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1 Genetic and molecular analysis of a variant form of adenomatous polyposis coli1995-12ir_etdText
2 The role of angiotensinogen in the pathophysiology of hypertension2004-12ir_etdText
3 Role of PGRMC1 in intracellular sterol transport.2008-12ir_etdText
4 Characterization of the NF1 gene and its gene product, neurofibromin.1994-08ir_etdText
5 Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Drosophila: characterization of punt and a screen for transcriptionally regulated targets.2001-08ir_etdText
6 T-box transcription factor interactions in the zebrafish mesoderm: regulation of gene expression and cell fate.2003-05ir_etdText
7 Hoxb1 coordinates neural circuitry in the vertebrate brainstem2004-12ir_etdText
8 Identification of retinoic acid-responsive genes in neuroblastoma cells1999-12ir_etdText
9 Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolution1994ir_uspaceText
10 Removing the vertebrate-specific TBP N terminus disrupts placental beta2m-dependent interactions with the maternal immune system2002-07-12ir_uspaceText
11 Uninterrupted translation through putative 12-nucleotide coding gap in sequence of carA: business as usual1994ir_uspaceText
12 Paralogous mouse Hox genes, Hoxa9, Hoxb9, and Hoxd9, function together to control development of the mammary gland in response to pregnancy.1999-01ir_uspaceText
13 Introduction of homologous DNA sequences into mammalian cells induces mutations in the cognate gene.1986-11-06ir_uspaceText
14 Ascertainment bias in estimates of average heterozygosity1996-05ir_uspaceText
15 Gene targeting. How efficient can you get?1990-11-08ir_uspaceText
16 Influence of the stacking potential of the base 3' of tandem shift codons on -1 ribosomal frameshifting used for gene expression2002ir_uspaceText
17 Processing of adenovirus 2-induced proteins1973ir_uspaceText
18 Hox group 3 paralogs regulate the development and migration of the thymus, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.1998-03-01ir_uspaceText
19 Targeting genes for self-excision in the germ line1999-06-15ir_uspaceText
20 Slippery runs, shifty stops, backward steps and forward hops: -2, -1, +1, +2, +5 and +6 Ribosomal frameshifting1987ir_uspaceText
21 Steroid regulation of programmed cell death during Drosophila metamorphosis1999-12ir_etdText
22 Regulation of early ecdysone-inducible genes in Drosophila1992-06ir_etdText
23 Investigation of 5' messenger RNA stability determinants in lacZ1994-03ir_etdText
24 Genome sequences: experimental determination and evolutionary interpretation1999-08ir_etdText
25 Plasma membrane cholesterol homeostasis2002-08ir_etdText
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