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1 Tasdizen, Tolga; Whitaker, Ross T.Anisotropic diffusion of surface normals for feature preserving surface reconstructionFor 3D surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data measure d from complex scenes with arbitrary topologies, a low-level representation, such as level set surfaces, is used. Such surface reconstruction is typically accomplished by minimizing a weighted sum of data-model discr...2003
2 Mathews, V. John; Nilsson, MichaelAdaptive gain processing to improve feedback cancellation in digital hearing aidsAdaptive filters are commonly used to cancel acoustic feedback in hearing aids. The sound quality of hearing aids deteriorates as the hearing aid gain is increased. This paper presents a method to alter the gain function in digital hearing aids to provide additional amplification and better output ...2008
3 Stevens, Kenneth; Davis, Alan L.Automatic synthesis of fast compact self-timed control circuitsWe present a tool called MEAT which has been designed to automatically synthesize transistor level. CMOS, self-timed control circuits. MEAT has been used to specify and synthesize self-timed circuits for a fully self-timed 300,000 transistor communication coprocessor. The design is specified using f...1993
4 Harrison, Reid R.Power, clock, and data recovery in a wireless neural recording deviceFor many medical applications, neural recording systems should be fully implantable. Transcutaneous wires must be compleley eliminated, and this necessitates the wireless transfer of power, clock and configuration data to the device. We have developed, fabricated, and tested cirucits that recover po...2006
5 Myers, Chris J.; Stevens, KennethAverage-case optimized technology mapping of one-hot domino circuits*This paper presents a technology mapping technique for optimizing the average-case delay of asynchronous combinational circuits implemented using domino logic and one-hot encoded outputs. The technique minimizes the critical path for common input patterns at the possible expense of making less commo...1998
6 Mathews, V. JohnVector quantization of images using the L∞ distortion measureThis paper considers vector quantization of signals using the Loo distortion measure. The key contribution is a result that allows one to characterize the centroid of a set of vectors for the Loo distortion measure. A method similar to the LBG algorithm for designing codebooks has been develope...1995
7 Harrison, Reid R.Versatile integrated circuit for the acquisition of biopotentialsElectrically active cells in the body produce a wide variety of voltage signals that are useful for medical diagnosis and scientific investigation. These biopotentials span a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies. We have developed a versatile front-end integrated circuit that can be used to amp...Biopotential; Neural recording; Electrodes; Amplifier2007-09
8 Mathews, V. JohnSubband particle filtering for speech enhancementABSTRACT Particle filters have recently been applied to speech enhancement when the input speech signal is modeled as a time-varying autoregressive process with stochastically evolving parameters. This type of modeling results in a nonlinear and conditionally Gaussian statespace system that is not ...2006
9 Tasdizen, Tolga; Terry, Christi M.; Cheung, Alfred K.; Kirby, Robert Michael IIUsing the stochastic collocation method for the uncertainty quantification of drug concentration due to depot shape variabilityNumerical simulations entail modeling assumptions that impact outcomes. Therefore, characterizing, in a probabilistic sense, the relationship between the variability of model selection and the variability of outcomes is important. Under certain assumptions, the stochastic collocation method offers ...2009
10 Mathews, V. John; Clark, Edward B.A mathematical basis for the application of the modified geometric method to maximum frequency estimationAbstract-The application of ultrasound in assessing the fetal cardiovascular system often requires the accurate estimation of maximum blood flow velocity waveforms using Doppler measurements. The modified geometric method estimates the maximum Doppler frequency as the frequency at which the vertica...2004
11 Furse, Cynthia M.; Farhang, BehrouzIntegration of signals/systems and electromagnetics courses through the design of a communication system for a cardiac pacemakerAs students go through a traditional ECE program, they lean a great deal about individual components and tools: transistors, op amps, diodes, resistors, transmission lines, and Fourier transforms. In a traditional lab they build and test these individual units. But when the lab is done, whether or n...2005-04
12 Mathews, V. JohnPilot embedding for channel estimation and tracking in OFDM systemsAbstract-We consider the problem of channel estimation and tracking in OFDM systems and explore the idea of adding pilot symbols to the data symbols as a means to conserve bandwidth. The term pilot embedding (PE) is used to refer to this scheme. Compared to the pilot insertion (PI) scheme, i.e., the...2004
13 Stevens, KennethBandwidth optimization in asynchronous NoCs by customizing link wire lengthThe bandwidth requirement for each link on a network-on-chip (NoC) may differ based on topology and traffic properties of the IP cores. Available bandwidth on an asynchronous NoC link will also vary depending on the wire length between sender and receiver. We explore the benefit to NoC performance ...2010
