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1 Francis, LeslieCreation Ethics and the harms of existenceDavid DeGrazia's Creation Ethics1 is a fascinating effort to present a consistent account of creation in many contexts-from reproduction, to self-creation through genetic enhancement, to the creation of entire future generations. For reasons of space, this comment addresses the related discussions o...2014-01-01
2 Haber, MatthewIn defense of the organism: Thomas Pradeu (Elizabeth Vitanza, trans.): The limits of the self: immunology and biological identity. New York: Oxford University Press, 2012, ix+302 pp, ISBN: 978-0-19-977528-6, $65 HB.Thomas Pradeu's The Limits of the Self provides a precise account of biological identity developed from the central concepts of immunology. Yet the central concepts most relevant to this task (self and nonself ) are themselves deemed inadequate, suffering from ambiguity and imprecision. Pradeu seeks...2014-01-01
3 Francis, LeslieAccommodating every bodyThis Article contends that workplace accommodations should be predicated on need or effectiveness instead of group-identity status. It proposes that, in principle, "accommodating every body" be achieved by extending Americans with Disabilities Act-type reasonable accommodation to all work-capable me...2014-01-01
4 Millgram, ElijahPrivate persons and minimal personsIt's a commonplace that privacy can now be abridged and abdicated in ways that weren't routinely possible until very recently. I want here to draw attention to an alternative configuration of the mind that these techniques make available, which I will call the minimal person. My explication of minim...2014-01-01
5 Plutynski, AnyaEthical issues in cancer screening and preventionNovember 2009's announcement of the USPSTF's recommendations for screening for breast cancer raised a firestorm of objections, Chief among them that the Panel bad insufficiently valued patients' lives or allowed cost considerations to influence recommendations. The publicity about the recommendation...2012-01-01
6 Haber, MatthewReframing the ethical issues in part-human animal research: the unbearable ontology of inexorable moral confusionResearch that involves the creation of animals with human-derived parts opens the door to potentially valuable scientific and therapeutic advances, yet invokes unsettling moral questions. Critics and champions alike stand to gain from clear identification and careful consideration of the strongest e...2012-01-01
7 Francis, LeslieA wrongful case for parental tort liabilityMalek and Daar [M&D] argue that parents have a duty to employ prenatal genetic diagnosis (PGD) if they undergo IVF knowing they are at risk of transmitting a serious genetic condition. Although M&D limit their analysis to parents already undergoing PGD, in which they say the parental obligation is s...2012-01-01
8 Downes, Stephen M.PrefaceThis volume contains the collection of symposium papers presented at the Philosophy of Science Association Meeting in Montreal, November 4-6, 2010, selected for publication. The volume also contains Nancy Cartwright's presidential address at the 2010 PSA. The huge amount of work required to referee ...2012-01-01
9 Thalos, Mariam G.Capitalization in the St. Petersburg Game: why statistical distributions matterIn spite of its infinite expectation value, the St. Petersburg game is not only a gamble without supply in the real world, but also one without demand at apparently very reasonable asking prices. We offer a rationalizing explanation of why the St. Petersburg bargain is unattractive on both sides (to...2013-01-01
10 Thalos, Mariam G.Truth deserves to be believedScience seems generally to aim at truth. And governmental support of science is often premised on the instrumental value of truth in service of advancing our practical objectives, both as individuals and as communities, large and small. While there is some political expediency to this view, it is no...2013-01-01
11 Battin, Margaret P.Continuous sedation until death: moral justifications of physicians and nurses─a content analysis of opinion piecesContinuous Sedation until Death (CSD), the act of reducing or removing the consciousness of an incurably ill patient until death, often provokes medical-ethical discussions in the opinion sections of medical and nursing journals. A content analysis of opinion pieces in medical and nursing literature...2012-01-01
12 Francis, LeslieGroup compromise: perfect cases make problematic generalizationsRothstein argues that groups may be harmed by research on deidentified data. He concludes that researchers are obligated to minimize group harms and demonstrate respect for a studied group through robust opt-out capacities, information about the possibility of group-based harms, and publications ref...2010-01-01
