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1 Brown, Francis HaroldHorizontal sediments of the lower Omo valley: the kibish formationThe existence of old lacustrine deposits in the Lake Rudolf Basin was first recognized by Hohnel et al. (1891 : 20f., 134) and subsequently confirmed by the work of M. Sacchi (Angelis and Millosevich, 1900) and E. Brumpt (Bourg de Bozas, 1903: 107ff.), Fuchs (1935, 1939), Champion (1937), and Aramb...1969
2 Brown, Francis HaroldSome early pleistocene deposits of the lower Omo valley: the Usno formationEarly Pleistocene deposits of the Rudolf Basin have been described by E. Brumpt (Bourg de Bozas, 1903: 107 ff.), Arambourg (1943: 190 ff.), Fuchs (1939), Patterson (1966), and Butzer and Thurber (1969). These include the Omo Beds, first recognized by Brumpt in 1902 and subsequently studied by Arambo...1969
3 Brown, Francis HaroldObservations on the stratigraphy and rediometric age of the omo beds, lower omo basin, southern EthiopiaDuring September and October, 1966, the author measured a stratigraphic section for a portion of the Omo Beds, as exposed north of Kalam, Ethiopia. Additional field observations were also made at the time in other parts of the lower Omo Basin. Samples were collected for analysis and for radiometric ...1969
4 Brown, Francis HaroldPliocene/pleistocene formations in the lower omo basin, southern EthiopiaFollowing a two month geological reconnaissance by one of us (FHB) in 1966, four seasons of fieldwork by members of the Omo Research Expedition has added greatly to our previous, scanty knowledge of the late Cenozoic history of the lower Omo basin in southern Ethiopia. Eduard Suess (in: von Hohnel ...1970
5 Brown, Francis HaroldRadiometric dating and tuff mineralogy of omo group depositsThrough the efforts of the Omo Research Expedition and the East Rudolf Research Group, a large number of vertebrate fossils have been collected from the sedimentary deposits near the northern end of Lake Rudolf in Kenya and in the lower Omo valley in Ethiopia. The hominid fossils collected in this a...1976
6 Brown, Francis HaroldMagnetostratigraphy of the shungura and usno formations, lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia1976
7 Brown, Francis HaroldMagnetostratigraphy of the shungura and usno formations, Southwestern Ethiopia: new data and comprehensive reanalysis1978
8 Brown, Francis HaroldA summary of the geology, geochemistry, and geophysics of the Roosevelt Hot Springs thermal area, Utah1978
9 Brown, Francis HaroldPleistocene rhyolite of the mineral mountains, Utah geothermal and archeological significance1978
10 Jewell, PaulThe geology and geothermal setting of the Magic Reservoir Area, Blaine and Camas Counties, IdahoThe Magic Reservoir area straddles the Blaine- Camas county line in south-central Idaho, along the northern boundary of the central Snake River Plain. The rocks exposed at Magic Reservoir include a 5.8- million-year-old rhyolite flow, the Pliocene Square Mountain Basalt, multiple cooling units ...1982
11 Jewell, PaulGeology and geothermal potential North of Wells, NevadaThis report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency Thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, ...Tertiary sediments; Siltstones; Conglomerates; Lithologies; Well logs; Aquifers; Step faults1982-01-01
12 Brown, Francis HaroldThe lower Omo basinThe boundaries of the Lower Omo Basin have been mapped by Fuchs (1939) and by Butzer (1970, 1971) in a general way. The structural features and physiography of the eastern and central part of the Lower Omo Basin are best expressed on the maps of Davidson et al. (1973). Walsh and Dodson (1969) have m...1983
13 Brown, Francis HaroldChronologyThe boundaries of the Lower Omo Basin have been mapped by Fuchs (1939) and by Butzer (1970, 1971) in a general way. The structural features and physiography of the eastern and central part of the Lower Omo Basin are best expressed on the maps of Davidson et al. (1973). Walsh and Dodson (1969) have m...1983
14 Brown, Francis HaroldDatingThere are basically three lines of investigation that are involved in geochronology ? the dating of rocks and other earth materials. First, there are the physical and chemical dating methods which give us numerical estimates of age. Second, there is the reconstruction of the order of events in sec...1984
15 Chapman, David S.; Picard, M. DaneHeat flow in the Uinta Basin determined from bottom hole temperature (BHT) dataThe thermal resistance (or Bullard) method is used to judge the utility of petroleum well bottom-hole temperature data in determining surface heat flow and subsurface temperature patterns in a sedimentary basin. Thermal resistance, defined as the quotient of a depth parameter AZ and thermal con...Thermal analysis; Bottom hole temperature1984-04