14 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Step structure and ordering in Te-doped GaInPThe step structure and CuPt ordering in GaInP layers grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy on singular GaAs substrates have been investigated as a function of Te (DETe) doping using atomic force microscopy, and electrical and optical properties measurements. The degree of order decreases for T...Surfaces; Te doping; Bandgap energy1998
15 Myers, Chris J.Efficient verification of hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuitsAbstract-This paper presents an efficient method for verifying hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuits. Timed circuits are a class of asynchronous circuits that are optimized using explicit timing information. In asynchronous circuits, correct operation requires that there are no ha...2007
16 Mathews, V. JohnAn efficient algorithm for lattice filter/predictorABSTRACT An efficient method for updating the lattice filter/predictor coefficients using the sign algorithm is introduced. The pertinent coefficients are updated using only the signs of the estimation errors at each stage. This method requires less number of multiplications than other adaptive la...1985
17 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Heterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in V/III ratioA natural monolayer 111% superlattice -- the CuPt ordered structure -- is formed spontaneously during organometallic vapor phase epitaxial OMVPE growth of Ga0.52In0.48P. The extent of this ordering process is found to be a strong function of the input partial pressure of the phosphorus precursor dur...Superlattices; Alloys; Atomic ordering; Heterostructures1997-02-24
18 Myers, Chris J.Analog decoding of product codesA design approach is presented for soft-decision decoding of block product codes ("block turbo codes") using analog computation with MOS devices. Application of analog decoding to large code sizes is also considered with the introduction of serial analog interfaces and pipeline schedules.2001
19 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Thermodynamic aspects of organometallic VPEOrganometallic vapor phase epitaxy (OMVPE) is a new crystal growth technique which is rapidly gaining popularity due to its simplicity, flexibility and proven ability to grow excellent quality III/V compounds and alloys for device applications.Organometallic vapor phase epitaxy; Thermodynamics1982
20 Myers, Chris J.Synthesis of timed asynchronous circuitsIn this paper we present a systematic procedure to synthesize timed asynchronous circuits using timing constraints dictated by system integration, thereby facilitating natural interaction between synchronous and asynchronous circuits. In addition, our timed circuits also tend to be more &dent, in b...1993
21 Mathews, V. JohnOn the inversion of certain nonlinear systemsAbstract-In this letter, we present some theorems for the exact inversion and the pth-order inversion of a wide class of causal, discrete-time, nonlinear systems. The nonlinear systems we consider are described by the input-output relationship y(n) = g[x(n)]h[x(n - 1); y(n - 1)]+f[x(n - 1); y(n - 1)...1997
22 Furse, Cynthia M.; Gandhi, Om P.Improvements to the finite-difference time-domain method for calculating the radar cross section of a perfectly conducing targetThe finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method has been used extensively to calculate scattering and absorption from both dielectric objects and perfectly conducting objects. Several improvements to the FDTD method for calculating the radar cross section (RCS) of a perfectly conducting target are p...Finite-difference time-domain; FDTD1990-01-01
23 Mathews, V. John; Dubow, JoelA stable adaptive Hammerstein filter employing partial orthogonalization of the input signalsAbstract This paper presents an algorithm that adapts the parameters of a Hammerstein system model. Hammerstein systems are nonlinear systems that contain a static nonlinearity cascaded with a linear system. In this work, the static nonlinearity is modeled using a polynomial system and the linear f...2002
24 Furse, Cynthia M.; Gandhi, Om P.; Lazzi, GianlucaFDTD computation of power deposition in the head for cellular telephonesThe finite-difference time-domain method is used to calculate radiation pattern and specific absorption rate (SAR) in the human head due to cellular telephones. For realistic simulation of the ordinary positions of holding the phone, the ear of the model is pressed against the head, the head is tilt...Finite-difference time-domain method; FDTD; Specific absorption rate; Radiation patterns; Human head model; Power deposition1996
25 Myers, Chris J.Learning genetic regulatory network connectivity from time series dataAbstract-Recent experimental advances facilitate the collection of time series data that indicate which genes in a cell are expressed. This information can be used to understand the genetic regulatory network that generates the data. Typically, Bayesian analysis approaches are applied which neglect ...2011
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