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1 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: CAUSE, The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher EducationBit by Bit column: "A few columns ago we wrote about EDUCOM, an important player in the education and computing arenas. This column describes CAUSE, another player in this arena, which is probably less well known than EDUCOM."Information Technology, management; Academic Libraries, information technology; Computing and information technologies, evaluation1991-11
2 Breznay, Ann Marie; Haas, Leslie M.Checklist for starting and operating a digital reference deskSUMMARY. This article explores digital reference and offers practical advice to those interested in implementing a digital reference desk in their library. Digital/chat/online reference services are defined and practical guidelines on staffing, selecting and troubleshooting hardware and software...Online reference; Chat reference; Digital reference2003-11
3 Ogburn, Joyce L.Organizing acquisitions: the Yale University experienceThe acquisition of materials for large research library collections is a complex process requiring large numbers of staff and highly developed management skills. Even in the best of times it is easy for this complicated process to be less than effective. When faced with budget cuts, staff layoffs, o...Acquisitions; Research libraries; Library management1992-12
4 Silverman, Randall H.J. J. Audubon & 19th century color printingIn 1826, the first hand-colored proofs of John James Audubon's double elephant folio edition of The Birds of America were pulled in Edinburgh, Scotland. His life-sized Wild Turkey was among them, transforming the 41 year old naturalist's "innate desire to acquire a thorough knowledge of the birds o...John James Audubon; Copperplate; Lithograph1994
5 Arlitsch, KenningFuture leaders' views on organizational cultureResearch libraries will continue to be affected by rapid and transformative changes in information technology and the networked environment for the foreseeable future. The pace and direction of these changes will profoundly challenge libraries and their staffs to respond effectively. This paper pres...Organizational culture2009
6 Silverman, Randall H.Gibbs Smith: progressive publisherThere is a country twang reverberating in the national blood stream at the moment. Resurgent interest in the American West has mainstreamed country music, drawn ever-larger crowds to the Buffalo Bill and Gene Autry museums, and landed Clint Eastwood two Oscars for his Unforgiven in 1992.Peregrine Press; Electronic pre-press; Western culture1994
7 Ogburn, Joyce L.Exploring the contributions of the academic library to student learningMost recently, as part of our multiyear Value of Academic Libraries Initiative, ACRL joined with three partners ? the Association for Institutional Research, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and the Council of Independent Colleges ? to convene two national summits in late 2011. The...2011
8 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: communicating voucher information to the accounting department from automated library systems(pt. 2)Bit by Bit column: "This is the second of a two-part article. Part 1 (ATG Feb. 1991) presented some general considerations about the value of the automation process, the time and effort saved and the improved accuracy achieved by eliminating redundant data entry. Part II will present the rudiments o...Library automation; Library information systems; Library acquisitions1991-06
9 Perfect journey: WordPerfect helping the world communicateCan you imagine how difficult communication would be if the telecommunications industry had not adopted open industry standards on a global basis? As it is now, you don't have to know how the PBX system works in order to make a telephone call. You just pick up the phone and dial the number. That's h...Text editing; Interactive word processing1994
10 Silverman, Randall H.Towards a national disaster response protocolSince the Florence flood of November 4, 1966, the concept of an organized disaster response for cultural property has been a focus for conservators. In 1976, a decade after the Arno River had retreated from Florence's museums, libraries, and historic churches, a Library of Congress planning confere...Emergency; Property; Preservation2006
11 Anderson, Richard BryanThe crisis in research librarianship2011
12 Silverman, Randall H.Pamphlet binders and their use in research librariesBy definition, research libraries have a commitment to preserving pamphlets as well as all print and non-print media they collect. A discussion of the preservation requirements for pamphlets is useful for their survival, and pamphlet binders are an important tool in preparing these often ephemeral ...Pamphlets; Preservation; Binders1992