13 Millgram, ElijahJonathan Lear, Love and it's place in nature and Open minded: working out the logic of the soulIt's not hard to imagine why Love and Its Place in Nature (now in a second edition, with a new preface by the author) has, in the decade or so it has been in print, received less attention from the philosophical community than it deserves. Its subtitle announces it as a "A Philosophical Interpretati...Philosophy; Book Review2006-09-19
14 Landesman, Bruce M.Multiculturalism and the politics of recognition (Book Review)Reviews the book, Multiculturalism and "The Politics of Recognition,'' by Charles Taylor. Taylor's view that identity is shaped by the recognition of others; Human self-understanding as dialogical and not monological; Equal rights and nondiscrimination as axioms of rights-liberalism; Goal of cultura...Books; Philosophy;; Multiculturalism1994-01
15 White, Nicholas P.Review of J. Annas and J. Barnes, 'The modes of scepticism'This is a review of Julia Annas and Jonathan Barnes book, The Modes of Scepticism: Ancient Texts and Modern Interpretations. This book contains translations of material from Philo of Alexandria, Diogenes Laertius, and Sextus Empiricus concerning the ancient 'modes' or 'tropes' of skeptical argument...Skepticism; Book review; Tropes (Philosophy;)1988
16 Landesman, Bruce M.Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism (Book Review)A review of "Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism" by Richard Hudelson.Books; Marxism; Philosophy1991-10
17 Hanna, Patricia LeeWhat might speakers '"Tacitly know"?The theory of innate ideas, as revived by certain developments in transformational grammar, has been the subject of extensive discussion. In this paper I shall argue that there are no grounds at present for the claim, advanced by rationalist linguists, that one must posit certain highly specific it...Rationalist; Linguistics; Knowledge1977
18 Battin, Margaret P.Praying for a cure: when medical and religious practices conflictThis material is still protected by copyright. All rights reserved. Please contact the publisher for permission to copy, distribute or reprint1999
19 Mallon, RonaldOdd couple: the compatibility of social construction and evolutionary psychologyExamines the significance of evolutionary psychology and social constructionism in social sciences. Role of philosophical disputes in generating universal and local emotional phenomena; Relevance of adopting different theories of meaning and reference; Competition between philosophical disputes and ...Emotions; Genetic psychology; Social Sciences, Philosophy2001-09-11
20 Millgram, ElijahThick ethical concepts and the fact-value distinctionOver the last few years, the ‘fact-value distinction' (FVD) has become increasingly unfashionable, due in part to a number of arguments adduced against it. I myself do not believe the FVD can be maintained, and I think there are good arguments against it. But I have my doubts about the cogency of...Philosophy;; Ethics1995
21 Downes, Stephen M.Evolution of agency and other essays (book review)Reviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Agent, Philosophy;; Books, nonfiction2002-11-13
22 Millgram, ElijahMurdoch, practical reasoning, and particularismParticularism is a contemporary movement in moral Philosophy; that it is hard to know what to do with. On the one hand, it's hard to dismiss. Its ranks include respectable - even prominent - authors such as Jonathan Dancy, Margaret Little, John McDowell, David McNaughton and Richard Norman.1 It purp...2002
23 Landesman, Bruce M.Justice: cosmic or communal?What are the ground rules to be used for determining the scope and breadth of justice? What human activities does it cover, how much does it demand, what duties does it require? How are conflicting "intuitions" on these matters to be adjudicated? These questions are raised by Theodore Benditt's "The...1985
24 Francis, LeslieRecent developments in genetic diagnosis: some ethical and legal implicationsThis essay outlines some of the ethical complexities genetic technology poses in two areas of decision-making: when to perform genetic testing and what to do with the information gained from genetic testing.Genetic Technology; Genetic Testing; Ethics1986
25 Tuttle, Howard N.Problem of natural law in AristotleIn reading Aristotle's ethical, political, and jurisprudential writings we often come upon the term physis, which we may translate as "by the order of nature." In ancient political theory this term physis was often contrasted with nomos or "that which is by convention." I will argue in this paper t...1978
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