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1 Smith, Ken R.A population-based study of childhood cancer survivors body mass indexPopulation-based studies are needed to estimate the prevalence of underweight or overweight/obese childhood cancer survivors. Procedure. Adult survivors (diagnosed ≤20 years) were identified from the linked Utah Cancer Registry and Utah Population Database. We included survivors currently aged ≥...2014-01-01
2 Brown, Barbara B.Adding maps (GPS) to accelerometry data to improve study participants recall of physical activity: a methodological advance in physical activity researchObjective Obtaining the ‘when, where and why' of healthy bouts of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) provides insights into natural PA. Design In Salt Lake City, Utah, adults wore accelerometer and Global Positioning System (GPS) loggers for a week in a cross-sectional study to establis...2014-01-01
3 McDaniel, SusanAdoption in Canada: A neglected area of data collection and researchFor some decades there has been in Canada, as in the United States, recurrent public interest in adoption. At various times this interest has been kindled by professional concern about unauthorized child placement and by the plight of children made homeless by war and other calamities. More recently...Canada; Adoption; Statistics1981
4 McDaniel, SusanAdoption policy in Great Britain and North AmericaThis paper has two purposes. First, to explore what existing adoption legislation may indicate about the meaning and function of adoption practices in North America and Great Britain. Second, to consider some possible policy implications revealed by clearer understanding of the social meaning of exi...Adoption law; Family; North America1984
5 McDaniel, SusanAlice in demographyland: how it looks from the other side of the looking glassThe challenges are many in reflecting on women in demography in Canada in the 1990's. On the one hand, so much is known about women in academia and the hurdles that still need to be overcome " institutionally and intellectually. So much more research exists in the area than it did only a decade ago....Women; Universities; Academic life1992
6 Smith, Ken R.Allied health manpower strategies: estimates of the potential gains from efficient task delegationThis study analyzes the potential impact of physician extenders on the productivity of primary care practices and considers the consequent implication for future health manpower requirements. A number of previous investigations have evaluated a variety of extenders in experimental settings. This stu...1973
7 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Alone in the ivory tower: how birth events vary among male and female fast-track professionalsWe use data from the 2000 Census Public Use Microsample to examine the likelihood of a birth event, defined as the household presence of a child under two years old, for male and female professionals. Physicians have the highest rate of birth events, followed in order by attorneys and academics. W...Fertility; Family; Occupation; Academic careers; Census2009-06-10
8 McDaniel, SusanApproche sociologique feministe pour l'ettude de la fecondite.L'essor d'une perspective feministe de la fecondite provient de plusieurs endroits et se situe a des niveaux varies. Avant d'esquisser ceux qui serviront de base aux discussions de ce chapitre, une breve histoire de ce contexte parait de mise. Il y a une vingtaine d'annees, alors que les sciences...Fecundity; Feminist sociology1995
9 Yu, ZhouAssimilation and Rising Taiwanese Identity: Taiwan-born Immigrants in the United States, 1990-2000This study examines why a growing percentage of Taiwan-born immigrants in the U.S. have identified themselves as Taiwanese rather than ethnic Chinese in the U.S. decennial censuses between 1990 and 2000. The trend appears inconsistent with the assimilation theory, which postulates that ethnic groups...Taiwanese; immigration; identity; economic status; United States2009-06-01
10 Smith, Ken R.The association between adult mortality risk and family history of longevity: the moderating effects of socioeconomic statusStudies consistently show that increasing levels of socioeconomic status (SES) and having a familial history of longevity reduce the risk of mortality. But do these two variables interact, such that individuals with lower levels of SES, for example, may experience an attenuated longevity penalty by ...2014-01-01
11 Smith, Ken R.Association of physical and behavioral characteristics with menstrual cycle patterns in women age 29-31 yearsWe examined the association between menstrual cycle characteristics(cycle length, variability, and bleeding length) and physical and behavioral attributes in 766 women age 29-31 years. Menstrual cycled at a were prospectively recorded as part of the Menstruation and Reproductive History Study of col...1996
12 Diener, Marissa L.; Wright, CherylAttachment security among mothers and their young children living in poverty: associations with maternal, child, and contextual characteristicsIn order to extend previous research and inform intervention programs, the goal of the present study was to further understand variability in mother-child attachment security among high-risk families living in poverty. Mothers (65% Hispanic) and their young children who were in a home visitor progr...Attachment security2003
