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1 Khan, Faisal HabibTransfer function mapping for a grid connected PV system using reverse synthesis techniqueMathematical modeling of power electronic converters is a historical problem. Numerous efforts have been documented in literature to model different converter topologies and their control schemes since the 1940s. Traditional modeling approaches avoid transfer function derivation due to high degree o...2013-01-01
2 Khan, Faisal HabibMaximum power point tracking of stirling generator and ocean wave energy conversion systems using a two-stage power converterWave energy has become one of the most promising renewable energy resources nowadays. By using a linear generator/alternator, the periodic piston motion of the wave energy conversion system (WEC) can be converted to AC voltage with variable RMS amplitude and frequency; this process is comparable to ...2013-01-01
3 Rieth, Loren WBi-layer encapsulation of Utah array based nerual interfaces by atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and parylene CWe present a novel coating method that combines atomic layer deposited Al2O3 and Parylene C for encapsulation of biomedical implantable devices, focusing on its application on Utah electrode array based neural interfaces. The alumina and Parylene C bi-layer encapsulated wired Utah electrode array sh...2013-01-01
4 Blair, StevenImplantable devices for optical neural interfacesOptical neural control requires light delivery techniques dependent on the experimental goal and biological model. Several light sources and neural interfaces have been implemented featuring one or more of the fol- lowing criteria: deep illumination, specific and/or com- prehensive access, spectral ...2013-01-01
5 Harrison, Reid R.Validation of adaptive threshold spike detector for neural recordingWe compare the performance of algorithms for automatic spike detection in neural recording applications. Each algorithm sets a threshold based on an estimate of the background noise level. The adaptive spike detection algorithm is suitable for implementation in analog VLSI; results from a proof-of-...Spike detection; Neural recording; Ation potential; VLSI2004-01-01
6 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Effects of low surfactant Sb coverage on Zn and C incorporation in GaPThe use of surfactants during the vapor phase growth of III-V materials to control fundamental characteristics of epitaxial layers is becoming increasingly important. We have investigated the remarkable effects of Sb, from triethylantimony (TESb) Pyrolysis, on the Zn doping during the organometallic...Surfactants; Organometallic vapor phase epitaxy; Gallium phosphide2007
7 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Effects of V/III ratio on ordering and antiphase boundaries in GaInP layersTransmission electron microscope (TEM) and transmission electron diffraction (TED) studies have been performed to investigate the effects of V/III ratio on ordering and antiphase boundaries (APBs) in organometallic vapor phase epitaxial Ga0.5In0.5P layers grown onto (001) GaAs vicinal substrates ...Antiphase boundaries; APB; Heterostructures; Organometallics1997
8 Mathews, V. JohnAdaptive realizations of the maximum likelihood processor for time delay estimationAbstract-This correspondence introduces an adaptive realization of the maximum likelihood (ML) processor for time delay estimation (TDE). Also presented is a modified ML processor, which requires less computations but still performs better than the other when implemented in an adaptive way. Widrow'...1984
9 Mathews, V. John; Varner, Michael W.; Clark, Edward B.Robust estimation of fetal heart rate variability using doppler ultrasoundAbstract-This paper presents a new measure of heart rate variability (HRV) that can be estimated using Doppler ultrasound techniques and is robust to variations in the angle of incidence of the ultrasound beam and the measurement noise. This measure employs the multiple signal characterization (MUSI...2003
10 Khan, Faisal HabibMultiple load-source integration in a multilevel modular capacitor clamped DC-DC converter featuring fault tolerant capabilityAbstract-A multilevel modular capacitor clamped dc-dc converter (MMCCC) will be presented in this paper with some of its advantageous features. By virtue of the modular nature of the converter, it is possible to integrate multiple loads and sources to the converter at the same time. The modular con...2007
11 Stringfellow, Gerald B.Effect of growth rate on step structure and ordering in GaInPCuPt ordering is widely observed in GaInP epitaxial layers grown by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. The formation of this spontaneously ordered structure during epitaxial growth is intimately related to the atomic-scale physical processes occurring on the surface, specifically surface reconst...Atomic force microscopy; Organometallic vapor phase; Crystallographic plane1997
12 Furse, Cynthia M.Utah's engineers: a statewide initiative for growthImagine finding a place where inventors gather to create their inventions. Envision getting a sneak peek at the latest technological innovations in engineering and computer science. Can you see yourself as an inventor? Join us on February 20 for Meet an Inventor Day sponsored by the students of...2010-10-06