13 Hinz, Julianne P.University of Utah visual, information and technology literacy task force report and recommendations2009-05-22
14 Anderson, Richard BryanWhat will become of us? looking into the crystal ball of serials workIs it possible to predict the future of serials work? Not with perfect accuracy, of course - but to do so imperfectly is both possible and imperative.We need to be looking ahead and asking questions like these: What are the implications of the open access movement for serials staff? Will the informa...2006
15 Parke, Frederic IraComputer generated animation of facesThis report discusses the representation, animation and data collection techniques that have been developed and used to produce "realistic" computer generated half-tone animated sequences of a human face changing expression. It was determined that approximating the surface of a face with a polygona...Computer animation1972-06
16 American Invents Act: roadshow and hearing schedule 20122012
17 Chaufty, Lisa MarieResearch Data Curation Essentials: Presentation to the SEBS CIT, J. Willard Marriott Library, November 13, 2012An educational talk presented to a group of subject selectors representing the social science, education, and business disciplines. This is a PDF of the presentation, and includes some notes for the curation; presentation; library2012-11-13
18 Ogburn, Joyce L.Acquiring minds want to know: a glimpse of paradigmsAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: "The concept of the paradigm, as generally cited in the literature, derives from the work of Thomas Kuhn in the 1960's. Kuhn, an historian of science, set out to explore how science, and scientists, actually worked. Kuhn found that scientific activity tends to be...Thomas Kuhn; Paradigms; Librarianship, trends; Librarianship, Philosophy; of1993-04
19 Anderson, Richard BryanIMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion): the journal issue and the record album: two fundamentally irrational information productsOver the past few years I've become more and more convinced that the scholarly information world has a lot to learn from the music industry. Not so much from what the latter is doing either right or wrong, but from what has happened to it over the past 100 years, how it has happened, and why. From ...2009
20 Kraus, Peter L.John Steele Gordon, Thread across the ocean: the historic story of the transatlantic cableA Thread across the Ocean is a tale of historic and heroic proportions which the author fails to do justice to. The topic is the historic laying of the first telegraph cables across the Atlantic; however, though it is an enjoyable read, it is not a scholarly work. The depth of this work could have ...2003
21 Ogburn, Joyce L.Millennium minutes: a look back at licensingThe seemingly ubiquitous license agreement has a longer history than our readers might imagine or remember. It has roots deep in contract law, and also has copyright, patent, and trademark parentage. Librarians tend to think of licenses in terms of databases and fulltext e-journals, however, it sta...Digital; Contracts; Licensing; Libraries2001
22 Kraus, Peter L.Filling a need or seeing an opportunity? The Evolution of grant writing and research instruction in the libraries at the University of UtahAbstract An investment in continuing education in the area of grantsmanship for a public services librarian has resulted in the teaching of Grant Writing & Research offered at the J. Willard Marriott Library and the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library on the campus of the University of Utah. ...Higher Education; Funding; Award; Librarianship; Academic Libraries; Research Libraries2007
23 Silverman, Randall H.Litany of 'terrible, no good, very bad' things that can happen after the disasterOn average, 464 disasters occur each year in all parts of the globe. Some are more catastrophic than others; research reveals that excluding drought, famine and war, approximately 197 take place in Asia, 111 in the Americas, 77 in Europe, 61 in Africa, and 18 in Oceania. As a result, 50,000 people a...2004
24 Gregory, Joan M.Building sustainable partnerships: libraries as partners in creating and supporting campus green teamsLibraries as Partners in Creating and Supporting Campus Green TeamsGreen teams; Sustainabliity, Recycling; Waste reduction2014-07-11
25 Landesman, Margaret M.Getting it right - the evolution of reference collectionsSUMMARY. Reference works were present in the earliest libraries; and their numbers have grown inexorably ever since. They consume an increasing share of library acquisitions budgets. This article traces the evolution of reference collections, drawing on experiences at the author's library. The autho...History, reference works; Library, reference sources; Reference media2005
1 - 25 of 3,602