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1 Quantum wells due to ordering in GaInPCuPt ordering results in a reduction of the band-gap energy of GaInP. Thus, heterostructures and quantum wells can be produced by simply varying the order parameter, without changing the solid composition. Changes in the order parameter can be induced by changes in growth conditions. The disorder...Band-gap energy; Growth temperature; Quantum wells1998-12-28
2 Robust estimation of fetal heart rate variability using Doppler ultrasound.This paper presents a new measure of heart rate variability (HRV) that can be estimated using Doppler ultrasound techniques and is robust to variations in the angle of incidence of the ultrasound beam and the measurement noise. This measure employs the multiple signal characterization (MUSIC) algori...Prenatal Ultrasonography; Fetal Heart Rate; Blood Flow Velocity; Algorithms2003-08
3 Modeling and simulation of branched wiring networkThe impact of antenna polarization on channel capacity is explored in multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems. An idealized polarization model involving branch power rations (BPR's) and channel cross-coupling is incorporated into channel-specific capacity calculations. Results are compared f...2006-01-01
4 A baseband residual vector quantization algorithm for voiceband data signalsAbstract-In this paper, we present a new approach to the digitization and compression of a class of voiceband modem signals. Our approach, which we call baseband residual vector quantization (BRVQ), relies heavily upon the simple structure present in a modem signal. After the signal is converted to...1989
5 Super-enhanced optical energy concentration through a subwavelength aperture using a photonic nanojetOptical transmission through resonant subwavelength apertures in optically thick metal films have received an explosion of interest for their ability to overcome the diffraction limit of light and concentrate light efficiently into a subwavelength volume. This achievement has attracted the use of su...2014-01-01
6 Reliability analysis and performance degradation of a boost converterIn general, power converters are operated in closed-loop systems, and any characteristic variations in one component will simultaneously alter the operating point of other components, resulting in a shift in overall reliability profile. This interdependence makes the reliability of a converter a com...2014-01-01
7 Introducing a new method for FDTD modeling of electromagnetic wave propagation in magnetized plasmaComputational investigations of electromagnetic wave propagation in the upper atmosphere are important for studying space weather hazards, such as geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). GICs are currents generated in gas/oil pipelines, railroads, and electric power networks due to solar storms and...2014-01-01
8 RAPPID: an asynchronous instruction length decoderThis paper describes an investigation of potential advantages and risks of applying an aggressive asynchronous design methodology to Intel Architecture. RAPPID ("Revolving Asynchronous Pentium® Processor Instruction Decoder"), a prototype IA32 instruction length decoding and steering unit, was...1999
9 Performance analysis of adaptive filters equipped with the dual sign algorithmAdaptive filters equipped with the sign algorithm are attractive in many applications because of their computational simplicity. Unfortunately, their slow speed of convergence is a major limitation. The dual sign algorithm (DSA) is a means by which the convergence speed can be increased without over...1991
10 Measuring neural correlates of insect escape behaviors using a miniature telemetry systemThe firing patterns of visual neurons tracking approaching objects need to be translated into appropriate motor activation sequences to generate escape behaviors. Locusts possess an identified neuron highly sensitive to approaching objects (looming stimuli), thought to play an important role in ...Escape behaviors; Collision avoidance; Looming stimuli; Lobula Giant Motion Detector (LGMD); Telemetry2009-04
11 Signal amplification, detection and transmission in a wireless 100-electrode neural recording systemWe are developing a fully-implantable neural recording system with wireless power and data transfer. As part of this system, we have developed a low-power integrated circuit that performs power rectification and and regulation, reception of configuration data, neural signal amplification and filt...2006
12 Spatial mapping of ordered and disordered domains of GaInP by near-field scanning optical microscopy and scanning capacitance microscopyImaging of topography, locally induced photoluminescence and Fermi-level pinning in adjacent ordered and disordered domains on a cleaved GaInP sample is performed using a near-field scanning optical microscope and scanning capacitance microscope at room temperature in air. Highly localized photolumi...Gallium Phosphides; Surface Structure; Photoluminescence1996-04-13
