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1 Beck, Susan L.Symptom clusters: impediments and suggestions for solutions.The human experience of cancer is marked by the occurrence of multiple symptoms that influence one's ability to continue usual activities and enjoy life. Although the symptom experience is complex and multifaceted, knowledge of it has been limited by a paradigm that has been singular in scope...Cancer; Symptoms; Symptom Management; End-of-Life Care; Depression2004-07-21
2 Wright, Scott D.Pilgrim in the land of big G and little G - a review essayIt used to be said the life is short and art is long, but now in our supposed high point for the era of the ?scientific management of aging? (Cole, 1992), our goal is instead ? the art of living longer. Our current landscape for understanding the experience of aging is representing by the following...Aging; Longevity; Book review2010
3 Beck, Susan L.; Lastayo, Paul C.; Marcus, RobinEccentric exercise versus usual-care with older cancer survivors: the impact on muscle and mobility- an exploratory pilot studyBackground: Resistance exercise programs with high compliance are needed to counter impaired muscle and mobility in older cancer survivors. To date outcomes have focused on older prostate cancer survivors, though more heterogeneous groups of older survivors are in-need. The purpose of this explorat...2011
4 Hobson-Rohrer, Wendy L.Benefits and Barriers of Interprofessional Education Beyond the ClassroomMedical schools need to include interprofessional education (IPE) in their curricula not only to meet accreditation standards but to optimize students' readiness to practice in today's team-based heathcare environment. This is most often accomplished in classroom settings.Interprofessional Education; Team-Based Patient Cre; Collaboration2020
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