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1 Walkable route perceptions and physical features: converging evidence for en-route walking experiencesGuided walks near a light rail stop in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, were examined using a 2 (gender) x 3 (route walkability: low, mixed, or high walkability features) design. Trained raters confirmed that more walkable segments had more traffic, environmental and social safety; pleasing aesthetics;...Guided walks; Walkability; Environmental aesthetics; Urban environment; Incivilities; Salt Lake City2007-01-01
2 Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorceMost prior research on the adverse consequences of parental divorce has analyzed only one child per family. As a result, it is not known whether the same divorce affects siblings differently. We address this issue by analyzing paired sibling data from the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS) and 1994 Su...Siblings; Marital stability; Educational attainment2003
3 Gift from the gods: a Balinese guide to early child rearingThe influence of Western schools and other imports notwithstanding, many child-rearing practices recorded earlier in the century [in Indonesia] are still observable, especially those concerning infants and young children. For the "manual" that follows, I propose as the fictive author a male healer, ...Children; Bali; Infants; Child rearing manuals2000
4 Convergence or divergence in Los Angeles: three distinctive ethnic patterns of immigrant residential assimilationThis paper uses census microdata to examine five aspects of residential assimilation in the greater Los Angeles area. A double cohort method is used to separate the effect of duration in the U.S. from the effect of aging. We track a single arrival cohort that came in 1970-79, and analyze the process...Residential assimilation; Immigrants; Cohort; Los Angeles; Homeownership2006-01-11
5 Information and communications technologies: bugs in the generational ointment?The uses and impacts of information and communications technologies IICTsl. are not smooth, linear or fairy-tale like in dusting society with benefits. In development, adoption, uses and impacts. technologies shape. and are shaped by social relations and social structures. Generational relations a...Information; Communication; Technologies; Social relations2002
6 Different path to homeownership: The case of Taiwanese immigrants in Los AngelesTaiwanese immigrants in Los Angeles stand in contrast to the welldocumented homeownership deficit among immigrants. Despite the tremendous growth in Taiwanese immigrants during the 1980s, Taiwanese homeownership rate not only was among the highest of all ethnic groups in 1990,...Taiwanese immigrants; Homeownership; Los Angeles; adaptation2006
7 Culture of gender: socialization, spirituality and sexualityIn this presentation, I hope to take you on a journey through the social landscape which teaches us about spirituality and sexuality. Like any journey, this one will have its ups and downs and in this case both ups and downs come from the same source. That source is the recognition that what we can...1987
8 Women and family in the later years: findings from the 1990 general social surveyAging is a feminist issue. Women on average live longer than men, live longer in disability or with chronic health problems, more often experience the deaths of spouse and friends, more often live alone in their later years, are significantly poorer than men of the same age, and more often institu...Middle age; Old age; Family life; Women1992
9 Familial effects of BRCA1 genetic mutation testing: changes in perceived family functioningThis study expands recent research that examines how the receipt of BRCA1 genetic test results affects family adaptability and cohesion 1 year after genetic risknotification. Study participants were members of a large Utah-based kindred with an identified mutation at the BRCA1 locus. The final samp...Genetic testing; Families; Risk notification: BRCA12007
10 Explaining Canadian fertility: some remaining challengesCanada is in an advantageous position to study the social context of human reproduction and childbearing. Canadian contributions to the fertility literature have thus far been impressive. In spite of the obvious solid base of fertility research in Canada, some challenges remain. Among these are cap...Economic; Canada; Research1984
11 Over-scheduled or at loose ends? The shifting balance of adolescent time useLittle is known about the time use of American youth. In this study, time diary data from 1977-78 and 2003-05 are used to investigate time use in middle adolescence with the goals of ascertaining (1) changes in time use, (2) how socioeconomic and familial factors influence adolescent time allocation...Adolescents; Adolescent time use; Adolescent wages; Leisure2007-05-18
12 Mixed blessings of no-fault divorceBetween the mid-1960s and 1979 the crude divorce rate in the United States more than doubled.1 Although divorce had increased at a steady rate for more than the previous 100 years, the mid-1960s marked the beginning of an unprecedented boom.2 Despite modest declines over the last twenty years,3 th...Divorce reform2005
13 Trends in the intergenerational transmission of divorceNumerous researchers have shown that the children of divorce are disproportionately likely to end their own marriages (e.g., Amato 1996; Amato and Booth 1991; Bumpass, Martin, and Sweet 1991; Glenn and Kramer 1987; Kulka and Weingarten 1979; McLanahan and Bumpass 1988; Mueller and Pope 1977; Pope a...1999
