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1 Miller, Jan D.Selectivity considerations in the amine extraction of gold from alkaline cyanide solutionsIt has been discovered that gold can be extracted from alkaline cyanide solution with primary, secondary, and tertiary amines by adding certain Lewis base modifiers, such as organic phosphorus oxides. Under these circumstances, gold can be extracted at about pH 10, commensurate with the pH of cyani...Gold; Amines; Alkaline cyanide; Extraction1984
2 Miller, Jan D.Critical review of wetting and adhesion phenomena in the preparation of polymer-mineral compositesThe wetting behavior of liquid polymers at solid surfaces and the adhesion forces involved at polymer-filler interfaces should always be considered in the preparation of high-quality polymer composites, including those made with mineral fillers. Spontaneous polymer spreading over the filler surface...Polymer-minerals; Composites; Wetting; Adhesion1995
3 Miller, Jan D.Selective flotation of fossil resin from Wasatch Plateau high-volatile bituminous coalCertain bituminous coals are known to contain appreciable quantities of natural fossil or subfossil resin. Such resinous coals are found in the western US, particularly the Wasatch Plateau coalfield of UT. Some of the seams in this field contain an average of 5% resin. This fossil resin has been r...Bituminous coal; Wasatch Plateau; Resin1989
4 Chandran, RaviEvolution of microstructure and phases in in-situ processed Ti-TiB composites containing high volume fractions of TiB whiskersA series of titanium composites, with varying volume fractions of titanium monoboride (TiB) whiskers, were made by mixing various proportions of titanium (Ti) and titanium diboride (TiB2) powders followed by hot pressing. The phases present were identified by x-ray diffraction.Morphology; diffraction; relative intensity1999
5 Miller, Jan D.Study of particle-bubble interaction using atomic force microscopy: current possibilities and challengesStudy of interaction forces between mineral particles and air bubbles is a key to understanding flotation processes. Measurement of such interaction forces has only recently been made possible with the introduction of the atomic force microscope (AFM) and the colloidal probe technique. Using AFM, in...Particle-bubble interaction; Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM); Hydrophobic force; Contact angle; Hydrodynamic force2002
6 Miller, Jan D.Hydrophobicity and elemental composition of laser-printed toner filmsLaser-printed toner films on a polymer support were treated with alkaline (NaOH) aqueous solutions at elevated temperature (80-85° C). These toner films were examined with a sessile-drop contact-angle measurement technique in order to establish the hydrophobicity of the toner surface. Also, X-ray p...Ink; Fibers; Deinking1996
7 Miller, Jan D.Fine coal flotation in a centrifugal field with an air sparged hydrocyclonePreliminary results are reported regarding the design and development of a pilot scale air sparged hydrocyclone for cleaning fine coal 590 \xm ("28 mesh) containing 24% ash and 1.6% sulfur. The principle of separation is the flotation of hydrophobic coal particles in the centrifugal field generated...rocyclones; Coal; Separation technology1982
8 Miller, Jan D.Fast flotation with an air-sparged hydrocycloneThe status of the research programme on air-sparged hydrocyclones at the University of Utah is presented. Fast flotation of coal, oil shale, and copper porphyry ore has been demonstrated with capacities far exceeding those of conventional flotation cells. In addition to the performance characteris...Cells; Capacity; Froth1984
9 Miller, Jan D.A new cone beam X-ray microtomography facility for 3D analysis of multiphase materialsThree-dimensional x-ray microtomography offers a unique imaging capability. Spatial resolution on the order of ten microns can be achieved with the use of microfocus x-ray generators. Recently, a state-of-the-art, flexible cone beam x-ray microtomography system has been installed at the University o...2001-01-01
10 Miller, Jan D.High resolution X-ray microtomography based micro finite element analysis of mechanical properties of cellular materialThe macroscopic mechanical (elastic) properties of closed foams (ROHACELL) estimated from micro finite element analysis are reported in this paper. The complex 3D geometries of ROHACELL foams with different densities were analyzed using high resolution X-ray microtomography (HRXMT). The microstructu...2013-01-01
11 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-LuhScientific visualization in mineral and material processingScientific visualization is an ideal methodology for investigating complex phenomena that are characterized by large amounts of data. Furthermore, it is invaluable in the study of processes that evolve in time. Scientific visualization relies heavily on computer graphics, image processing and video...Air sparged hydrocyclone flotation; Ball mill grinding; Tomography; Computer graphics1993
12 Miller, Jan D.Comparison of process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide leach solutionsBoth conventional and nonconventional process alternatives for gold recovery from cyanide heap leach solutions are discussed in terms of possible flowsheets. Conventional process alternatives include carbon adsorption and zinc dust precipitation, while nonconventional process alternatives include re...Conventional; Exchange; Flowsheet1984
13 Miller, Jan D.Bench scale flotation of alunite ore with oleic acidAlunite [KA13(SO4)2(OH)6] is a promising non-bauxitic aluminum resource, the domestic reserves of which are estimated to be 800 x 106 tons at 35 percent alunite. The major gangue mineral associated with alunite is quartz. The thermochemical process that has been developed for treatment of this ore...Mesh; Separation; Liberation1980
