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1 QuickSCAT derived snow accumulation estimates in the dry snow, percolation and wet snow zones of the Greenland ice sheet2011ir_uspaceImage
2 Restructuring industrial districts, scaling up regional development: a study of the Wenzhou Model, China2007-09-24ir_uspaceText
3 Restructuring the Sunan model, globalizing regional development: trajectories of development in Kunshan, China2009ir_uspaceText
4 Prevalence of pure versus mixed snow cover pixels across spatial resolutions in alpine environments2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
5 Spatial-temporal hierarchy of regional inequality of China2010-07ir_uspaceText
6 Explaining the presence of perennial liquid water bodies in the firn of the Greenland Ice Sheet2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
7 Survey of earthquake preparedness actions2016-01ir_uspaceText
8 Application and evaluation of spatial heterogeneity model in the simulation of urban expansion2013-01-01ir_uspaceText
9 Geomorphic and hazard vulnerability assessment of recent residential developments on landslide-prone terrain: the case of the Traverse Mountains, Utah, USA2010ir_uspaceText
10 Utah's geologic and geomorphic terrestrial analogs to Mars: a training ground for future robotic and human missions to Mars2010ir_uspaceText
11 Multi-scale regional inequality in Guangdong, China2011ir_uspaceText; Image
12 Location decisions and network configurations of foreign investment in urban China2010ir_uspaceText
13 Bonneville basin analogues for large lake processes & chronologies of geomorphic development on Mars2009ir_uspaceText
14 The climate and environment of Byzantine Anatolia: Integrating science, history, and archaeology2014-01-01ir_uspaceText
15 OSL chronologies for Aeolian activity in the context of lake-level fluctuations, drainage reorganization and glacial retreat, North-Central Minnesota2006ir_uspaceText
16 Geobiology and sedimentology of the hypersaline Great Salt Lake, Northern Utah, USA: analogues for assessing watery environments on Mars?2010ir_uspaceText
17 Dynamics, space, and regional inequality in provincial China: a case study of Guangdong province2012-01-01ir_uspaceText
18 Spatial determinants of urban growth in Chinese Cities: a case study of dongguan2012ir_uspaceText; Image
19 Summer melt regulates winter glacier flow speeds throughout Alaska2013-01-01ir_uspaceText
20 Effects of bedrock lithology and subglacial till on the motion of Ruth Glacier, Alaska, deduced from five pulses from 1973 to 20122014-01-01ir_uspaceText
21 Megan Theobald Master in Geographic Information Science Portfolio2017ir_msgisInteractiveResource
22 Spatial restructuring in Guangzhou city in the context of globalization and the new economy2006ir_uspaceText
23 Geomorphic evolution of pleistocene Lake Bonneville: temporal implications for surface processes on Mars2010ir_uspaceText
24 Beyond new regionalism, beyond global production networks: remaking the Sunan model, China2010ir_uspaceText
25 Interpreting Martian paleoclimates from valley network morphologies: insights from terrestrial analogues in Egypt1999ir_uspaceText
1 - 25 of 140