13 Design and testing of an integrated circuit for multi-electrode neural recordingWe have developed a single-chip neural recording system with wireless power delivery and telemetry. The 0.5-μm CMOS IC is designed to be bonded to the back of a 100-channel Utah Electrode Array. A pad near each amplifier allows connection of the chip to the MEMS electrode array. The complete Integr...recording; Neural recording; Utah Electrode Array; Multielectrode arrays (MEA); Telemetry; Spike detectors; Wireless2007-01
14 Teaching and learning combined (TLC)Most professors have to lean a LOT. Every day, it seems, there IS something that we need that we don't know. So what do you do to lean this new information? Perhaps you hit the Web or the library, find a tutorial, a textbook, or a paper, and give it a little reading time in between a 12:00 class an...2003
15 Effect of step structure on ordering in GaInPExamines the effect of step structure on ordering in gallium indium phosphite (GaInP) using atomic force microscopy. Coverage of the surface by islands several monolayers in height with elongated direction; Formation of the edges of the islands; Role of the observations in explaining the nature of t...Gallium indium phosphite (GaInP); Twin boundaries1995-11-12
16 Adaptive filters requiring zero multiplicationsThis paper introduces an adaptive filter structure that requires zero multiplications for its implementations. The primary input signals are quantized using DPCM and the DPCM outputs are processed by the adaptive filter. The sign algorithm. We show that if the parameters are chosen properly, hardwar...1987
17 Fast semi-supervised image segmentation by novelty selectionThe goal of semi-supervised image segmentation is to obtain the segmentation from a partially labeled image. By utilizing the image manifold structure in labeled and unlabeled pixels, semi-supervised methods propagate the user labeling to the unlabeled data, thus minimizing the need for user labelin...2010
18 Edge enhanced spatio-temporal constrained reconstruction of undersampled dynamic contrast enhanced radial MRIThere are many applications in MRI where it is desirable to have high spatial and high temporal resolution. This can be achieved by undersampling of k-space and requires special techniques for reconstruction. Even if undersampling artifacts are removed, sharpness of the edges can be a problem. We pr...2010
19 Comparison of FDTD computed and measured radiation patterns of commercial mobile telephones in presence of the human headIn this letter, finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) computed radiation patterns of mobile telephones are carefully compared with those measured in our laboratory. The question on the capability of the FDTD method to correctly predict the radiated electromagnetic fields of today's structurally comp...FDTD; Finite-difference time-domain; Mobile antennas1998-01-01
20 Sufficient stability bounds for slowly varying direct-form recursive linear filters and their applications in adaptive IIR filtersAbstract-This correspondence derives a sufficient time-varying bound on the maximum variation of the coefficients of an exponentially stable time-varying direct-form homogeneous linear recursive filter. The stability bound is less conservative than all previously derived bounds for time-varying IIR ...1999
21 Enabling wireless communication in aircraft using multipe antenna systemsSensor technology is advancing to provide the robust, miniaturized sensors needed for aircraft prognostics health management (PHM). Aircraft maintainers would like to add numerous pressure, temperature, vibration, fuel quantity, moisture/chemical sensors, but a major challenge of retrofitting old ai...2009-01-01
22 Microstrip antennas for dielectric property measurementThe measurement of the dielectric properties of materials is of great interest in a variety of applications including measurement of the moisture, fat, salt, or sugar content of grains and food products, measurement of human tissues or artificial phantom materials used to simulate them, and many oth...Moisture content; Grain; Measurement1999
23 A mathematical approach to a low power FFT architectureArchitecture and circuit design are the two most effective means of reducing power in CMOS VLSI. Mathematical manipulations have been applied to create a power efficient architecture of an FFT. This architecture has been implemented in asynchronous circuit technology that achieves significant powe...1998
24 A history & future of implantable antennasImplantable antennas have been used for communication with medical implants for decades. This paper traces their roots from early transcutaneous inductively coupled devices to the microstrip and wire antennas in use today. A suggestion for where this technology may go in the future as medical device...2014-01-01
25 A tutorial on Stochastic FDTDThe Stochastic FDTD (S-FDTD) method provides a way to determine the mean and variance of the electric and magnetic fields in a model where the electrical properties (conductivity and permittivity) vary stochastically, from a single S-FDTD simulation. This method is a realistic and more efficient alt...2014-01-01
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