14 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-LuhCapillary network model for filter cake based on pore structure analysisDewatering of fine coal by continuous filtration involves filter cake formation and removal of surface moisture by drawing air through the capillaries of the cake. In order to gain a better (understanding of the complex transport phenomena that occur in the filter cake, analysis of the effect of t...Pore geometry; Transport properties; Microtomography1996
15 Miller, Jan D.; Yost, Garold S.; Veranth, John M.Novel method to detect unlabeled inorganic nanoparticles and submicron particles in tissue by sedimentation field-flow fractionationA novel methodology to detect unlabeled inorganic nanoparticles was experimentally demonstrated using a mixture of nano-sized (70 nm) and submicron (250 nm) silicon dioxide particles added to mammalian tissue. The size and concentration of environmentally relevant inorganic particles in a tissue sa...Sedimentation field-flow fractionation; Transmission electron microscopy; Tissue digestion2008
16 Miller, Jan D.Thermogravimetric/Mass spectrometric (TG/MS) characterization of toner particles from photocopied wastepaper and the impact of these features on flotation deinkingFlotation deinking of photocopies from office waste is known to be much more difficult than the flotation deinking of newsprint. In this regard, research has been undertaken to better understand the phenomena which account for the poor efficiency in the flotation deinking of such office waste. Durin...Photocopied paper; Recycling; Deinking; Flotation; Thermal decomposition; Thermogravimetry; Mass spectrometry; Differential scanning calorimeter; Toner particles1995
17 Rajamani, RajAdvances in discrete element method application to grinding millsDiscrete element method (DEM) has made significant impact in the design and operation of grinding mills. The internal charge motion of grinding balls and ore can be readily examined. As a result, this method enables one to design and examine mill internals via simulation. This manuscript details es...2014-01-01
18 Miller, Jan D.Particle interactions in kaolinite suspensions and corresponding aggregate structuresThe surface charge densities of the silica face surface and the alumina face surface of kaolinite 13 particles, recently determined from surface force measurements using atomic force microscopy, 14 show a distinct dependence on the pH of the system. The silica face was found to be negatively 15 char...2011-01-01
19 Miller, Jan D.Understanding the role of ion interactions in soluble salt flotationThere is anecdotal evidence for the significant effects of salt ions on the flotation separation of minerals using process water of high salt content. Examples include flotation of soluble salt minerals such as potash, trona and borax in brine solutions. Although some of the effects are expected, so...2011-01-01
20 Miller, Jan D.Hydrophobic character of semisoluble salt minerals with oleate as collectorThe effects of temperature, oxygen partial pressure, and solution chemistry can have a significant effect on the hydrophobic character of semisoluble salt minerals with adsorbed oleate. Measurements of bubble-attachment time and contact angle reveal the sensitivity of these hydrophobic surfaces to c...Flotation; Solution; Oleate1984
21 Chandran, RaviNear threshold fatigue crack growth behaviour of a high strength steel: the effect of prior austenitic grain sizeNear threshold fatigue crack propagation behaviour of a high strength steel under different prior austenitic grain sizes with constant tensile properties was investigated. Attention has been paid to the observation of facture modes at thresh-; old in different grain sizes. The observations indicate ...High strength steel; Crack growth; Austenitic grain size1987
22 Miller, Jan D.; Lin, Chen-LuhOn-line washability analysis for the control of coarse coal cleaning circuitsIn view of the success of recent laboratory studies using X-ray computed tomography (CT) to determine coal washability and with the availability of high-speed CT systems, it now seems possible to design an on-stream washability system for the control of coarse coal-cleaning circuits. Design features...On-stream washability; CT analyzer; Coal washability1995
23 Miller, Jan D.; Fang, Zhigang Zak; Lin, Chen-LuhCharacterization of powder injection molded components using X-ray CTA good understanding of the microstructure of powder injection molded (PIM) components during debinding and sintering is essential in designing and optimizing PIM processes and properties. So far we have been limited in our ability to "see" what is going on. Microstructural characterization has cla...Powder injection molding2003
24 Miller, Jan D.Agglomeration and magnetic deinking for office paperMagnet deinking of office paper (OP) is a promising technology for the production of high quality secondary fiber. The technique is possible because a significant portion of the toner in OP furnish has a magnetic character. Toner magnetic susceptibility can vary from weakly paramagnetic to ferroma...Wastepaper; Magnetic deinking; Toner; Magnetic susceptibility2000
25 Miller, Jan D.Electrochemistry in silver catalysed ferric sulfate leaching of chalcopyritePrevious investigations have demonstrated the catalytic effect of silver additions in the ferric sulfate leaching of chalcopyrite. CuFeS2 + 4Fe+3 > Cu++ + 5Fe++ + 2S° The enhanced rate of leaching was found to be due to the formation of an intermediate Ag2S film which forms on the CuFeS2 surf...Reaction; Sulfur; Elemental1981
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