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1 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: CAUSE, The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher EducationBit by Bit column: "A few columns ago we wrote about EDUCOM, an important player in the education and computing arenas. This column describes CAUSE, another player in this arena, which is probably less well known than EDUCOM."Information Technology, management; Academic Libraries, information technology; Computing and information technologies, evaluation1991-11
2 Breznay, Ann Marie; Haas, Leslie M.Checklist for starting and operating a digital reference deskSUMMARY. This article explores digital reference and offers practical advice to those interested in implementing a digital reference desk in their library. Digital/chat/online reference services are defined and practical guidelines on staffing, selecting and troubleshooting hardware and software...Online reference; Chat reference; Digital reference2003-11
3 Ogburn, Joyce L.Organizing acquisitions: the Yale University experienceThe acquisition of materials for large research library collections is a complex process requiring large numbers of staff and highly developed management skills. Even in the best of times it is easy for this complicated process to be less than effective. When faced with budget cuts, staff layoffs, o...Acquisitions; Research libraries; Library management1992-12
4 Silverman, Randall H.J. J. Audubon & 19th century color printingIn 1826, the first hand-colored proofs of John James Audubon's double elephant folio edition of The Birds of America were pulled in Edinburgh, Scotland. His life-sized Wild Turkey was among them, transforming the 41 year old naturalist's "innate desire to acquire a thorough knowledge of the birds o...John James Audubon; Copperplate; Lithograph1994
5 Arlitsch, KenningFuture leaders' views on organizational cultureResearch libraries will continue to be affected by rapid and transformative changes in information technology and the networked environment for the foreseeable future. The pace and direction of these changes will profoundly challenge libraries and their staffs to respond effectively. This paper pres...Organizational culture2009
6 Silverman, Randall H.Gibbs Smith: progressive publisherThere is a country twang reverberating in the national blood stream at the moment. Resurgent interest in the American West has mainstreamed country music, drawn ever-larger crowds to the Buffalo Bill and Gene Autry museums, and landed Clint Eastwood two Oscars for his Unforgiven in 1992.Peregrine Press; Electronic pre-press; Western culture1994
7 Ogburn, Joyce L.Exploring the contributions of the academic library to student learningMost recently, as part of our multiyear Value of Academic Libraries Initiative, ACRL joined with three partners ? the Association for Institutional Research, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities, and the Council of Independent Colleges ? to convene two national summits in late 2011. The...2011
8 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: communicating voucher information to the accounting department from automated library systems(pt. 2)Bit by Bit column: "This is the second of a two-part article. Part 1 (ATG Feb. 1991) presented some general considerations about the value of the automation process, the time and effort saved and the improved accuracy achieved by eliminating redundant data entry. Part II will present the rudiments o...Library automation; Library information systems; Library acquisitions1991-06
9 Perfect journey: WordPerfect helping the world communicateCan you imagine how difficult communication would be if the telecommunications industry had not adopted open industry standards on a global basis? As it is now, you don't have to know how the PBX system works in order to make a telephone call. You just pick up the phone and dial the number. That's h...Text editing; Interactive word processing1994
10 Silverman, Randall H.Towards a national disaster response protocolSince the Florence flood of November 4, 1966, the concept of an organized disaster response for cultural property has been a focus for conservators. In 1976, a decade after the Arno River had retreated from Florence's museums, libraries, and historic churches, a Library of Congress planning confere...Emergency; Property; Preservation2006
11 Anderson, Richard BryanThe crisis in research librarianship2011
12 Silverman, Randall H.Pamphlet binders and their use in research librariesBy definition, research libraries have a commitment to preserving pamphlets as well as all print and non-print media they collect. A discussion of the preservation requirements for pamphlets is useful for their survival, and pamphlet binders are an important tool in preparing these often ephemeral ...Pamphlets; Preservation; Binders1992
13 Hinz, Julianne P.University of Utah visual, information and technology literacy task force report and recommendations2009-05-22