13 Mathews, V. JohnA fast recursive least-squares adaptive nonlinear filterThis paper presents a fast, recursive least-squares (RLS) adaptive nonlinear filter. The nonlinearity in the system is modeled using the Hammerstein model, which consists of a memoryless polynomial nonlinearity followed by a finite impulse response linear system. The complexity of our method is abou...1988
14 Khan, Faisal HabibA 5 kW Bi-directional multilevel modular DC-DC converter (MMCCC) featuring built in power management for fuel cell and hybrid electric automobilesAbstract- A new capacitor clamped modular dc-dc converter with bi-directional power handling capability will be presented in this paper. This inductor-free design is modular, and it is possible to integrate multiple loads and sources simultaneously in the converter. Moreover, this 5 kW dc-dc convert...2007
15 Harrison, Reid R.Biologically inspired analog IC for visual collision detectionWe have designed and tested a single-chip analog VLSI sensor that detects imminent collisions by measuring radially expanding optic flow. The design of the chip is based on a model proposed to explain leg-extension behavior in flies during landing approaches. We evaluated a detailed version of thi...Visual collision detection; VLSI2005-11
16 Stevens, Kenneth; Myers, Chris J.Average-case optimized technology mapping of one-hot domino circuitsThis paper presents a technology mapping technique for optimizing the average-case delay of asynchronous combinational circuits implemented using domino logic and one-hot encoded outputs. The technique minimizes the critical path for common input patterns at the possible expense of making less commo...1998
17 Myers, Chris J.Synthesis of timed asynchronous circuitsAbstract-In this paper we present a systematic procedure to synthesize timed asynchronous circuits using timing constraints dictated by system integration, thereby facilitating natural interaction between synchronous and asynchronous circuits. In addition, our timed circuits also tend to be more & d...1993
18 Myers, Chris J.Learning genetic regulatory network connectivity from time series dataAbstract. Recent experimental advances facilitate the collection of time series data that indicate which genes in a cell are expressed. This paper proposes an efficient method to generate the genetic regulatory network inferred from time series data. Our method fi_x000C_rst encodes the data into le...2006
19 Myers, Chris J.Effcient verification of hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuitsThis paper presents an efficient method for verifying hazard freedom in timed asynchronous circuits. Timed circuits are a class of asynchronous circuits that utilize explicit timing information fur optimization throughout the entire design process. In asynchronous circuits, correct operation require...2003
20 Mathews, V. JohnLattice algorithms for recursive least squares adaptive second-order volterra filteringThis paper presents two computationally efficient recursive least-square (RLS) lattice algorithms for adaptive nonlinear filtering based on a truncated second-order Volterra system model. The lattice formulation transforms the nonlinear filtering problem into an equivalent multichannel, linear filte...1994
21 Harrison, Reid R.Polymer based thin film coils as a power module of wireless neural interfacesFor the conventional Utah Electrode Array (UEA) to be able to function without transcutaneous wire connections, a kind of power source is needed in an integrated form with the UEA. To develop such wireless neural interfaces, inductive coupling between two coils was used to deliver power to the integ...Wireless; Neural interfaces; Thin film coils; Utah Electrode Array2006
22 Harrison, Reid R.Integrating sensorimotor systems in a robot model of cricket behaviorThe mechanisms by which animals manage sensorimotor integration and coordination of different behaviors can be investigated in robot models. In previous work the first author has built a robot that localizes sound based on close modeling of the auditory and neural system in the cricket. It is known ...2000
23 Furse, Cynthia M.3D ray-tracing for intra-vehicle environmentsIn order to develop a wireless communication system that could be used for all types of aircraft sensor networks, the severe multipath channel found inside aircrafts must be well defined. This multipath channel is much more complex than usual outdoor/indoor channels and thus far, research has been l...2009
24 Mathews, V. JohnFixed-point error analysis of stochastic gradient adaptive lattice filtersAbstract-This paper presents a theoretical analysis of the stochastic gradient adaptive lattice filter used as a linear, one-step predictor, when the effects of finite precision arithmetic are taken into account. Only the fixed-point implementation is considered here. Both the unnormalized and norma...1990
25 Furse, Cynthia M.Invisible fray: a critical analysis of the use of reflectometry for fray locationSignificant international research and development efforts have been devoted to methods and equipment for locating wiring faults, particularly those on aging aircraft. Several reflectometry methods that send high frequency signals down the line and analyze the returned reflections have risen to the...Reflectometry; Fray location; Invisible fray; Fault location; Aging wiring; Spread spectrum reflectometry2006-06
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