at the IBM Research Laboratories in Yorktown Heights, occupying neighboring cubicles. We collaborated in the study, creation and solution of mathematical models of many-body phenomena. In the course of this work we ultima...2012-01-01
15 Mattis, Daniel C.An expanded Luttinger modelThis paper generalizes Luttinger's model by introducing curvature (d2ε (k) dk2 ≠ 0 ) into the kinetic energy. An exact solution for arbitrary interactions is still possible in principle, but it now requires disentangling the eigenvalue spectrum of an harmonic string of interacting boson fields at...2012-01-01
16 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineMechanically stretchable and reversibly deformable liquid metal-based plasmonicsWe demonstrate that liquid metals are attractive materials for active plasmonic devices at terahertz frequencies. Using a liquid metal injected into an elastomeric mold, we measure the static and stretched transmission properties of aperture arrays.2012-01-01
17 Gondolo, PaoloRing-like features in directional dark matter detectionWe discuss a novel dark matter signature relevant for directional detection of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). For heavy enough WIMPs and low enough recoil energies, the maximum of the recoil rate is not in the direction of the average WIMP arrival direction but in a ring around it at ...2012-01-01
18 Gondolo, PaoloAberration features in directional dark matter detectionThe motion of the Earth around the Sun causes an annual change in the mag-nitude and direction of the arrival velocity of dark matter particles on Earth, in a way analogous to aberration of stellar light. In directional detectors, aberration of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) modulates ...2012-01-01
19 Mishchenko, EugeneResonant finite-size impurities in graphene, unitary limit, and Friedel oscillationsA unitary limit for model point scatterers in graphene is known to reveal low-energy resonances. The same limit could be achieved from hybridization of band electrons with the localized impurity level positioned in the vicinity of the Fermi level. The finite-size defects represent an easier realizat...2012-01-01
20 Mattis, Daniel C.A contribution to the many-fermion problemIn this work we reexamine the many-fermion problem in arbitrary dimensions. It is shown that in two dimensions or higher, the Hamiltonian of interacting fermions can be separated into individual nonintersecting sectors labeled by the wave-vector q. Within each sector the Hamiltonian maps onto a gene...2012-01-01
21 Boehme, ChristophModulation frequency dependence of continuous-wave optically/electrically detected magnetic resonanceContinuous-wave optically and electrically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy (cwODMR/cwEDMR) allow the investigation of paramagnetic states involved in spin-dependent transitions, like recombination and transport. Although experimentally similar to conventional electron spin resonance (ESR), ...2012-01-01
22 Gondolo, PaoloThe effect of quark interactions on dark matter kinetic decoupling and the mass of the smallest dark halosThe kinetic decoupling of dark matter (DM) from the primordial plasma sets the size of the first and smallest DM halos. Studies of the DM kinetic decoupling have hitherto mostly neglected interactions between the DM and the quarks in the plasma. Here we illustrate their importance using two framewor...2012-01-01
23 Gondolo, PaoloSimple renormalizable flavor symmetry for neutrino oscillationsThe recent measurement of a nonzero neutrino mixing angle θ13 requires a modification of the tri-bimaximal mixing pattern that predicts a zero value for it. We propose a new neutrino mixing pattern based on a spontaneously broken A4 flavor symmetry and a type-I seesaw mechanism. Our model allows fo...2012-01-01
24 Rogachev, AndreyMagnetic-field dependent differential capacitance of polymer diodesUsing admittance spectroscopy, we found that bipolar organic diodes based on pi-conjugated polymer, 2-methoxy-5-(20-ethylhexyloxy), MEH-PPV, have strong divergent contribution to the device differential capacitance. It is positive at low bias voltages, turns negative at intermediate biases, and beco...2012-01-01
25 Rogachev, AndreyAdmittance spectroscopy study of polymer diodes in small magnetic fieldsWe performed a systematic study of bipolar and unipolar organic diodes based on the p-conjugated polymer, 2-methoxy-5-(20-ethylhexyloxy) (MEH-PPV), using electronic and magneto-transport measurements with magnetic field in the range 0-180mT and admittance spectroscopy in the frequency range 1 Hz<f<1...2012-01-01
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