13 McDaniel, SusanBecoming inventors: women who aspire to inventDespite growing awareness of women's contributions to technological advances in the past, almost nothing is known about contemporary women inventors and the challenges they face. Although greater attention has been given recently to women's contributions to technology and innovation, understanding...Inventions; Inventing; Technology1990
14 Smith, Ken R.Biased estimation in policy research: an illustrative example of ridge regression in a health system modelThe paper develops an argument for the necessity of examining individual coefficients in policy models. As a result of this need, it is posited that something other than OLS estimators should be used since they are inflated and have extremely large variances when multicollinearity is present. Furthe...Policy models; Health systems; Ridge regression1980
15 McDaniel, SusanBorn at the right time?: gendered generations and webs of entitlement and responsibilityAnalyses of social change and challenge in sociologies for women often start with some attention to generation. Yet, generation per se has been an underconceptualized sociological construct as a structural dimension of stratification, particularly gender stratification, or as a lens through which...Generation; Gender; Women2001
16 McDaniel, SusanChallenges to health promotion among older working womenThe work site, has, been a place of successful health promotion among; certain groups, most notably men in management. The potential of work site health promotion among women, particularly among' older working women, remains unexplored.. Given women's greater longevity and women's likelihood of spen...Workers; Longevity; Aging1988
17 McDaniel, SusanChallenges to mental health promotion among working women in CanadaHealth promotion efforts have concentrated on promoting physical well-being with psychological benefits perhaps most often among men. With greater proportions of women now working, the workplace provides excellent opportunities for health promotion and education for women. Given increasing recognit...Working women; Canada1993
18 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriCommunity contributions to scholastic successThe authors examine the influence of neighborhood characteristics on the academic outcomes of children in middle childhood. Prior research has examined structural features of the community and has evaluated their associations with youth outcomes (Brooks-Gunn, Duncan, Klebanov, & Sealand, 1993; Kowal...Academic development; Child development; Developmental psychology2006-05
19 McDaniel, SusanContinuities and transformations: challenges to capturing information about the 'Information Society'Continuous change and radical transformations are intrinsic and often contradictory in the 'Information Society.' If the 'Information Society' marks a radical social shift, i.e. discontinuous change, then theorizing what the phenomenon is becomes crucial in capturing useful information about it. Yet...Social process; Information; Computer technologies2002
20 Yu, Zhou; Myers, DowellConvergence or divergence in Los Angeles: three distinctive ethnic patterns of immigrant residential assimilationThis paper uses census microdata to examine five aspects of residential assimilation in the greater Los Angeles area. A double cohort method is used to separate the effect of duration in the U.S. from the effect of aging. We track a single arrival cohort that came in 1970-79, and analyze the process...Residential assimilation; Immigrants; Cohort; Los Angeles; Homeownership2006-01-11
21 Brown, Barbara B.Crime, new housing, and housing incivilities in a first-ring suburb: multilevel relationships across timeConcepts deriving from criminology, housing policy, and environmental psychology are integrated to test two ways that housing conditions could relate to crime in a declining first-ring suburb of Salt Lake City. For existing housing, we use a model to test whether housing incivilities, such as litte...Community development; Community revitalization; Crime; Urban policy2004
22 McDaniel, SusanCulture of gender: socialization, spirituality and sexualityIn this presentation, I hope to take you on a journey through the social landscape which teaches us about spirituality and sexuality. Like any journey, this one will have its ups and downs and in this case both ups and downs come from the same source. That source is the recognition that what we can...1987
23 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriDeterminants of first sex by age 14 in a high-risk adolescent populationA study using data for mothers from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth and their children aged 14 or older indicates that, after accounting for a wide range of demographic and socioeconomic antecedents, children are significantly more likely to become sexually active before age 14 if their m...1996
24 Yu, ZhouDifferent path to homeownership: The case of Taiwanese immigrants in Los AngelesTaiwanese immigrants in Los Angeles stand in contrast to the welldocumented homeownership deficit among immigrants. Despite the tremendous growth in Taiwanese immigrants during the 1980s, Taiwanese homeownership rate not only was among the highest of all ethnic groups in 1990,...Taiwanese immigrants; Homeownership; Los Angeles; adaptation2006
25 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Different voices of gender: social recognitionMany researchers have shown that men and women speak differently. In this paper we examine whether these differences extend to the interpretation of speech. Men and women were recorded as they described their participation in a common interpersonal dilemma.Gender differences1997
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