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1 Utah's Pathways to Higher Education: a Critical, Quantitative Analysisir_htoaText
2 Trigonometric series applied to bending of thin rectangular plates1954-03ir_etdText
3 The Simple Triod1961-08ir_etdText
4 Sea ice studies in the Weddell Sea aboard USCGC Polar Sea1980ir_uspaceText
5 Modeling of anisotropic electromagnetic reflection from sea ice1981ir_uspaceText
6 Physical and structural characteristics of Weddell Sea pack ice1987ir_uspaceText
7 Nash estimates and the asymptotic behavior of diffusions1988ir_uspaceText
8 Convexity in random resistor networks1989ir_uspaceText
9 Convexity and exponent inequalities for conduction near percolation1990ir_uspaceText
10 Classical transport in quasiperiodic media1991ir_uspaceText
11 Arbitrarily slow approach to limiting behavior1991ir_uspaceText
12 Exact result for the effective conductivity of a continuum percolation model1994ir_uspaceText
13 Statistical mechanics of conducting phase transitions1995ir_uspaceText
14 Bounds on the complex permittivity of matrix-particle composites1995ir_uspaceText
15 Bounds on the complex permittivity of sea ice1995ir_uspaceText
16 BTS1 encodes a geranylgeranyl diphosphate synthase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae1995-09-15ir_uspaceText
17 Critical behavior of transport in lattice and continuum percolation models1997ir_uspaceText
18 Critical behavior of transport in percolation-controlled smart composites1997ir_uspaceText
19 Electrical transport in high contrast composite materials1997ir_uspaceText
20 Laboratory measurements of sea ice: connections to microwave remote sensing1998ir_uspaceText
21 Inverse electromagnetic scattering models for sea ice1998ir_uspaceText
22 Forward electromagnetic scattering models for sea ice1998ir_uspaceText
23 Broad spectral, interdisciplinary investigation of the electromagnetic properties of sea ice1998ir_uspaceText
24 Brine percolation and the transport properties of sea ice2001ir_uspaceText
25 Properties of the mean momentum balance in turbulent boundary layer, pipe and channel flows2005ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 136