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1 Engineering factors relating to the production of smokeless fuel, oil and gas from Rocky Mountain coals, by low temperature carbonization1934ir_etdText
2 Model-based collision avoidance for dynamic single- and multi-robot systems: theory and application in ground and aerial robots2016ir_etdText
3 Aerothermoelastic modeling of hypersonic vehicles2008-12ir_etdText
4 Detecting slip in a vehicle perched on a dynamic perch2015ir_etdText
5 A study of fracturing and heat transfer in enhanced geothermal systems2016ir_etdText
6 Characterization of the vitreoretinal interface and vitreous in the porcine eye as it changes with age2012-12ir_etdText
7 Development of bonding methods for thermoplastic advanced composites2007-08-09ir_etdText
8 Characterizing Mode I strain energy release rate associated with interfacial debond growth in sandwich composites2012-12ir_etdText
9 Boule shaping of single crystal silicon carbide by wire electrical discharge machining2010-07ir_etdText
10 Stress bridging in particulate composites and calculation of G23 in particulate composites2012-05ir_etdText
11 Design studies for direct contact condensers with and without the presence of noncondensible gas1984-12ir_etdText
12 Heat transfer analysis of thermosiphons and U-tube ground source heat pumps2012-12ir_etdText
13 A biomechanical analysis of seating stresses based upon wheelchair propulsion2013-05ir_etdText
14 Design and simulation of a control system for a hybrid lift assist device2012-12ir_etdText
15 Development and testing of a low-cost wrist-elbow rehabilitation device2015-05ir_etdText
16 Scalar flux measurements in turbulent pipe flow employing combined particle image velocimetry and planar laser induced fluorescence2010-08ir_etdText
17 Using particle image velocimetry (PIV) to investigate the effects of roughness on confined flow around a hydrofoil2013-05ir_etdText
18 A control system for an active wearable lift assist device2012-05ir_etdText
19 Residual stresses in machined titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) alloys2014-05ir_etdText
20 Kinetic and kinematic evaluation of kneeling work2012-12ir_etdText
21 Heat transfer to and from a reversible thermosiphon placed in porous media2012-05ir_etdText
22 Comprehensive energy analysis of a near zero energy home2010-08ir_etdText
23 Structural integrity investigation of the AN/FPS-117 radar and radar tower2014-08ir_etdText
24 Implantable devices for sensing and drug delivery in ophthalmology and reconstructive surgery2014-12ir_etdText
25 Gait modifications on challenging terrain: a study of persons with parkinson disease2014-12ir_etdText
1 - 25 of 352