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1 Pore scale analysis of oil shale pyrolysis by X-ray CT and LB simulationObjectives and Approach: 1) By using non-invasive non-destructive techniques (x-ray micro CT) we want to improve our understanding of transport phenomena in porous media (oil sand/ oil shale resources).pore scale analysis; oil shale pyrolysis; X-ray CT and LB simulation; transport phenomena in porous media2009-10-23
2 The effect of feed source in the hot water processing of Utah tar sandThe processing strategy for the effective separation of bitumen from low grade (< 10 weight percent bitumen) Utah tar sands by a hot water process differs significantly from that used for the processing of high grade (> 10 weight percent bitumen) Utah tar sands. Excellent separations (coefficient of...Tar sand; Utah; Bitumen; Hot water separation; Froth flotation; energy demand1979-02
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