16 Brown, Francis HaroldMagnetostratigraphy of the Koobi Fora Formation, Lake Turkana, KenyaThe Koobi Fora Formation, a Pliocene and Pleistocene sequence of sedimentary deposits northeast of Lake Turkana, has yielded numerous fossils and stone artifacts of early hominids. Stratigraphic correlation of the hominid-bearing deposits throughout the Turkana region was established primarily by th...1986
17 Chapman, David S.Inversion of bottom-hole temperature data: the Pineview field, Utah-Wyoming thrust beltThe present day temperature field in a sedimentary basin is a constraint on the maturation of hydrocarbons; this temperature field may be estimated by inverting corrected bottom-hole temperature (BHT) data. Thirty-two BHTs from the Pineview oil field are corrected for drilling disturbances by a Ho...Thermal analysis; Bottom hole temperature; Inversion; Pineview Oil Field1988-05
18 Jarrard, Richard D.Velocity and density of sediments of Eirik Ridge, Labrador Sea: control by porosity and mineralogyA 767-m section of late Neogene (0-8 Ma) terrigenous sediments was cored at Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 646. Continuous downhole geophysical logs, 161 laboratory measurements of core porosity and density, and 63 laboratory measurements of core velocity are used to analyze in detail the effects...1989
19 Jarrard, Richard D.Seismic stratigraphy and history of deep circulation and sediment drift development in Baffin Bay and the Labrador SeaDrilling results and seismic-reflection records at and across Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 645 (western Baffin Bay), 646, and 647 (Labrador Sea) provide important constraints on the history of deep-water circulation and sedimentation in response to Cenozoic climatic change, as well as the tect...1989
20 Jarrard, Richard D.The magnetostratigraphy of ocean drilling program leg 105 sedimentsDuring Leg 105 of the Ocean Drilling Program, a series of 11 holes was drilled at three sites along a north-south transect in Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea. Intermittent recovery and drilling disturbance, resulting in part from the harsh weather conditions encountered, hampered magnetostratigraph...1989
21 Jarrard, Richard D.Sedimentary response to paleoclimate from downhole logs at Site 693, Antarctic Continental MarginThe first well logs collected below the Antarctic circle were obtained during Leg 113 at Site 693 on the Dronning Maud Land Margin (Antarctica) in the Weddell Sea. Gamma-ray, resistivity, and sonic logs were collected between 108.0 and 439.0 mbsf. The downhole logs show good agreement with the data...1990
22 Jarrard, Richard D.Milankovitch paleoceanographic cycles in geophysical logs from ODP Leg 105, Labrador Sea and Baffin BayOcean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 645 and 646, in Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea, respectively, were logged following drilling during Leg 105. Geophysical logs in ODP drill sites yield long, continuous records of sedimentary sequences and thus provide the opportunity for examining evidence of peri...1990
23 Jewell, PaulGeochemistry and paleoceanographic setting of Central Nevada bedded baritesThe bedded barite deposits of central Nevada are hosted by rocks of the Roberts Mountains allochthon and constitute the largest barite reserves in North America. Detailed geochemical studies of three barite deposits in the Devonian Slaven Chert indicate that rocks surrounding the barite have elevate...Bedded barites; Roberts Mountains allochthon; Late Devonian1991
24 Jarrard, Richard D.Geochemical results from wireline logs in the Celebes Sea, Sites 767 and 770 of Leg 124Geochemical well logs were obtained at ODP Sites 767 and 770 in the Celebes Sea. The log data obtained at sea have been corrected for borehole size changes, the effects of drilling fluids, and logging-speed variations. The processed logs are then used to calculate the amounts of the three major ra...1991
25 Jarrard, Richard D.Results of borehole televiewer observations in the Celebes and Sulu SeasBorehole televiewer data were collected during Ocean Drilling Program Leg 124 to investigate stress orientations in the Sulu and Celebes sea basins. At Site 768C, in the Sulu Sea, televiewer logs were collected from 809-870 and 950-1250 meters below sea floor (mbsf). At Site 770C, in the Celebes Se...1991
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