14 Anderson, Richard BryanWhat will become of us? looking into the crystal ball of serials workIs it possible to predict the future of serials work? Not with perfect accuracy, of course - but to do so imperfectly is both possible and imperative.We need to be looking ahead and asking questions like these: What are the implications of the open access movement for serials staff? Will the informa...2006
15 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: communicating voucher information to the accounting department from automated library systems(pt. 1)Bit by Bit column: "This is the first of a two-part article. Part I presents general considerations involved in the automation process while Part II will discuss technical issues with examples from the NOTIS and INNOVACQ systems.Library automation; Library information systems; Library acquisitions1991-02
16 Anderson, RickLocal and global, now and forever: a matrix model of "depth perception" in library workAcademic libraries are in an interesting and difficult position, one that makes us different from most other public and private institutions. We are charged with meeting the immediate needs of students and faculty (needs that can usually be identified and defined with at least some degree of precisi...Academic libraries; Library collections; Library work2014-11
17 Anderson, Richard BryanIMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion): three reason I?m a librarianWhy am I a librarian? I?m sure all of us have asked ourselves that question at one time or another, and I imagine that for some of us the answer is simple and for others it?s complex or even ineffable. For me, I think it boils down to three memories from my childhood and young adulthood, all of ...Library profession; Materials access2008
18 Silverman, Randall H.Library collections conservation discussion group: taking a comprehensive look at book repairA national effort to improve the quality of book repair operations is under way. This work has been spearheaded by the Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group (LCCDG) of the American Institute for Conservation. During the past three years LCCDG has broadly examined samples of book repair t...Collections; Techniques; Treatment1994
19 Ogburn, Joyce L.Acquiring minds want to know: educational opportunitiesAcquiring Minds Want to Know column: The fourth ALCTS Business of Acquisitions Institute will be held in Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University June 3-4, 1993. These instituties are designed to teach a basic understanding of the complex function of acquiring materials for libraries to beginnin...Acquisitions, Educational opportunities; Association for library collections and technical services1993-02
20 Landesman, Margaret M.ATG Interview with Victoria Reich, Director (and founder) of the LOCKSS programAs Vicky and I talked, we discussed her various activities in more or less chronological order. Later on, Vicky said of the work we'd been discussing, "but that's not my true love of the moment." There's not much to say to that, except to ask: ATG: And what is your true love of the moment? VR: Th...Preservation; Digital; Electronic; LOCKSS2003
21 Landesman, Margaret M.Our users are your users: blurring the lines between academic and public librariesAcademic and public libraries share core values and goals. We share users. We can get closest to filling our mission if we work at this together and if both sets of librarians work at telling both sets of users about both sets of libraries.Libraries; Collection development; Library use2008
22 Landesman, Margaret M.Libraries investing in the future first - some practical suggestionsMuddling through is what we mostly do most of the time. It is a reasonable strategy for bridging the gap between present resources and future expectations--providing expectations are in a reliably upward direction.2004
23 Morrow, Anne; Mower, AllysonUniversity scholarly knowledge inventory system: a workflow system for institutional repositoriesThe University Scholarly Knowledge Inventory System (U-SKIS) provides workspace for institutional repository staff. U-SKIS tracks files, communications, and publishers' archiving policies to determine what may be added to a repository. A team at the University of Utah developed the system as part o...Digital repositories; workflow management; copyright permissions2009
24 Ogburn, Joyce L.Library as Knowledge Commons for the UniversityFor much of the 20th century libraries were known and valued for their collections, and the defining role for a library was to be "a repository of knowledge." Although libraries continue to build and deliver a large collection of resources, we are now defined by the services we offer and our ability...Knowledge Commons2010
25 Anderson, Richard BryanIMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion)--LJ and the NRA: separated at birth? Or, knee-jerk politics makes strange bedfellowsI'm a regular reader of Slate, the online news and commentary magazine. 1 know it's part of the Microsoft Military-Industrial Complex, but Slate offers enough witty and insightful writing that I'm usually able to put aside my reflexive aversion to all things Microsoft for a few moments each morning ...Elitists, Extremists, Captured2002
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