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1 University of Utah visual, information and technology literacy task force report and recommendations2009-05-22
2 What will become of us? looking into the crystal ball of serials workIs it possible to predict the future of serials work? Not with perfect accuracy, of course - but to do so imperfectly is both possible and imperative.We need to be looking ahead and asking questions like these: What are the implications of the open access movement for serials staff? Will the informa...2006
3 University scholarly knowledge inventory system: a workflow system for institutional repositoriesThe University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System (U-SKIS) provides workspace for institutional repository staff. U-SKIS tracks files, communications, and publishers' archiving policies to determine what may be added to a repository. A team at the University of Utah developed the system as part o...Digital repositories; workflow management; copyright permissions2009
4 Library as Knowledge Commons for the UniversityFor much of the 20th century libraries were known and valued for their collections, and the defining role for a library was to be "a repository of knowledge." Although libraries continue to build and deliver a large collection of resources, we are now defined by the services we offer and our ability...Knowledge Commons2010
5 IMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion)--LJ and the NRA: separated at birth? Or, knee-jerk politics makes strange bedfellowsI'm a regular reader of Slate, the online news and commentary magazine. 1 know it's part of the Microsoft Military-Industrial Complex, but Slate offers enough witty and insightful writing that I'm usually able to put aside my reflexive aversion to all things Microsoft for a few moments each morning ...Elitists, Extremists, Captured2002
6 IMHBCO (in my humble but correct opinion) - academic libraries and the "Arming America" problem: a response to Steve McKinzieMcKinzie is careful in his recommendations: although he is deeply concerned about the "host of unwary readers" who may find in the stacks "a terribly misleading book that bases its arguments on fabricated data and deliberately misconstrued research," he emphasizes at the same time that he is not su...2009
7 Hurricane havoc in paradiseTuesday 3 November 1992: Having previously cast absentee ballots, six conservators departed from Honolulu airport on election day for Kaua'i and a first-hand look at the damage caused by Hurricane Iniki.Recovery; Mold; Kaua'i museum1992
8 Information literacy for German language & literature at the graduate level: new approaches and modelsAt the University of Utah the recent hiring of several new faculty members in the German Language and Literature Section of the Modern Languages department has resulted in an increased demand for library services in the area of instruction and technical support. Areas explored will include approache...Germanic languages; Higher Education; Librarianship2007
9 digitalnewspapers.org: The Digital Newspapers Program at the University of UtahThis article describes the Utah Digital Newspapers Program at the University of Utah's Marriott Library. Background information regarding the historical importance of newspapers, the current state of commercial newspaper digitization and the problems with small newspaper digitization are reviewed, a...Digital libraries; Newspaper and periodical libraries; Library materials, Digitization2004
10 Day the university changedDescribes the disaster recovery efforts in the Morgan Library of Colorado State University following the 1997 flood. Deals in detail with conservation and restoration of damaged book and journal collections.Library materials, Conservation; Library Materials, Restoration; Flood damage; Emergency management2003
11 Origins of offsetThe connection between this printed magazine you are reading and a discarded tin of tuna fish packed in oil or spring water is particularly fascinating, but requires a bit of historical sleuthing, and a brief excursion through the increasingly industrial 19th century.Tinplate; Direct lithographic printing; Offset lithography1995
12 Acquiring minds want to know: digital scholarshipA new form of scholarship has emerged in recent years named "digital scholarship." I have seen it defined as online publishing or digitized material presented online, or, in other words, scholarship that appears in a digital form. However, a more compelling definition treats it as scholarship that d...Born digital; Libraries; Electronic publishing2003
13 Day the university changedThe largest water-related library disaster in U.S. history occurred at Colorado State University's (CSU) Morgan Library in Fort Collins, Colorado on July 28, 1997. This flood was caused by a series of summer rainstorms that began the day earlier, July 27 - and lasted off and on for about 31 hours,...2004
