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1 Sorensen, Justin BruceGeoreferenced Ogden, 1906: sheet 09 (.kmz file)This .kmz file contains a georeferenced sheet overlay from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Ogden, 1906. The downloaded .kmz file is accessible for viewing in Google Earth and other GIS software systems. Multiple .kmz files can be loaded into a GIS software system in order to view a continuous s...data modeling; GIS; ArcGIS; Google Earth; historic GIS
2 Lombardo, Nancy T.; Morrow, AnneQR codesQR codes; Quick Response codes
3 Sorensen, Justin BruceGeoreferenced Logan, 1900: sheet 07 (.zip file)This zip file contains a .jgw, .jpg, .jpg.aux.xml and .jpg.ovr representing a single georeferenced sheet overlay from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Logan, 1900. The downloaded and opened zip file is accessible for viewing in ArcGIS and other GIS software systems. Multiple zip files can be lo...data modeling; GIS; ArcGIS; Google Earth; historic GIS
4 Anderson, Richard BryanCirculation Changes in ARL Libraries, 1995-2008
5 Anderson, Richard BryanARL Statistics
6 Holvoet, Katherine G.Satisfaction guaranteed -- a system of asynchronous desireI have a confession to make. Whenever I walk into a library, I can't remember the title or author of any book I've been meaning to read, or CD I've wanted to listen to. Unless I have a written list, I end up racking my brain, vainly trying to recall the name of any author I like, and then browsing t...Libraries; Reader recommendations; Reading1905-06-30
7 Sorensen, Justin Bruce; Morrow, AnneSalt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 164This zip file contains a sanborn map as well as associated world files to georeference and analyze in ArcGIS software.1950
8 Sorensen, Justin Bruce; Morrow, AnneSalt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 163This zip file contains a sanborn map as well as associated world files to georeference and analyze in ArcGIS software.1950
9 Parke, Frederic IraComputer generated animation of facesThis report discusses the representation, animation and data collection techniques that have been developed and used to produce "realistic" computer generated half-tone animated sequences of a human face changing expression. It was determined that approximating the surface of a face with a polygona...Computer animation1972-06
10 Wessler, Barry DavidComputer-assisted visual communication (CSTD-73-004)The purpose of this research was to build an environment m which an author can create a visual communications vehicle (a film) which will convey his ideas and thoughts. The primary motivation for this effort was the powerful ability of film to combine instruction with entertainment. The entertainmen...Computer animation1973-07
11 Phong-Tuong, BuiIllimunation of computer generated images (CSTD-73-005)This .report describes a new model for the shading of computer-generated images of objects in general and of polygonally descibed free-form curved surfaces in particular. The shading function is determined by a linear interpolation of the curvature of the surface. It takes into consideration the phy...Computer animation1973-07
12 Cannon, Thomas MichaelDigital image deblurring by nonlinear homomorphic filtering (CSTD-74-004)This report is concerned with the digital estimation of the frequency response of a two-dimensional linear system through which images have been passed and blurred. Almas t no a priori Knowledge concerning the system is required, and only one blurred image is necessar\d for a successful estimation. ...Computer animation1974-08
13 Clark, James Henry3-D Design of free-form B-Spline surfaces (CSTD-74-005)This report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape Is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...Computer animation1974-09
14 Catmull, EdwinA subdivision algorithm for computer display of curved surfaces (CSTD-74-006)This report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a raster-elem...Computer animation1974-12
15 Landesman, Margaret M.Acquisitions preconference 3: the summaryThe Acquisitions for the Eighties Preconference, sponsored by the Association of American Publishers and R.T.S.D., was intended to bring together publishers, wholesalers and acquisitions librarians to explore the issues that will affect acquisitions in the coming decade and to consider ways in wh...1980
16 Landesman, Margaret M.Performance of American in-print vendors: a comparison at the University of UtahA study was conducted by the Monographs Order Division of the University of Utah Libraries to compare the performance of three domestic book vendors during the fiscal year 1978-79. The study was designed to measure performance in terms of speed, discount and service, and to compare vendor success in...Monographs order; Vendor performance; Trade materials1980
17 Landesman, Margaret M.Missing issues: a responseI am inclined to retitle this article "Missing Issues: One Technique for Doubling Staff, Postage, and Xeroxing Expenses While Needlessly Alienating Vendors." I cannot, of course, be sure it would double expenses as the author does not supply figures, but we utilize the spare moments of one part-time...Vendor; Missing issue dealer; Correspondence1982
18 Breznay, Ann MarieSampler of databases for searches in historyTo review successfully the databases appropriate for historical research, some practical application is necessary. The following reviews of eight bibliographic databases emphasize their usefulness as practical research aids for topics in history. The comments are on only a selected number of the d...Historical research1982
19 Silverman, Randall H.Small, not insignificant: a specification for a conservation pamphlet binding structureThe pamphlet binding is often regarded as an insignificant or ephemeral book structure, which has received little attention over the years in the professional bookbinding literature. An attitude prevails that a bookbinder capable of executing sophisticated and detailed bookbindings need only apply ...1987
20 Ogburn, Joyce L.Library profile: Penn StateInstitution profile: Penn State is a land grant institution often described as the one university geographically dispersed. Penn State supports twenty-two campuses scattered across the commonwealth. Contrary to what one might infer from the name Penn State, the University is considered "state rel...Pattee Library; Penn State University; Profiles1990
21 Ogburn, Joyce L.Criminology and penology abstracts: analysisAn analysis of Criminology and Penology Abstracts is "An international abstracting service covering the etiology of crime and juvenile delinquency, the control and treatment of offenders, criminal procedure, and the administration of justice.Review; Abstracting services1990-06
22 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by Bit: EDUCOM (Electronic connection for higher education)Bit by Bit column: "This is a new column which will address technical issues including networking, consortia activities, electronic resources, and access. This column is on EDUCOM-The Electronic Connection for Higher Education.Educational computing; Education technology; Electronic resources; Networks; Datafiles; EDUCOM1990-09
23 Ogburn, Joyce L.Acquisitions, up, up and away: Yale University?s new acquisitions departmentAs of July 15, 1991 Yale University's Sterling Memorial Library began reconstituting an acquisition's department under Technical Services. In these days of bad news about closing departments, budget cuts and escalating serial prices, it's nice to be able to report some good news!Yale University; Sterling Memorial Library; Acquisitions1991
24 Ogburn, Joyce L.Business of acquisitions 1991The third ALCTS Business of Acquisitions Institute was held in Boston at Emmanuel College on June 6-7,1991. These institutes are meant to convey some basic understanding of the complex function of acquiring materials for libraries to beginning acquisitions librarians or professionals with other bac...Acquisitions; Vendors; Libraries1991
25 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: communicating voucher information to the accounting department from automated library systems(pt. 1)Bit by Bit column: "This is the first of a two-part article. Part I presents general considerations involved in the automation process while Part II will discuss technical issues with examples from the NOTIS and INNOVACQ systems.Library automation; Library information systems; Library acquisitions1991-02
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