14 Patterns of household food expenditures: a cluster analysisIn this study we use the Diary Survey component of the 2001 and 2002 Consumer Expenditure Survey to investigate patterns of household food expenditures. We identify eight constellations of food expenditures that are more and less likely to be associated with healthy eating habits. These clusters in...Diet; Fast food; Nutrition; Eating habits2007
15 Homeownership determinants for Chinese Americans: assimilation, ethnic concentration, and nativityChinese homeownership rates in the Los Angeles CMSA adjusted by socioeconomic and housing market characteristics are on average 18 percentage points higher than those of native white households Painter et al. (2003). This finding runs contrary to most of immigration literature, which suggests that i...Chinese Americans; homeownership2004
16 Using accelerometer feedback to identify walking destinations, activity overestimates, and stealth exercise in obese and nonobese individualsAccelerometer output feedback might enable assessment of recall biases for moderate bouts by obese and nonobese individuals; accelerometry might also help residents recall destinations for moderate-intensity walking bouts. Methods: Adult residents' 1-week accelerometer-measured physical activity and...Accelerometer feedback; Walking destinations; Activity overestimates; Stealth exercise; Recall bias; Obese individuals; Nonobese individuals2008
17 Work, retirement and women in later lifeResearch on the labour market experiences of mid-life and older women is increasing, revealing new knowledge, but also showing us how much is not yet known. Retirement remains, for the most part, a presumed life transition for men, but not necessarily for women. Despite the growing, but still small ...Women; Retirement; Mid-life; Canada1995
18 New stork rising? Women's roles and reproductive changesAnyone who has not been living in a remote cave will know that reproduction in the past decade has been changing rather dramatically. These changes have occurred on several fronts. Writing as a sociologist, I shall emphasize the social aspects of these changes, looking first at some of the changes ...In vitro; Birth rate; Artificial insemination1989
19 Post-occupancy evaluation of wayfinding in a pediatric hospital: research findings and implications for instructionA post-occupancy evaluation (POE) of way finding in a new pediatric hospital pointed to a wide range of areas where wayfinding aids could be improved. After initial walk-through evaluation tours and meetings with administrators, five more systematic methods were used to assess problems: staff and vi...Hospitals; Wayfinding; Signage1997
20 Influence of participation in the national school lunch program and food insecurity on child well-beingThis study examines two research questions: the child- and family-specific factors that predict food insecurity and participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the effects on school-age children of food insecurity and participating in the NSLP. Results show that factors representin...Children's nutrition; Children's diet; Child development2003-03
21 Crime, new housing, and housing incivilities in a first-ring suburb: multilevel relationships across timeConcepts deriving from criminology, housing policy, and environmental psychology are integrated to test two ways that housing conditions could relate to crime in a declining first-ring suburb of Salt Lake City. For existing housing, we use a model to test whether housing incivilities, such as litte...Community development; Community revitalization; Crime; Urban policy2004
22 Dispelling the pipeline myth: gender, family formation, and alternative trajectories in the academic life courseAcademic careers have traditionally been conceptualized as pipelines, through which young scholars move continuously from graduate school to tenure-track positions. This understanding often fails to capture the experiences of female Ph.D. recipients, who take ladder-rank assistant professorships at ...Careers, academic; Tenure; Teaching, higher education; Employment2006-07-20
23 Does housework matter anymore? The shifting impact of housework on economic inequalityIn recent years, American women's housework time has declined while American men's housework time has risen. We examine how these changes have affected economic inequality in America. Using time-diary data from the Time Use in Economic and Social Accounts, 1975-76 (N=1,484) and the American Time Use...Demography; Socioeconomic status; Household duties; Female; Male; United States; Economics2006-09-25
24 Biased estimation in policy research: an illustrative example of ridge regression in a health system modelThe paper develops an argument for the necessity of examining individual coefficients in policy models. As a result of this need, it is posited that something other than OLS estimators should be used since they are inflated and have extremely large variances when multicollinearity is present. Furthe...Policy models; Health systems; Ridge regression1980
25 Women inventors in Canada: research and interventionWhat is an inventor or an invention? In this essay, we use the definition of the Canadian Patent Act, which considers a patentable invention to be a new or improved product or process or a new application of an existing product or process. An invention must be technically feasible - it must -"work" ...Patent; Inventions; Creativity1989
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