14 Collection development: in response to issues raised at the Janus Conference, Cornell, October 2005I left the library the other evening to dig my car out of the snow and join the line headed into the mist. It's the darkest time of the year. Do they know where they're going? Do I want to go there too? A first real snow is a wonderful sort of thing. It is cold and I don't like cold. But it is also ...Libraries; Collection Development, strategy and planning; Janus Conference2006-01-03
15 Heard on the net, trouble downloading: a library's most urgent issue, but not, perhaps, the most important oneArticle exploring issues facing libraries in providing access to electronic journals and articles.Libraries, internet downloads; Electronic Journals, access; Open Access2005-10-07
16 Acquiring minds want to know: smart systems, smart booksThis article will outline a specific suggestion both to aid some basic acquisitions functions and their management. It will focus primarily on use of vendors, vendor performance and business terms. I have several suggestions for improvement, which were touched on briefly in the first article, based...Libraries; Acquisitions; Vendors1994
17 Budget cuts can breed innovation and sharpen focusBudget cuts, if they're deep enough, force us to reexamine everything-they tend to bring the difference between "nice" and "essential" into sharper relief, and make possible changes that might always have always been desirable, but weren't politically feasible when we could afford to avoid them.Budget cuts2010-01-01
18 Promoting unrequired reading in an academic libraryThe Unrequired Reading Group (URG) was established at the University of Utah, Marriott Library in 1998 to promote reading beyond the boundaries of the curriculum. A student's time spent at a college or university is one of discovery and searching, and much learning may take place outside the classr...Trapeze Interactive Poster2010
19 ATG Interview with Victoria Reich, Director (and founder) of the LOCKSS programAs Vicky and I talked, we discussed her various activities in more or less chronological order. Later on, Vicky said of the work we'd been discussing, "but that's not my true love of the moment." There's not much to say to that, except to ask: ATG: And what is your true love of the moment? VR: Th...Preservation; Digital; Electronic; LOCKSS2003
20 Our users are your users: blurring the lines between academic and public librariesAcademic and public libraries share core values and goals. We share users. We can get closest to filling our mission if we work at this together and if both sets of librarians work at telling both sets of users about both sets of libraries.Libraries; Collection development; Library use2008
21 Libraries investing in the future first - some practical suggestionsMuddling through is what we mostly do most of the time. It is a reasonable strategy for bridging the gap between present resources and future expectations--providing expectations are in a reliably upward direction.2004
22 Energy eighteen wheelers: the technological revolution within utility restructuring.The electric utility industry, is being de-regulated and restructured. The utilities want to preserve their traditional markets and customers and to avoid stranding their capital investments. Special customer interest groups want to open these traditional markets to new "merchant" providers of elect...Utility Industry; Change; Photovoltaics1997-10-09
23 First paper made west of the MissouriThe need for paper was recognized in Utah by the American Mormon leader Brigham Young and his followers before their arrival in "Great Salt Lake City" (as it was originally called) in 1847. Frustration at having to delay plans to publish a newspaper was noted in a letter drafted by Young on July 17...Deseret News; Thomas Howard; Sugar House Mill; Granite Paper Mill1994
24 Pamphlet binders and their use in research librariesBy definition, research libraries have a commitment to preserving pamphlets as well as all print and non-print media they collect. A discussion of the preservation requirements for pamphlets is useful for their survival, and pamphlet binders are an important tool in preparing these often ephemeral ...Pamphlets; Preservation; Binders1992
25 Assessing Research Compliance for Federally Funded Projects: The Good, the Bad, and the Publicly AccessibleIn 2016, Utah State University launched a program to ensure their campus' federal grant recipients were in compliance with funder mandates to share any data or publications produced as a result of the award. This paper discusses how a cross-institutional team of librarians and administrators evaluat...research data management; assessment; online asynchronous focus groups (OAFG); grant compliance2020-08-12
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